Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into

Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into

Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into

OTG (On-The-Go) is a technique that acts as an interface between the smart phones and USB devices. OTG allows USB devices like pen drives, digital cameras, mice and keyboards to be attached directly to the smartphones. With devices like smartphones and tablets becoming an indispensible part of everyone’s life and even replacing the PC for some the need for sufficient storage space has now become a necessity. The need for additional storage space is becoming a necessity and to cope up with this need the OTG pen drives are the perfect thing to have. Even though the devices like cameras and many of the smartphones are capable of capturing 4K videos but many of them lack the sufficient storage space to save these videos for a lifetime, thus these OTG pen drives are the one stop solution to all your storage needs. Here are some of the best OTG pen drives available in the market.

List Of Best OTG Pen Drives:

1. SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Flash Drive

SanDisk was amongst the first companies to have come up with this OTG technology in India. The SanDisk Ultra allows you to connect to your Android smartphone or tablet and transfer all the large multimedia files to this OTG pen drive. This SanDisk Ultra OTG pen drive allows hassle free transfer of photos; videos and music to your computer form your phone. With micro USB connector on one side and OTG connector on the other side it becomes even more convenient to transfer files.

2. Kingston Digital 64GB Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (DTDUO3C/64GB)

The Kingston Digital 64 GB data traveller features UDB 3.0 functionality. This device is quite compact in size, but the smaller it looks the more useful it proves to be. It is compatible with multiple devices and supports almost all operating system. This Kingston OTG pen drive is quite adaptable, has enough storage space for all your multimedia files, is quick enough to transfer even bulky data within fraction of seconds, and last but not the least ensures complete protection to the connected device.

3. Strontium 32 GB Nitro 466X UHS-1 microSDHC Memory Card With OTG Card Reader

Strontium Nitro OTG pen drive is designed neatly and the small size make it quite convenient to carry it along with you everywhere you go. This OTG pen drive features faster transfer of files from computer to mobile or from mobile to computer. The dual feature of Micro USB and standard USB connector enhances its functionality.

4. Transcend JetFlash 380 OTG 64 GB On-The-Go Pendrive

The Transcend JetFlash 380 OTG pen drive has USB 2.0 connectivity. The features that set it apart from the league are water resistance, dust proof, and shock proof. On installing the Transcend Elite App you can easily explore files on the inserted OTG pen drive. This OTG pen drive supports almost all the operating system along with faster transfer.

5. Sony 32GB Microvault USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

Sony 32GB microvault OTG pen drive delivers speed up to 130MB/s with USB 3.0 interface. Like the other OTG devices Sony OTG pen drive is also compatible with almost all operating system. On downloading the required app it gives you the facility to monitor memory space and manage it efficiently.

One of the biggest advantages of USB on-the-go drive is that it can be used for expanding storage capacity of devices that don't feature external storage slots.

List of Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into

Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into Price in India
SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Pen Drive Rs.3,525
Kingston Pen Drive (DataTraveler MicroDuo 3C) Rs.1,665
Strontium 32 GB Nitro 466X UHS-1 microSDHC Memory Card with OTG Card Reader Rs.980
Price List of Best OTG Pen Drives To Invest Your Money Into, Last Updated on 26 May 2019