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Pain Relief Oils: From Ouch To Aahaa!

Sore muscles can be painful and disturbing, making you miss out on a good night's sleep or looking for pain relief pills that could have side-effects. Don't be distressed. Shop for these pain relief oils, instead.
Updated: Jul 14, 2020 13:33 IST
Pain Relief Oils: From Ouch To Aahaa!
Pain relief oils can help heal muscle pain instantly

Over the counter pain relief pills don't always have to be your go to option when suffering from muscle or joint pains. Using effective pain relief oils could also give you immediate relief, without the chance of any side-effects. There are a number of oils out there that are hailed as powerful and instant pain relievers, making it a tough choice to pick one from among the many items on shelves in stores next door. This list of some of the best pain relief oils might help with better decision making. Some of these pain relief oils can handle three common distresses- muscle pain, tension, and swelling and can broadly work to relieve any kind of discomfort or pain. Shop for them, today!

Best Pain Relief Oils

1. Dr. Ortho Pain Relief Oil

Dr. Ortho is one of Asia's most promising pain relief brands. It is an Ayurvedic medicinal oil, which penetrates deep within the skin and into the muscular layers to heal and repair. This blend of eight oils penetrates deep enough to give you relief from joint pains, inflammation, soreness and such symptoms. Gently massage this oil over the affected area twice a day, for quick results.

Guarantees Purity
Dr Ortho Pain Relief Oil
(1,539 ratings)
₹ 260
₹ 295 (12% off)
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Made From Eight Herbal Oils

This oil gets absorbed easily to improve mobility, and reduces any pain or swelling.

2. Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Pain Relief Oil

This anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant massage oil is 100% herbal and safe. This oil boosts blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation, which in turn helps reduce pain. This product is a completely natural product made from natural ingredients, making it safe to use. This highly useful body massage oil can be used on several body parts as a pain reliever.

100% Herbal
Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Pain Relief Oil For Body, Back, Legs, Knee - 100 ml
(443 ratings)
₹ 449
₹ 499 (10% off)
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Penetrates Deep Into The Dermal Layers

Use it on your head as a headache relieving oil.

3. Dr Trust Orthoactive Pain Relief Oil

This effective pain relieving oil can give you immediate relief from back pain, knee pain and other such aches. It is effective in dealing with old age arthritis, in relieving rheumatoid arthritis and strain. Made from seven core effective oils such as panchguna, terpintine, comphour, menthol, and mahanarayan, this oil is a great blend for pain relief.

100% Ayurvedic
Dr Trust Orthoactive Pain Relief Oil - 120 ml (Pack of 2) Amazon Deal
Dr Trust Orthoactive Pain Relief Oil - 120 ml (Pack of 2)
₹ 249
₹ 295 (16% off)
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Non-Sticky And Non-Greasy

Take a few drops of this oil, rub it on your palm, and massage on the affected area for immediate pain relief.

4. Himalaya Pain Relief Oil

Himalaya is a well-known Indian brand, renowned for making Ayurvedic products. The Himalaya Pain Relief Oil is also rich in natural ingredients such as country mallow, whose spasmolytic properties help fasten the healing process, and drumstick oil that lends anti-inflammatory and warming effects on the muscles to reduce stress and pain. This oil blend also contains sweet flag, a strongly aromatic perennial plant, which has spasmolytic and nervine properties to relieve pain and spasm. Ginger is another important component of this oil, which reduces swelling with its heating properties. The oil instantly gives relief from neuromuscular and arthritis kind of pains.

Selected Oil Blend
Himalaya Pain Relief Oil Amazon Deal
Himalaya Pain Relief Oil
₹ 100
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Herbal Pain Relief Oil

Gives relief from neuromuscular and arthritis pains.

Benefits Of Using Ayurvedic Oils For Joint Pains:

  1. Ayurvedic oils promote self-healing at the tissue and bone level.
  2. A massage with pain relieving oils helps stimulate internal organs to improve their functioning.
  3. Using herbal or Ayurvedic pain relieving oils helps eliminate toxins and impurities of the body.
  4. It is safer to use external healing oils rather than popping in pills for pain relief.
  5. Massage with therapeutic oils helps improve blood circulation.

Pain Relief Oils: From Ouch To Aahaa!

Product Price in India
Dr Ortho Pain Relief Oil ₹ 260
Morpheme Remedies Arthcare Pain Relief Oil For Body, Back, Legs, Knee - 100 ml ₹ 449
Dr Trust Orthoactive Pain Relief Oil - 120 ml (Pack of 2) ₹ 249
Himalaya Pain Relief Oil ₹ 100
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