Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have

Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have

Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have

Want to keep yourself fit, but don’t have the time for gym membership? Going to a gym everyday is not possible for everyone and without going to gym it is very hard to keep yourself in a good shape. There are some portable home gyms equipment in the market that you can use as an alternative to a gym membership but they can take quite a large space in your house which can be a problem for many of us.
The best alternate to this problem is bring some essential gym equipment home that are affordable and does not take a lot of place. With these gym equipment will allow you to workout everyday without getting a gym membership and hefty amount of money. This can prove to be one of the best solutions to all the fitness desires which you have within yourself. With these best home gym equipment you can workout within your comfort zone and turn your body look fab in no time. To own one of the best body persona, take a glimpse of the best home gym equipment and get ready to give yourself that ultimate makeover which you've always wished for.

List of Best Gym Equipment for Home:

Here is a list of best home gym equipment which you can have at your home without acquiring much of space, lets take a look:

1. Multi-functional Door Frame Horizontal Bar Pull-up Device

The Multi-functional Door Frame Horizontal Bar Pull-up Device can be extremely helpful and a very valuable home gym equipment you can use. This device can be used for many different purposes.
This can be fixed on the frame of the door and can bear a load up to 140kgs. This door frame horizontal bar can be used as a chin up bar when fixed to the door frame and if you don’t wish to fix the device on your door frame it can also a good help for the sit ups and push ups.


2. Indoor Rowing Machine

Rowing is an exercise for the your cardiovascular system. The indoor rowing machine is the most important equipment in all the cardio machines available. This allows all the muscles groups to work at the same time which helps you to burn more calories in a small amount of time. This is a great device to loose weight faster.


3. Arms Handle Push Up Stands

Push ups can be challenging and to make the push ups more challenging, these push up stands may help you. The push up bars increases the motion range of the push up and makes your muscles to build faster. All you need to do is to place the stands on the floor and put the hands on them while doing push ups.


4. Resistance Exerciser

The resistance exerciser add extra resistance to your muscles while exercising. It helps to work and develop your back, arms, shoulders and abs. Added resistance to your muscles can make you work harder while doing your regular exercises.


5. Kettle Bell

The kettle bells are like a dumbell but with a different shape. They are used used to build strength and endurance. Kettle bells also helps to increase your heart rate which help to work on your cardiovascular system. There are many sizes and weights of kettle bells and you can choose as per your needs.


6. Exercise Wheel

The exercise wheel is very useful home gym equipment which helps to develop and strengthen your abs. It is also an extremely efficient tool to work on your back, arms and shoulders and strengthening it.


7. Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is an extremely important equipment for your home gym. This helps you to track your heart rate and saves you from overdoing the workout. Some heart rate monitors can also  track your calories, distance you have walked and number of steps.


8. Fitness Ball

A home gym equipment you should have, the fitness ball helps you to work on your abs and can also be used to work on your upper and lower body. Many professional fitness trainers also recommends fitness ball for stretching because it is a flexible device and helps you not to overstretch your body. Even if you don’t want to workout on the fitness ball, you can simply sit on the ball which will help you to improve your posture. This home gym equipment is best for the older people in the home.

If you're recently turned fitness freak, then you can surely pick the above mentioned best home gym equipment and turn your body from fat to fab.

List of Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have

Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have Price
Kobo DPU-1 Steel Gym Bar (Black) Rs.1,249
Soozier Indoor Rowing Machine with ABS Monitor Rs.31,022
Strauss Moto Push Up Bar, Pair (Black/Blue) Rs.355
Styleys Revoflex Extreme Rope Resistance Exercise (Black/Green) Rs.445
Cockatoo GY46 Kettlebell, Senior 16kg Rs.3,299
Inditradition Ab Exercise Roller | Balance Wheel Roller | Ab Wheel Roller (Soft Cushioned Handle, Free Knee Mat) - Blue Rs.299
CurioCity Activity Tracker with Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitor IP67 Waterproof Smart Bracelet For Android and IOS Rs.2,699
Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball with Foot Pump Rs.715
Best Home Gym Equipment You Should Really Have
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