5 Best 3 Ingredient DIY Hair Masks of 2017 for Dry Frizzy Hair!

Everyone has a different kind of hair type but we all need a little hair pamperring. These fabulous home made hair masks do just that for you at cheaper costs and safer nourishment. Try them at home and thank us later!

5 Best 3 Ingredient DIY Hair Masks of 2017 for Dry Frizzy Hair!

Homemade DIY Hair Masks Ingredients

Are your hair suffering from styling buildup products and chemical treatments? Nothing is better than using natural ingredients for your body nourishment. There are some great hair masks which you could make at home and use once a week or daily however frequently you choose to and you can be sure these are not harming your hair any bit. Nourishing and nurturing the hair constantly is the trick and with these homemade masks, you are doing just that. Now imagine soft, lustrous & shiny hair for yourself in a couple of minutes.

Coconut Oil + Honey + Yogurt

Mix the 3 ingredients and apply onto your hair length and scalp. This Hair Masks works well for Dry Damaged hair and is nourishing for the scalp as well. Use these ingredients in equal portions for the hair as per your hair length. This deep conditioning hair mask leaves your hair feeling smooth, this mask is also a naturally antibacterial mask leaves you with a healthy scalp.

Egg + Milk + Lemon + Olive oil

This 4 Ingredient mask is a super hair mask for dry dull hair. Beat the egg mix in Milk, lemon & 2 potions of Olive oil beat the rest of the ingredients in and spread onto your hair length keep for 2 hours and wash off. This Mask is a great protein & calcium providing home hair mask which makes your strands feel lustrous and shiny.

Banana + Coconut oil + Honey

Blends these 3 ingredients together and apply from scalp to the tips. Ripe Bananas are great at soothing itchy scalps and moisturizing the hair. Leave this homemade hair mask for 30mins and wash off, Banana's have a tendency to stick to your hair so try using a little more of oil and even try washing twice.

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Yogurt + Apple cider + Honey

Mix these ingredients and apply to your scalp and hair strands, let it stay for 20mins and wash off for smooth shiny hair. Yogurt is a fabulous anti-bacterial agent which helps in cleaning the scalp and giving it a healthy feel. Apple cider vinegar removes excess oil and removes itchiness and dandruff.

Coconut milk + Honey

Blend the 2 ingredients make into a puree and apply on hair and scalp. Coconut provides deep nourishment and honey is a great moisturizer. The longer you keep this DIY hair mask the better it is. Make this easy nourishing mask every day or every week.

Buy these fabulous organic products to form your home made Hair masks at the convenience of your home at the cheapest costs.

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