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Instant Idli Mixtures For Delicious, Spongy Idlis

If you're craving some homemade idli and dosa, we've got you covered with these ready to cook batters, which can be quite the saviours in the kitchen.
Updated: Jul 24, 2020 16:09 IST
Instant Idli Mixtures For Delicious, Spongy Idlis
Idli mixtures make cooking quicker and tastier

South Indian dishes idli and dosa are a preferred breakfast option across the country. These light and filling breakfast items can literally be eaten every day, maybe even three times a day. Idli and dosa make for an absolutely guilt free, healthy and happy meal. Although traditionally from down south, one can be sure to find a tub full of this batter in households in the northern side of the country. Many people, instead of preparing the batter at home, now order a pre-made batter for convenience, as these ready to cook mixtures are equally good. They give a good fluffy rise to the idli and a crisp texture to the dosa, resulting in authentic style preparations. Try out for yourself. Shop for these idli mixes now!

Best Idli Mix

1. MTR Rava Idli Break Fast Mix

A ready idli mix from MTR is just right for a healthy morning breakfast. Enjoy a traditional morning breakfast without any hassle of having done the batter before hand. The rich, consistent taste and texture of this mix will keep you wanting more.

Wheat Idlis
MTR Rava Idli Break Fast Mix, 1kg Amazon Deal
MTR Rava Idli Break Fast Mix, 1kg
(168 ratings)
₹ 195
Buy on Amazon
Richness Of Healthy Grains

Just snip open the packet, empty the contents in a bowl, add a little curd, mix to ensure no lumps are formed, and the batter is ready.

2. Rishta Specialty Idli Dosa Batter

High quality batter from Rishta Speciality is perfect to make both idli and dosa. The ready to cook batter is made from top quality ingredients that make for absolutely relishing idlis and dosas. This is the closest version to any homemade batter and it comes in a great packaging.

No Preservatives
Rishta Specialty Idli Dosa Batter, 1 kg Amazon Deal
Rishta Specialty Idli Dosa Batter, 1 kg
(59 ratings)
Traditionally Stone Ground

This supreme quality batter mix makes for crispy dosas and spongy idlis.

3. Nilon's Idli Mix Box

This perfectly balanced rice idli mix from Nilon's is a great product to try. Make songy, soft idlis instantly with this batter. Made under absolutely hygienic and controlled conditions, this idli mix could be your secret to restaurant style idlis. Enjoy your morning breakfasts or make quick evening snacks with this idli mix.

Makes 16 Idlis
NILON'S IDLI Mix Box - 200g (Pack of 2)
(3 ratings)
₹ 180
Buy on Amazon
Original South Indian Taste

Just pour in some water to get batter-like consistency for immediate use.

4. Farm Veda Health and Tasty Ready to Cook Instant Breakfast Meal Idli Mix

This ready to cook mix from Farm Veda comes in a safe good packaging, which keeps the mixture intact. Made with rice and urad daal, it contains no preservatives. This batter is absolutely natural, nutritious and makes for a great health food.

Farm To Table Product
Farm Veda Health and Tasty Ready to Cook Instant Breakfast Meal Idli Mix 250g Each (Pack of 2)
(5 ratings)
₹ 120
Buy on Amazon
Toxic Preservatives Free

This is an instant, preservative-free breakfast.

How To Make Idli Batter At Home?

Idli makes for one of the healthiest breakfast options. Idli batter can be traditionally made at home by soaking, grinding and fermenting certain pulses. Here's how.

You'll need the following ingredients and recipe-

  • ½ cup of urad daal
  • 1 cup idli rice or idli rava
  • 1 spoon of salt
  • 3/4th cup water

Soak urad daal and rice separately in two bowls overnight for atleast six hours. Next morning grind both into a paste, mix and keep at a warm place for fermentation for about 8 to 14 hours. The batter must rise and look fluffy and frothy. You might have to experiment once or twice to get the batter right, but make sure the batter does not turn sour. Once the batter is ready, you can add salt as per taste and start pouring it into the idli making containers for steady steaming to get fluffy spongy idlis.

Instant Idli Mixtures For Delicious, Spongy Idlis

Product Price in India
MTR Rava Idli Break Fast Mix, 1kg ₹ 195
Rishta Specialty Idli Dosa Batter, 1 kg N/A
NILON'S IDLI Mix Box - 200g (Pack of 2) ₹ 180
Farm Veda Health and Tasty Ready to Cook Instant Breakfast Meal Idli Mix 250g Each (Pack of 2) ₹ 120
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