Best Memory Card for Mobile in India

Best Memory Card for Mobile in India

Best Memory Card for Mobile in India

Memories are captured to rejuvenate those special moments which you spent with your near and dear ones. Nowadays, smartphones and cameras are the preferred to capture those memories. But what if you can't grab that moment when your phone and camera memory gets full. No worries, smartphones nowadays are designed in such a way which lets you expand your internal memory up to 256 GB. Memory cards are used worldwide by almost everyone because they lets you store unlimited amount of data whether it be pictures, music, videos etc.

Memory cards provide you with different storage memory like 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 256 GB depending upon your need. So, today we are going to make you explore through some of the best memory cards for phones.

List of The Best Memory Cards For Mobile Phones

Best 8GB Memory Cards for Mobile

The best memory card with 8 GB is useful for those who doesn't really want to store unwanted data. 8 GB memory card is just perfect for them, it lets you store your selective data and also these cards are water-proof so no worrying about data loss. Some of the best memory cards with 8 GB are SanDisk, Strontium and KingSton

Best 16GB Memory Cards for Mobile

The best memory card with 16 GB is a fairly good amount of  storage for average user, not too much and not too much little. It lets you save thousands of songs, pictures even in the high definition. Samsung, SanDisk are among the best brands which provide 16 GB storage memory card. With SanDisk Media Manager software, you can also organize and transfer your photos, videos and music

Best 32GB Memory Cards for Mobile

If you are looking for even more in terms of compatibility then the best memory card with 32 GB is just perfect for you. It is waterproof, X- ray proof and shock proof. Moreover, some products of best memory cards even provide with the fast app performance. Some cards even capable of storing 4K videos, so capture more hours of full HD videos.

Best 64GB Memory Cards for Mobile

The best memory card with 64 GB provides storage for full HD videos. These memory cards gives you better smartphone experience. Content transfer through these amazing memory cards is so fast that it takes only seconds to transfer your data, no more waiting for long time for your data. Now no worrying about what to keep and what to delete.

Best 128GB Memory Cards for Mobile

With the memory which expands for upto 128 GB which is like infinity storage of space. These memory cards lets you shoot, save and share without any interruption. These cards have capability of upto 98 MB/s transfer speed. Also, better smartphone experience with faster app launch and performance. Storage of 1,280 minutes approx. full HD videos.

Now you know which memory card best suited for your phone. Such amazing featured memory cards at affordable price are a must have so that you are never out of storage to capture your best moments.

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List of Best Memory Card for Mobile in India (June 2019)

Best Memory Card for Mobile Price in India
Strontium MicroSDHC Memory Card Rs.229
SanDisk MicroSDHC Memory Card Rs.311
Kingston MicroSDHC Memory Card Rs.209
SanDisk Basic 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 4 20 MB/s Memory Card Rs.282
Samsung Class 6 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 6 24 MB/s Memory Card Rs.499
Strontium SR8GTFC6R 8 GB Memory Card Black Rs.234
SANDISK SDSDQM-008G-B35 8 GB Memory Card Black Rs.430
SanDisk Ultra A1 Class 10 Memory Card Rs.279
SanDisk MicroSD Memory Card Rs.265
Toshiba M203 16 GB MicroSD Card Class 10 100 MB/s Memory Card Rs.277
Price List of Best Memory Card for Mobile in India, Last Updated on 20 June 2019