Back To School: Writing Kits For Students

Writing is an inevitable part of education. Not only does it deepen the understanding of language, but also gives a creative outlet. Get a writing kid for your kids, from the listicle below, and make sure they are always equipped with the necessary stationery.
Back To School: Writing Kits For Students
A writing kit may be basic with just a few writing tools or may include correctors, colours, etc.

Writing kits, as the name suggests, are small kits or packages full of various writing tools, ranging from pens, pencils and sketch pens to highlighters. While a basic one comes with a limited number of necessary items, some of these kits even include stationery items such as scales, colours etc. Here are some of the writing kits that'll be useful for kids of various ages!

Writing Kits For School 

1. Apsara Writing Kit

This comprehensive kit comes with a variety of stationery essentials such as pencils for daily use, designer pencils, erasers, sharpener, and a scale. The kit caters to all the basic writing needs of a student. 

Sturdy Packaging
Apsara Writing kit Amazon Deal

Apsara Writing kit

₹ 230
₹ 250 (8% off)
Buy on Amazon

2. Faber Castell Writing and Marking Kit

This simple yet useful writing kit includes three pencils, two pens, an eraser, a sharpener and a highlighter. It can easily be carried around while travelling, thanks to its compactness.

Includes Necessary Items
Faber-Castell Writing and Marking Kit Amazon Deal

Faber-Castell Writing and Marking Kit

₹ 68
₹ 70 (3% off)
Buy on Amazon

3. Camlin Student's Writing Kit 

Levelling up, this kit includes art supplies such as CD markers and oil pastel colours in addition to a box of wooden pencils, a pen, a highlighter and a corrector pen. This all-in-one kit comes in handy for school going students. 

Handy and Durable Items
Camlin Student's Writing Kit 99 Amazon Deal

Camlin Student's Writing Kit 99

₹ 82
₹ 99 (17% off)
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4. Luxor Assorted Combo Pack II

This classy set of assorted writing tools lets you write in style. It includes three sophisticated steel gel pens, three roller ballpoint pens, two stylish smart pencils, two lead pencils, three neon highlighters, two permanent markers, a CD marker, and two micro points. 

Handy and Useful
Luxor Assorted Combo Pack-II Amazon Deal

Luxor Assorted Combo Pack-II

₹ 200
₹ 299 (33% off)
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5. Doms Pencil Smart Kit

This attractive package provides all the stationery items for a school-goer including pencils, pens, sketch pens, crayons, sketch pens, oil pastel colours, scale, eraser, duster, fevistick, register and a drawing book. All these assorted stationery come in an attractive transparent bag.

Complete Set
DOMS Pencil Smart Kit Amazon Deal

DOMS Pencil Smart Kit

₹ 410
₹ 500 (18% off)
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Reasons To Buy A Writing Kit 

  • The kits provide all the necessary writing tools.

  • These can easily be carried along while travelling.

  • A writing kit ensures backup in case one of your pens or pencils go missing or is finished.

  • Make for great return gifts at birthday parties! 

Back To School: Writing Kits For Students

Product Price in India
Apsara Writing kit ₹ 230
Faber-Castell Writing and Marking Kit ₹ 68
Camlin Student's Writing Kit 99 ₹ 82
Luxor Assorted Combo Pack-II ₹ 200
DOMS Pencil Smart Kit ₹ 410
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