1TB Best External Hard Disk in India

1TB Best External Hard Disk in India

We are constantly on the verge of collecting media through different sources. Whether you have huge collection of digital photos on your desktop, or maybe you're a hardcore music collector either way media takes up a lot of space and may increase in the coming future. Owning 1TB best external hard disk in India can be the best solution to all the data storage problems.

So, why do we exactly need an external hard drive? Leaving your data without a backup may cause a backlash if your laptop stops working. All your important data which you love may be deleted making you frisk with tension. That's a sad truth. Heavy data is a major contributor to a slower computer impacting the overall performance of your device. A hard drive can range between 500GB to 5TB of storage according to our daily needs. Below we've covered best external hard drives in India of 1TB that helps in storing your information to provide you for hassle free computing.

List of Best 1TB Hard Disk in India 2018

Below we've sorted the best hard disk of 1TB in India, from which you can pick the desired ones to solve your data storage problem. Check the list below:

WD My Passport 1TB Hard Disk

The WD My Passport hard disk comes with a sturdy build quality and an attractive design and tops the chart of the best hard disk 1TB in India.  Available in 6 different colors this drive may lift your technological appeal. Irrespective of the size the weight may stun you while carrying it in your hand. High speed cable allows files transfer in seconds. The Auto Backup feature and the WD Backup software automatically back up your laptop's or computers important files to give that ease of satisfaction.

Seagate 1TB External Hard Disk

Seagate is a renowned hard drive manufacturer with distribution and sales in many countries and its ranks second in the list of best hard disk of 1TB in India. Most of our earlier desktop computers were fit with a Seagate hard disk. The drive's matte finish with the pyramid-like patterning gives it a very attractive look on the front. Its built-in power management feature ensures it is energy-efficient at all times.

Seagate External Hard Disk (STEA1000400) Specs
Type HDD
Capacity 1TB
Form Factor Portable
Connectivity USB 3.0
Connection Wired

HP 1TB External Hard Disk

If you are planning to buy an external hard drive and not sure about its longevity then HP has the best package for you. The computer giant has brought a shiny silver matted metal hard drive which from far looks like a book on your table. The data transfer speed can be said to be best-in-class. The HP 1TB Wired Best External Hard Disk Drive is a handy product with good specs and quality. It should make a great choice.

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1TB Hard Disk

For the past few years transcend has ruled the pen drive market. Their superior build quality holds the company name high in the data storage market. This Transcend hard disk, with its shock-resistant quality, allows you to transfer files quickly and ensures anti-shock protection. Though a bit bulkier than others the weight may give an assurance of quality. It provides one-click solution to protect and store your digital treasures on a single device, and therefore proves to be one of the 1TB best external hard disk in India.

Lenovo 1TB External Hard Drive

Lenovo designs reliable products just like their laptops and external Hard Drives aren't an exception to that. The Hard Drive is both lightweight and compact. Most pleasing is its wire quality which may last you years. The pre-loaded software has good security features to prevent data loss. The USB 3.0 connection will give you a super-quick data transfer experience. Overall a good wrap of features.

Lenovo External Hard Disk (F309) Specs
Type HDD
Capacity 1TB
Form Factor Portable
Connectivity USB 3.0
Connection Wired

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Hard Disk

Buyers always look for feasible products which match their pocket. Toshiba make the simplest yet alluding products which share this philosophy. The design makes it an attractive accessory to carry around. Just weighing over 230Grams this Toshiba Hard Disk is extremely compact and lightweight. Amazon is giving the best deals on affordable hard drives with long lasting tenure of relationship, a true value for money. Especially, when the brand is giving you 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External Hard Drive with Backup Manager

This ultra slim hard drive is extremely light weight. So, slim that you may not perceive its existence on the table. It's powered by the USB 3.0 which can copy a 100 GB Data in 15 minutes. Although an expensive purchase the black soothing finish will push you to shell out those extra bucks.

Adata HD650 1TB Hard Disk

An establishing brand in India Adata provides an alternate to all rival brands. The 3 year warranty will calm your heart down on manufacturing and technical details. The look may not appease you but still these Adata Hard Disks have that class that shows calibre.

In the above list of 1TB best external hard disk in India we covered all the renowned brands which are all available at unbeatable prices across various famous e-commerce portals.

1TB Best External Hard Disk in India

Product Price in India
WD My Passport External Hard Disk (WDBYNN0010BBK-WESN) Rs.3,899
HP External Hard Disk (PX3100) Rs.4,050
Transcend External Hard Disk (25M3) Rs.4,468
Lenovo External Hard Disk (F309) Rs.5,499
Toshiba Canvio Basics External Hard Disk (HDTB310AK3AA) Rs.3,975
Sony Compact Slim External Hard Disk (HD-SL1) Rs.5,290
ADATA External Hard Disk (HC660) Rs.4,100