Best Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes

Colon Cleansing the natural way. Use these homemade recipes for your colon cleansing in a herbal way. These help you get rid of your harmful toxins, shop for the ingredients online and get them delivered at your doorstep.
Updated: Dec 30, 2019 15:26 IST
Best Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse Recipes
Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse

Colon, commonly referred to as the large intestine, is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract. This is that part of the body where the water is absorbed and the remaining waste material is removed by defecation. With so much of over eating and junk food inclusive diet regime that we follow we ought to give our systems that break in between and get a good cleansing done. With these simple homemade recipes you can achieve that large part of cleaning of your colon at the comfort of your home without having to visit any clinics or centers. These hassle free simple natural homemade recipes are a sure shot savior to many of us.

Well lets' understand a little basics before we get into the detailing of the recipes. Large intestine is the combination of cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal. The colon in the human body is divided into four sections named as:

  • The Ascending colon

  • The Transverse Colon

  • The Descending Colon

  • The Sigmoid Colon

The Ascending Colon

This part of the colon is behind the retroperitonem organ. The retroperitoneal organs generally lack the complete covering of peritoneum, thus they are fixed at a particular location.  Intraperitoneal organs are surrounded by peritoneum and are thus mobile. Some sections of the colon are retroperitoneal, while some are intraperitoneal.

The Transverse Colon

The transverse colon is that part of the colon which hangs off the stomach. It is attached from the stomach through a large fold of peritoneum also known as the greater omentum. On the other side the transverse colon is attached to the posterior abdominal wall by transverse mesocolon. Two third of the transverse colon is per fused by colic artery, which is a branch of SMA, while the other one third is supplied by IMA.

The Descending Colon

The descending colon forms that part of the colon which is extended from splenic flexure to the beginning of the sigmoid colon. The descending colon stores feces which is later on emptied in to rectum. It is retroperitoneal in most of the human beings, whereas in some it is intraperitoneal. The descending colon is also known as the distal gut since it is further extended along the gastrointestinal tract.

The Sigmoid Colon

The sigmoid colon form the last part of the colon structure. It is placed just before the rectum. The name sigmoid signifies S-shaped. The walls of the sigmoid colon are quite flexible and muscular. To move the stool to the rectum the sigmoid colon contracts to increase the pressure inside the colon. The sigmoid arteries supply blood to the sigmoid colon.

What is Colon Cleansing?

The main function of the colon is to absorb water and other necessary minerals during the process of digestion. However when the colon stops functioning properly then it starts to absorb toxics as well along with water and other vital minerals and vitamins. This leads to a number of medical problems like constipation, headaches, gas, fatigue and other chronic illness. Colon cleansing is then used as a method to detoxify the colon. However homemade colon cleanse are the best to use, as they pose minimal side-effects.

How is Colon Cleansing Done?

Colon as we know is the longest part of large intestine and is attached to the small intestine and anus from both the ends respectively. The main function of the colon is to eliminate the waste product from the digested food and absorb the necessary minerals and water for the physical development and well being.

There are several ways to perform colon cleansing including homemade colon cleanse. Some of the medical colon cleansing is also named as colonic therapy, colonic irrigation, colonic, or colonic hydrotherapy. Colon Cleansing can be done basically through two ways

Medical Colonic Therapy: Through this method the colonic cleansing is done under medical and professional supervision using medical aids and mechanism.

Homemade Colon Cleanse Therapy: This process can be done easily at home without any professional supervision, using thing that we keep on using regularly at home.
Colon cleansing can also be performed by doing something like a juice fast, salt water flush or perform enema.

The major reason to opt for the medical colonic therapy or treatment is because the person might be preparing for a certain surgery or special medical procedure like colonoscopy, which requires the colon to be completely clean and clear of any accumulated waste. However colon cleansing at home is done to get rid of chronic diseases like constipation, headache and other similar ailments.
The medical cleansing takes place by placing a tube into the rectum followed by large amount of water, which makes its way through the colon. The water is used as a carrier of anything that might be dry and stuck in place. The type of liquid weather water or some other specific liquid depends upon the method chosen for colon cleansing.

In the mechanical process the inflow and outflow of water is controlled by machine instead of manual control.


Hydrotherapy is another process of colon cleansing. This treatment uses water to treat a particular disease and maintain the health of the person. The basic concept of hydrotherapy is to use water as it has healing abilities. When plain water is combined with coffee, salt or any other substance it starts supplying essential nutrients like anti oxidant or trace minerals.
The quantity of water used in hydrotherapy is the same as in case of enema colon cleansing process.

Natural Home Made Colon Cleansing Recipes :

Most of us these days have bad routine and poor dietary habits as a result of which many people these days suffer from acute constipation, chronic headache, irritable bowel syndrome and other issues with the digestive system. The colon which performs the task of waste elimination in the body, when starts function improperly due to accumulation of waste in the colon, we tend to face all these problems. It is very essential to keep the colon clean and free from any accumulated waste in order to keep the colon working smoothly. Apart from medical treatment there are many helpful home remedies that can help you alleviate the problem accumulation of toxins in the body which later on creates problem for the digestive system and the entire body mechanism on the whole. Here is a list of some best natural homemade colon cleanses:

1. Ginger, Apple, Lemon, and  Sea Salt Colon Cleanse


  • A Big Tall Glass
  • A Spoon
  • Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Apple Jiuce
  • Ginger Juice
  • Lemon Juice

Process to Make Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse :
Step 1 Take 3.5 ounce of water in a pan
Step 2 Heat the pan until the water becomes lukewarm (Caution: Do not bring the water to boil)
Step 3 Pour the water in the glass and sea salt to it
Step 4 Now add apple juice, ginger juice and fresh lime juice
Step 5 Drink this mixture twice a day. Once with an empty stomach and the second one few minutes before the lunch
For best results through this homemade natural colon cleanse take light and oil free food along with 6-8 glasses of water every day.

2. Cayenne Pepper-Lemon Cleanse


  • ½ tsp. of cayenne pepper
  • 4 Tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Warm Water
  • Organic Maple Syrup

Process to Make Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse
Step 1 Put ½ tsp of cayenne pepper in a 10 ounce glass
Step 2 Add 4 tbsp of fresh lime juice
Step 3 Pour in lukewarm water in the glass
Step 4 Add ½ tsp. of organic maple syrup
Drink this mixture at least 5 times in a month for complete colon cleansing.

3. Ginger-Psyllium Cleanse


  • Ginger
  • Apples/ Organic Apple Juice
  • Psyllium husk

Process to Make Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse
Step 1 Juice enough apples to fill a 8Oz glass (If enough apples are not available, then organic apple juice can be used as an alternative)
Step 2 Add one teaspoon of ginger
Step 3 Add 1tsp of psyllium husk
Step 4 Mix the mixture to get a smooth liquid
Drink enough water (around 8-10 glasses) after drinking the mixture.

4. Chia Seeds Cleanse


  • Chia Seeds
  • Apple
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Flax Seeds

Process to Make Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse
Step 1 Keep chia seeds aside and blend all the other items together
Step 2 Pour the mixture in a glass
Step 3 Add chia seeds and stir the mixture until the chia seeds begin to expand
Drink the mixture regularly for proper colon cleansing

5. Kiwi Fruit Smoothie


  • 1 Kiwi Fruit
  • 1 Pear
  • 100ml Water
  • 10g Flax Seed

Process to Make Homemade Natural Colon Cleanse
Step 1 Wash and peal the kiwi fruit and pear
Step 2 Cut these fruit in to small pieces
Step 3 Blend these fruits along with water
Step 4 Add flax seed in the mixture
Step 5 Pour the mixture in the a glass and enjoy the cool smoothie

Drink this smoothie regularly to for the proper working of your colon and good digestive system.

Try these exceptionally good and side-effect free ways of colon cleansing at home and feel the difference. Colon cleansing helps you feel young lively and fresh.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

Several people claim that the process of colon cleansing was being done since ancient Greek times. However, there are very few researches that have worked on the benefits of colon cleansing on human body. Yet many people say that they have felt relief from doing colon cleansing over the last few years. Colon cleansing when done correctly and safely does not pose much risk.

However if the precautions are not taken properly it may prove to be fatal. People who continuously suffer from chronic disease like head ache, constipation and other medical problems, but have failed to get relief in spite of regular treatment find colon cleansing as the ultimate option. They claim that colon cleansing has decreased the symptoms and brought regulated movement of the bowel.

It is medically acclaimed that bowel movements help in elimination of bacteria, metallic detox and removal of unnecessary fatty acid from the body. Colon cleansing helps the nervous system to work properly and positively, this is why colon cleansing also helps to overcome fatigue and anxiety.
A well maintained and properly functioning colon is essential for hormonal balance and appetite control. It also regulates our sleeping habit and mental process. It also helps the body to absorb nutrients in a better manner.

Colon cleansing can help you open up your blood vessels, thereby improving the blood circulation in the body. It also relaxes the muscles that regulate the bowel movement. Proper cleansing of the colon also increases the production of bile juice in the body, improving the digestive system and excretory system of the human body.

Colon Cleansing Vs Enemas

Colonic is the medical process of colon cleansing which is done at a clinic or hospital under medical supervision of professionals. Whereas enemas can be done easily at home without medical assistance and clinical requirements.
Enemas, is an attractive option when compared to colonic. It is quite comfortable and convenient for people who do not want to visit any medical specialist for this purpose and are not so willing to spend a lot on this process. Inexpensive colonic kits can also be brought from medical stores and used.
Enemas uses water as the major component for colon cleansing which, flushes out the accumulated waste out of the body. Colonic uses much harsh and strong medicine to eliminate the waste from the body. Enemas are milder and clean only a specific region of the colon, whereas colonic cleans the entire colon.

Enema is easy to perform with water, but saline solutions can also be a good alternative. Other than saline solution, coffee, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are also good for performing enema.
In order to perform an enema, one needs to insert a pointed tip into our own colon and control the release of liquid used. Then the person simple has to lie down until he feels the urge to use the bathroom. The urge to use the washroom might occur several times during the process, which takes about an hour or two for completion.

Different Types of Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing, which is also known as colonic can take several minutes for the entire process to complete. The time taken for colon cleansing or colonic depends upon the method by which we decide to perform the colonic therapy. The time may also vary depending upon the body responsiveness to the treatment. Some people react very quickly and face better results, however colon cleansing or colonics can be more effective and easy if performed on a regular basis. Performing colon cleansing or colonics on regular intervals can take less time and produce better results. At first sight colon cleansing might seem to be a difficult process as the liquid is to taken in and then held for sometime however when done properly with practice the process of colon cleansing proves to be very beneficial.
There are various popular method for colonic. The different colonic treatment works in different manner and has certain impact upon your digestive system. Water isn't the only substance that is used for colon cleansing. Many other saline formula, herbs, and acidic solutions are used for this process depending upon the requirement. Here are some basic methods of colon cleansing:

Colonics the Most Popular One:

Colonic treatment is being done for over a century. It is done under the expert guidance of hygienist or hydro therapists. This colonic process is also known as colonic irrigation and is usually performed in clinics and hospitals outside home. Colonics treatment requires huge amount of water. Colonic requires 12 times the water required to perform one single enema.

Of all the available colon cleansing methods colonics is considered to the most effective and popular one. They clean the entire colon in one go. Each colonic session takes about $50 or more.
Some colonic process also uses gravity and pressurized machines. The gravity colonic is the most basic process and uses water, which enters the colon with force of gravity. Gravity colonic treatment is done by controlling the inflow and outflow of water in the rectum. The medical assistant keeps on massaging the abdomen for easy breaking of stool and helps the muscle to relax.

During a colonic treatment the person lies flat on a table or bed and the professional expert inserts the greased small speculum in the person's colon. The speculum is attached to two tubes that are used to control the release of water in and out of the body. Often the person is allowed to control the inflow and outflow of water in the body. After the colonic is done the person is allowed to use the bathroom to comfort himself.

Use these simple home methods for a refreshed rejuvenated start to healthy eating and living.

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