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Best Sanitary Pads in India 2020 (Sanitary Napkins): Price, Reviews & Buying Guide

Best sanitary pads in India come with good absorbent quality and protect you from TSS. The best sanitary napkins online come from brands like Whisper, Stayfree, Pee Safe and others.
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Updated: Mar 27, 2020 20:01 IST
Best Sanitary Pads in India 2020 (Sanitary Napkins): Price, Reviews & Buying Guide
Best Sanitary Pads in India

Best sanitary pads help to maintain feminine hygiene during mensuration. Gone are the days when women used to use old cloth and cotton to prevent leakage. These days the market is full of various types of sanitary napkins that cater to different requirement of different women during periods. If you are a bit too much concerned about the environment then you can certainly opt for biodegradable sanitary napkins. The best sanitary pads are cotton sanitary pads as they are soft and at the same time has high absorbing power. A lot of hype has been created in the market in regards to the sanitary pads harming the environment as most of them were earlier made of non-biodegradable items like plastic and nylon. However, with the changing times and increase in technological developments, the makers have now come up with biodegradable sanitary pads too. These work exactly like the normal pads and do not harm the environment when disposed of after use. 

Best Sanitary Pads (Napkins) in India with Price

1. Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads- No. 1 Sanitary Pad

Whisper Ultra Clean happens to be no.1 sanitary pad online. This revolutionary product locks up to 100% odour and liquid with its unique gel lock formula. Using this Whisper Ultra Clean allows you to live your life freely without any stress. The delightful scent that it releases keeps the odour out.  It ensures complete protection against wetness with its Dri-weave cover. It is said to be best for women with heavy flow. 

2. Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins- Best in Class Sanitary Napkins

If you wish to have better coverage and dry feeling then Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin sanitary pad is said to be the best in class sanitary napkin. This ultra-thin and flexible fit your body perfectly. This allows the user to move freely without any period woes. 


3. Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads- Comfortable Sanitary Pad

This Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary pad is said to be one of the most comfortable sanitary pads. The extra gentleness it provides to your skin makes it quite comfortable. It has a soft top sheet in both the centre and wings making it two times softer than the other pads. If you suffer from rashes and irritation then this certainly has to be your pick. 

4. Stayfree Secure Cottony Sanitary Napkins- No. 1 Cotton Sanitary Pad

Stayfree Secure happens to be no. 1 cotton sanitary pad brand that has still stuck to the basic. The Stayfree Secure Cottony Sanitary Napkins provide superior protection which makes women completely comfortable. It comes with a secure centre which locks in fluid rapidly for better protection even in heavy flow days.

5. Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads- Antibacterial Sanitary Napkin

India's fist antibacterial sanitary napkin comes from the brand Sofy. While the other brands were busy using technology to prevent leakage, Sofy came up with these antibacterial sanitary pads that cater to the hygiene problem caused to women during periods. This sanitary pad comes with long-lasting absorbency maintenance to kill up to 99.9% bacteria. Giving you confidence and freedom during periods.

Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads - 54 Count
(1,649 ratings)
₹ 329
₹ 399 (18% off)
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6. Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads- Best in Class Organic Sanitary Pad

Said to be one of the best organic sanitary pads the Pee Safe pads are made from 100% organic cotton. Bamboo fibre along with organic cotton is used to manufacture this organic sanitary pad. The organic cotton is also grown with purity without the use of chemical fertilizers. Even the direct contact of these pads with the body is safe and secure. 

7. Whisper Choice Ultra Wings- Popular Sanitary Napkin

If you feel comfortable in normal pads during your last few days of the periods then Whisper Choice Ultra should be the best choice for you. Said to be one of the most popular sanitary napkins it comes with a gel-based centre and wings to provide complete protection. 

8. Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads- Biodegradable Sanitary Pad

With the changing times people are now making a shift from conventional sanitary pads to biodegradable sanitary pads. The Azah Ultra Soft organic sanitary pad comes with a super-absorbent formula that soaks up to 150ml of flow with one single pad, keeping you dry and irritation-free all day long. 

9. Nua Sanitary Napkins- Customizable Sanitary Napkin

Keeping in mind the changing needs of the women Nua have come up with an interesting idea of customizable sanitary napkins. You can easily customize the pack of [ads based upon your flow. You can add some long and thick pads for initial days of the periods along with some normal and small pads that can be used towards the end of your periods. Not only this these pads also come with hygienic, paper-based disposal cover so you can easily dispose of each pad.

Nua Sanitary Napkins - Pack Of 12 (XL+L+R)
(240 ratings)
₹ 199
₹ 239 (17% off)
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10. Stayfree All Night XL Dry Max Cover Sanitary Napkins- All Night Protection Sanitary Pad

The Stayfree All Night Pads are specially curated to make you feel at ease all night long. These are said to be all night protection sanitary pads that come with an extra-long and extra-wide back that provides 2 times better protection at night preventing leakage from all sides. Now you can stay worry-free and comfortable all night long.

Types of Sanitary Pads in India

We can broadly divide sanitary pads under six types based upon their usage.

  • Panty Liners: Panty liners happen to be the thinnest of all pads. These pads are best to use on days when you are having a little bit of spotting or these can be used as extra protection with tampons and menstrual cups.
  • Regular Pads: These happen to be the most widely sold type of sanitary pads. These regular sanitary pads are much thicker than the panty liners and can absorb more blood. Regular pads are considered to be a good choice for women who prefer to change their pads frequently regardless of flow.
  • Heavy Flow Pads: This is a misconception that heavy flow pads are the same as regular pads or overnight pads. Heavy flow pads are a bit longer and thicker than regular sanitary napkins. Most of these heavy flow pads have wings on either side for extra protection. 
  • Overnight Pads: Overnight pads are meant to be used by women who face intense bleeding at night. In size, these sanitary pads are like heavy flow sanitary pads, but they are thinner to provide utmost comfort while you sleep. Most of these pads come with gel locks formula which does not allow you to feel wet at night while menstruating. 
  • Organic Cotton Pads: When there was a hype created due to usage of regular sanitary pads, these organic sanitary pads came into action. The major drawback of regular pads was that they were non-biodegrable. But, these organic sanitary pads are completely biodegradable.
  • Reusable Sanitary Pads: Another alternative to the non-biodegradable pads are the reusable sanitary pads. These pads can easily be washed and reused again. Though this might sound strange or unappealing, this is a great, eco-friendly option and is also totally customizable.

How to Choose the Best Sanitary Pad for Periods?

Menstruation has been a taboo in the India society and as a result of today also we can not talk or discuss freely about periods and problems related to periods. It is shocking to know that inspite f so much education and awareness still there are around 60% of women who use the wrong size pads. Thus here we will be telling you some points to keep in mind while choosing the best sanitary pads online.

  • Length and Flow: Most of us fail to understand the need for having the right size of pads. In the first few days of our period's flow is normally heavy and thus we require to have an extra-large or heavy flow pads and towards the end the flow decreases and we can comfortably use normal sanitary pads
  • Good Absorbency: The next thing to keep in mind is the absorbancy of the pads. Thicker pads have good absorbing power. However, using a thick pad throughout the periods might be a little uncomfortable. Thus you can use these thick pads in the initial days and towards the end, you can switch to panty liners or normal pads. 
  •  Odour Control: Most of the ladies experience an unusual odour from their vaginal area, thus they look for scented pads that can control odour. 
  • Material Comfort: Irrespective of their own personal needs, most of the ladies follow the bandwagon and opt for the material that might not be comfortable to them and cause rashes and excessive sweating. Always look for chemical-free pads.

How to Use Sanitary Pads?

Sanitary pads come in different sizes and thickness. Some are meant for heavy flow days while the others are meant for normal to low flow. However, the method to use them remains the same. Since most of the ladies are not aware of how to use sanitary pads correctly they often end up staining their garments especially if the flow is high. Here we will be telling you about the right way to use sanitary pads. Using sanitary pads is quite simple one just needs to pull off the gum protection layer from the back of the pad, and now stick it in the middle of your underwear. 

How to Dispose Of Sanitary Pads At Home?

We all are aware about the consequences of flushing the used pads, however since flushing seems to be the most convenient way out, we often tend to ignore the warnings and flush the used pads. Today we will be telling you the right way to dispose of the disposable pads. 

Step 1: Pull off the used pads from your panty and wrap it up in an old newspaper or toilet paper

Step 2: Keep a small dustbin in the washroom and you can dispose of the used pads in the dustbin. 

Step 3: Once the periods are over you can dump the collected pads in the dry waste of your house. 

How Safe Are Sanitary Pads In India?

There has been a lot of fuss as to how safe is sanitary pads in India. Though there are no researches to prove that sanitary pads are completely safe or unsafe to use. Use of some chemicals in the sanitary pads raises questions over how safe they really are. Unfortunately in India women choose sanitary napkins based upon the cost, design and packaging. However, the trend must change and women must become more vocal while buying sanitary pads and question the seller about its pH level and other things. 

How to Use a Disposal Bag For Sanitary Pads?

Disposable bags can be said to be a much safer, eco-friendly and hygienic option of disposing of the used sanitary pads. These bags either come with zip lock or resealable locks which makes using disposable bags quite convenient and since these bags are bio-degradable it can easily be disposed of with the regular household waste. 

Sanitary Pads – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • If used in the right way, sanitary pads are a quite reliable option
  • Using sanitary pads relives you from the stress of TSS
  • Sanitary pads are very comfortable, women who do not feel comfortable using thick pads might opt for thinner sanitary pads like panty liners. 
  • Sanitary pads are easy to use and are very convenient to dispose of
  • There are a lot of organic sanitary pads online from which you can choose the best one that suits your needs. 


  • Sanitary pads can't be used while swimming or with swimsuits, not only this they can also cause embarrassment if you get stuck in the rain while using them
  • Wearing tight clothes is not recommended while using sanitary pads as it may cause some bulges to appear making it awkward. 
  • Some of the pads, that are not great in quality might also carry the risk of infection.

FAQ About Pedicure Kits in India

Q. Which is the best sanitary pad for heavy flow?

A. Thicker and longer pads are said to be the best one for heavy flow. Whisper Ultra Clean and Stayfree XL are considered to be the best sanitary pads for heavy flow.

Q. What are the safest sanitary pads to use?

A. Organic sanitary pads are said to be the safest sanitary pads. They are not only safe for the users but is also safe for the environment. Pee Safe organic cotton sanitary pads, Azah organic sanitary pads are said to be the safest sanitary pads.

Q. Which is the best sanitary pad brands in India?

A. When we talk about the best sanitary pad brands in India, Whisper, Stayfree and Sofy are said to be the most popular ones. All of these brands have various types of sanitary pads catering to different needs, you can choose anyone from these options of sanitary pads brands in India.

Q. How much does a sanitary pad cost?

A. Gone are the days when sanitary pads were considered to be a luxury. Now with the growing awareness, people are coming up with options to manufacture sanitary pads at the least cost possible.

Q. How often should you change your sanitary pad?

A. On average, during normal flow days, you should change at least two pads a day. However, if you have a heavy flow you might require to use or change even more pads.

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We hope that after reading this you will break the ice while buying sanitary pads and get to know everything about them before choosing the best sanitary pads.

Best Sanitary Pads in India Offers

Best Sanitary Pads 2020 (Sanitary Napkins): Price, Reviews & Buying Guide Price in India
Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads ₹ 380
Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkins ₹ 185
Whisper Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads ₹ 398
Stayfree Secure Cottony Sanitary Napkins ₹ 74
Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads ₹ 329
Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads ₹ 282
Whisper Choice Ultra Wings Sanitary Pads ₹ 117
Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads ₹ 239
Nua Sanitary Napkins ₹ 199
Stayfree All Night XL Dry Max Cover Sanitary Napkins ₹ 439
Price List of the Products are last updated on 10 April 2020
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