Baby Powder DIY Hacks

Baby Powder DIY Hacks

Baby Powder DIY Hacks

Do you like the smell of the baby powder? Well, sure everyone does love it. We all know it is good for babies’ hygiene and to keep them away from bad smell so that they can always remain fresh. But did you knew apart from babies’ health care there are many other benefits of baby powder. While you could use baby talc on a bad hair day you could use it to keep your mascara intact for a longer time. Now you will have more than one reason to keep the talc, just for the baby now you have other reasons to keep stocking on one now. So, all you lovely ladies out there we have got some special hacks for you and these are all baby powder hacks- Time to Yay! Without wasting much of your time, we have lined up some quick hacks for you which are short and crisp, so roll down to know more.


Surprising Baby Powder Hacks For Your Daily Use
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List of baby powder hacks:

  • Oily Scalp

We all hate those greasy hair when its time for a date or a party and the most annoying feeling is that we don’t have time for a hair wash. Don’t worry! Baby powder is here for the rescue. Just pour some of it on your scalp and rub it. Bingo! You don’t have greasy hair anymore as baby powder absorbed all of it and you are ready to outshine with your hair look.

Use Baby Powder On Your Mascara For A Longer Stay
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  • Long- lasting mascara

Ladies do you feel creepy when your mascara doesn’t last long. Well, not to worry just apply some baby powder with ah\n eyelashes brush before applying mascara. It will give a good effect to your eyelashes with a long-lasting effect.
  • Acne remover

You heard it right, baby powder also helps in removing acne. All you have to do is take a bowl pour some water in it and add baby powder to it. Mix it well. Then apply it on to your face like a mask with a brush. After 15 minutes wash it off and apply moisturizer. Your skin will be lively again.
  • Detangle your jewellery

Baby powder also helps in detangling in your jewellery. Just apply baby powder on the part where it gets tangles and after some rubbing it will detangle your jewelry and you can wear it can with your desired outfit.

Bake Your Makeup With Baby Powder For A Flawless Look
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  • Bake your makeup

It is a perfect product for baking up your makeup. All you have to do is apply it under your eyes, cheeks and chin. After about 10 minutes, dust it off and it will give you a flawless make up look.

Baby Powder Helps Remove That Bad Shoe Odour
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  • Removes shoes odors

After a long day, when you are home and take your shoes off they don’t smell good. To prevent this odor just put some baby powder in both of your shoes and it will absorb all the stinky smell of your shoes.
  • Anti-shine powder

If your face have an excess of shine then just apply some baby powder on your face with a make-up brush and it will remove all excess shine from your face.
  • Remove grease stains

What if your favorite shirt gets a grease stain? No, don’t cry! We have a solution, just pour some baby powder on that part of the shirt which got a stain and rub it. Wash it off and your favorite shirt just got saved.

So, these were some hacks which will save you in your day-to day life. Keep a pack of baby powder handy always!