Best Dual Camera Phones in India for July 2018

Looking of best dual camera phones? Try your hands on these best dual camera phones which shall not only give you flawless pictures but also act as handy mini DSLR camera. Your list of the best dual camera phones is here.
Best Dual Camera Phones in India for July 2018

Dual Camera Phones in India 2018

The Best Dual camera phones have become a trend with the launch of iPhone 7 Plus last year. Although it was not the first phone to feature a dual camera setup but the iPhone 7 always creates the benchmark for the smartphone industry, which makes them strive hard to come up with such features and proves satisfactory for customers. After coming up with the Best Selfie camera phones - which are phones with the best front cameras now its the turn for the best dual camera phones.

But as buying an iPhone 7 Plus can make a big hole in your pockets, various other brands have started to launch their phones featuring a dual camera setup. The dual cameras smartphones allow you to take pictures in portrait mode without digitally editing the image. In simple words, you have a mini DSLR camera in your hands that lets you take flawless images without any hassle.
If you are planning to buy the best dual camera smartphones, here are few options you may want to check.

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List Of Dual Camera Phones in India 2018

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The flag ship device by Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8 features dual rear camera setup with 12 MP and optical image stabilizer. The camera is arguably the best mobile phone camera in 2017. The camera works really good even in low light conditions. The Galaxy Note 8 is a straight competitor to its rival iPhone 7 plus in terms of every specification and ranks in the list of the best dual camera smartphones.

2. iPhone X

This year Apple shocked the world by launching two phones simultaneously, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. According to Apple, iPhone X is the best product apple has ever created and will revolutionize the smart phone again after the launch of the original iPhone. Other than its many features, iPhone X also have a dual rear camera setup following the footsteps of its predecessor. The  iPhone X has 12MP wide and telephoto lens with optical image stabilizer. iPhones have great reputation when it comes to the cameras and iPhone X is surely not lagging behind from maintaining the tradition.

3. OnePlus 5t

With the launch of OnePlus 5 earlier this year, the OnePlus company was really proud for their flagship phones cameras. It could be told by looking at a photograph provided with every OnePlus 5 device stating a line,’shot with OnePlus 5’. The next edition of the OnePlus hit the markets in November this year, the OnePlus 5t which features in our list of the best dual camera smartphones. The phone has 20MP+16MP rear camera. But it does not offer an optical image stabilizer.

4. Honor 8 Pro

If the above mentioned phones are too expensive, you can have look at the new Honor 8 Pro. Honor has become a well known name in the Indian smart Phone market. With the dual rear camera craze going on, Honor has also jumped into the segment with their Honor 8 Pro which has a dual camera setup. The phone features 12MP dual rear camera and a 8MP front facing camera. This is also one of the best dual camera smartphones with a dual camera setup for an affordable price.

5. Nokia 8

With years of absence from the smart phone market, the former mobile phone giant is back with a bang to the game with their new range of smart phones. One of these comeback phones is the new Nokia 8. Nokia is always good at giving things that the customers want, that’s why they have also included a dual rear camera to their current flagship mobile. It has an unique combination of cameras with a 13MP color and a 13MP mono with image stabilizer makes it the one of the best dual camera smartphones. This phone has got good reviews and you should surely check out this wonderful phone.

6. Moto X4

Motorola is one of the biggest smart phone companies in the world. The Moto X series is the flagship series of the company. The fourth installment to the series, Moto X4 is a wonderful device and is the cheapest on our list with a dual camera setup. With 12MP+8MP dual rare camera, the Moto X4 is a great device for taking pictures. If you want to get a dual rear camera smart phone you should have a look at Moto X4. Buy this best dual camera smartphone today.
Smartphones are upgrading each day and to walk with technology is the best option to match the pace of the geeks. Do try your hands on these above mentioned dual camera phone with which you can take your photography to another level.

List of Best Dual Camera Phones in India for July 2018

Best Dual Camera Phones in India Price In India Buy
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rs.59,900 Grab Offers
Apple iPhone X Rs.90,949 Grab Offers
OnePlus 5T Rs.32,999 Grab Offers
Huawei Honor 8 Pro Rs.22,900 Grab Offers
Nokia 8 Rs.33,275 Grab Offers
Motorola Moto X4 Rs.22,999 Grab Offers
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