Buying Guide for Laptops Under Rs. 20,000 in India

When looking for the Best Laptop Under Rs.20,000 you surely are confused. We bring our guide to the best options in this range for you to choose from. Go ahead search through and get yours today.

Buying Guide for Laptops Under Rs. 20,000 in India

Best Laptops Under Rs.20,000

A gadget which was a luxury is now a necessity, Yes I am talking about computers. Our ever increasing dependency on computers has forced innovators to come up with laptops. Being a necessity, it is crucial that laptops should be economical too. Earlier no one ever thought that expensive laptops could be within reach of common man too, but kudos to technology evolution and brand rivalry, we are getting the best for our money. Every company wants to acquire a significant part of the market, and that is why we can find many laptops in almost every price range. Features which were available in premium laptops only are now available on laptops under Rs. 20,000 category also.

We have also handpicked the best machines under 25,000 and 30,000 if you might want to check these.

Some common features we must keep in mind when buying laptops are:

  1. Reasonable Price - The price of a budget laptop should be reasonable. Not every time we expect a cheap laptop; we always expect best out of our money.
  2. Light Weight - The budget laptop is supposed to be light on weight since it is for our day to day needs. Being light on weight makes these laptops more portable.
  3. Long Lasting Battery - The battery life on budget laptops should be long lasting. Since we don't have a power outlet nearby always, the battery on all our gadgets should be long lasting, and a laptop is no exception.
  4. Quality - All of the above features are necessary for a budget laptop but not at the cost of quality. Quality is always an important factor while making a purchase decision.
  5. Speed - There is nothing more frustrating than a slow computer. The speed of these laptops is expected to be high at least for regular use. Better GPU would be an addon.
  6. Compatibility - Laptops are always expected to be highly compatible. Since whenever we buy a new laptop, it is not necessary that we will upgrade our other accessories too. Also, the connection ports on these laptops should be highly compatible with old and new connectors too (example - HDMI & VGA port for external display connections), so that we don't have to upgrade our wires when we upgrade our laptop.

Following are the best laptops which have all the features mentioned above. The prices of these laptops are subjected to change with time. We recommend you to go through all the laptops of this range before making any final decision.

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