Best Earbuds in India

Best Earbuds in India

Best Earbuds in India

With the changing times the saying bigger the better has changed to smaller the better and these best earbuds in India are the best example to prove it right. Smaller the Bluetooth earphones the better and easy to use. Get the freedom from tangling wires and continue to enjoy videos, music, games and much more. These mini invisible Bluetooth earbuds are compact, compatible, portable and ultra light weight. Convenient to use, these best earbuds in India gives you premium quality sound without any wires. These hassle-free mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds help you in enjoying your favourite tunes at gym while workout, work place, public place, metro  without getting tangled.They allow you to dance to the tunes of your heart without braking the rhythm. Here is a list of best earbuds in India that we have handpicked specially for you. This might be of great use for you when driving or during workout sessions.

Best Earbuds In India

  1. Apple Air Pod
  2. GoNovate G10 Bluetooth Earbud
  3. Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
  4. ZAAP BOLT Bluetooth Mini Headset
  5. QCY Q29 Wireless Earbud
  6. CHKOKKO True Wireless Earbuds
  7. Onexelot Icarus
  8. Noise Shots Wireless Earbuds
  9. TechStream Wireless Headphones
  10. Boult Audio Twinpods

Apple Air Pod

Easy to use and smart in look, these Apple Air Pods are the best air pods one can have. These best wireless earbuds are completely untangled and can be connected automatically anywhere and everywhere. With Automatic sensors they pause immediately you pull them out of your ears. In single charge the Apple Air Pod can run for up to 5 hours.

GoNovate G10 Bluetooth Earbud

GoNovate challenges to be world's smallest best earbud with 6 hour battery life. GoNovate G10 is specially designed with small size however it is high on performance. This ultra light minimal shaped designer mini Bluetooth speaker is perfect. This mini Bluetooth speaker is so light that you won't even notice wearing it. The design of the mini speaker is specially built to fit in the ear and has a decent sound quality.

Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Bluetooth earphones are an upgraded and smaller version of the Syllable D900S mini Bluetooth earphones. These individual wireless Bluetooth earbuds use Bluetooth to pair up with your device and each other for complete freedom from wires. No tangling and juggling up in the in the wires. These mini wireless bluetooth best earbuds are charged with the battery case that comes along with this mini Bluetooth earphone.

ZAAP BOLT Bluetooth Mini Headset

The ultra-compact design and high fidelity sound quality has a high quality built-in microphone. Incredible 70 hrs of battery standby separates it from others in the race. The multi-function button helps the users to perform multiple functions in just one push. This could be the perfect choice for all those who wish to move on with their favourite numbers wherever they go.

QCY Q29 Wireless Earbud

The QCY Q29 mini Bluetooth earphones comes with a small carrying case that acts as a charger as well, allowing users to quickly replenish the ear pieces' batteries when they go low. The case itself is small enough to slip into just about any pocket, and it charges via an ordinary micro USB cable. The Mini Wireless Bluetooth earbuds fits in snugly and charges quickly.

CHKOKKO True Wireless Earbuds

The high quality chip gives the best sound quality. With ultimate battery backup this mini wireless Bluetooth earbud is considered the best in the list. This is another best performance device in the category of mini wireless bluetooth best earbuds. The soft material does not damage the ear bud inside.

Onexelot Icarus

The Onexelot Icarus is known to deliver excellent sound quality. With decent design this earphone has 3 hours of battery life. Sweat and moisture resistant this earphones can be used even at work out or gym sessions.

You can call them by any name small-sized Bluetooth earpiece, mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds, or mini invisible Bluetooth earpiece, because they let you hear everything secretly without anyone noticing you. Do pick the best one and tell us in the comments below, how much you liked it?

Noise Shots Wireless Earbuds

Noise Shots wireless earbuds happen to be one of the best earbuds in India. These earbuds are best suited for workout sessions and come in handy during driving in the crazy traffic jam. Small size and compact design makes it quite useful while travelling.

TechStream Wireless Headphones

Coming along with a charging doc, this TechStream wireless headphone is known to be one of the best earbuds in India. With good quality sound and lightweight design this is quite useful while work out. It gets fixed in the ear firmly without the fear of falling every now and then.

Boult Audio Twinpods

Boult Twinpods are a cheaper alternative to the airpods. These light weight earpods happen to be one of the best earpods in India for travelers. Light weight and compact design makes it convenient for the user to pack it and move.

So here are some of the best earpods in India that are certainly a cheaper yet one of the most amazing alternative to the airpods.

Best Earbuds in India Offers

Best Earbuds Price in India
Apple AirPods MMEF2HN/A Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Rs.14,399
GoNovate G10 Bluetooth Earbud, Smallest Wireless Headset with 5.5 Hour Playtime, Earphone with Mic for iPhone Samsung Galaxy and Other Smartphones Rs.3,095
Makibes Syllable D900 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Double-Ear Sport Earphones With Dock Charger (Black) Rs.1,346
ZAAP® (USA) BOLT Bluetooth 4.1 Mini Headset Wireless {Award Winning} Headphone/Earbud Rs.1,499
Generic [True Wireless] QCY Q29 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4. 1 Double Dual Headphone Earphone With Charging Box One Piece Rs.9,201
CHKOKKO Mini Twins True Wireless Earbuds With Mic For All Smartphones (Red) Rs.2,800
ONEXELOT Wireless headphones bluetooth earbuds with microphone Wireless Earphones with charging box Rs.6,593
TechStream Wireless Headphones Bluetooth with Mic | Compatible with Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8, Oppo, Sony, Vivo, Moto G, Samsung Mobile Phones | Rs.875
Boult Audio AirBass Twinpods True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with mic and Charging case Dual Connectivity Headset IPX5 Sweatproof Deep Bass Monopod Feature (Gray) Rs.2,499
Price List of Best Earbuds in India, Last Updated on 12 August 2019
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