Best Smartwatches Under 20,000 Rs. in India

Best Smartwatches Under 20,000 Rs. in India

Best Smartwatches Under 20000 Rs.

As expected a smartwatch can do way more things than just telling time. So let's see what this cutting edge technology can do for you. You can operate Google map on it to search your way out of traffic jam. When you are on a bike and need direction you can use Smartphone for your safety and for the others on the road, the situation can be awful and your mobile may slip out of your hands which is The end. So it's better to use a smartwatch, it sticks to your hand, and even the cops will not order you to pull over. If you are thinking how it works? Simply command "Google, navigate to" and state your destination. Turn-by-turn navigations will start appearing on your smart watch. Ever felt that you could not pick up an important call because your phone was not in your reach. Now connect your phone to any of the smartwatches with the latest version of Android. Once you have worn that it's all in reach even when they're miles apart. Wait it gets more exciting from here, your smartwatch is connected to Wi-Fi while your phone is also connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network and you can send messages or access email on your smart watch. Problem solved. Wait if you are still looking for a good smartphone and if you have set a budget then you could surf through the options we have Handpicked for you for Smartphones under 5,000 Rs. or there are Best Mobile Phones under 10,000 Rs..

Deal on the Best Smartwatch Wearables Under Rs. 20,000

Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus has smartly taken over the smartwatch market in India by redefining its various various versions of smartwatches. The Asus Zenwatch 2 is one of the best smartwatches by Asus. It has one of the best displays and battery life. It is well designed and looks attractive.  

Fossil Marshall Black Smartwatch

If you are someone who loves the design of traditional watches with a twist of modern features the here it is.  The Fossil Marshall Smartwatch features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor inside that makes the user feel as snappy as it possibly can.

Fitbit Blaze Black Silver Smartwatch

Fitbit is one of the pioneers when it comes to designing smartwatches. Fitbit the name itself assures quality and standard product. For the beginners who are just stepping into the world of fitness the Fitbit Blaze is a considerate choice.

Infinitycarts I95 Smartwatch

A smartwatch with Android 4.3 system, that allows you to surf the internet at one go. With advanced processor and high speed WI-FI connectivity the I95 features 512MB RAM, and 4GB ROM. The i95 uses powerful hardware and good material. Every little detail of the i95 makes you feel more comfortable.

COGITO Classic Black Metal Smartwatch

Elegance and style is what best describes the COGITO Classic Black Metal Smartwatch. Long battery life and powerful performance sets it apart from the rest. The stylish yet classic design makes it the perfect choice in the section of smartwatches. Equipped with a very basic but very useful set of features, this watch makes your everyday life a lot easier.

In today’s busy world both time and money does not come in handy, thus it is imperative to keep the following things in mind while you plan to buy a smart watch.

  • If you are a fitness freak and are planning to buy a smart watch not just for the sake of watching time then you must try your hands on the watches that have Heart Rate Sensor and GPS.
  • The second thing to look out for is the Compatibility of the watch with your smartphone.
  • Since the main function of a watch is to show time, look out for watches that might show time even when the smartphone is not in use.
  • The rated battery life is another feature that should affect your buying decision. Go for the smart watch which has rated battery life.  
  • When buying any accessory it is very much needed to have a check on its ease of use, the smart watch should have easy to use and swap buckle or clasp.
  • You should also see to the apps that are supported by the watch.

Out of all the language in the world, this generation believes the best way to express your throw is through emojis. With this watch, you can reply to your friends using Facebook Messenger, or any other messenger and send them hand drawn emojis. Simply draw them with your finger on your smartwatch screen.There is no end to its features, not just your phone you will also not miss your Tab anymore. You can book flights or cab with that with just swiping it. Listen to music download songs, Stay updated with news. You can set reminders or even auto send messages at a particular time.

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List of Best Smartwatches Under 20,000 Rs. in India

Best Smartwatches Under 20,000 Rs. Price
Asus ZenWatch Smartwatch 1.63-inch Metal (Grey, Black) Rs.50,116
Asus Zenwatch 2 Gunmetal Case with Metal Strap Gunmetal Grey, Black Smartwatch(Black Strap Regular) Rs.16,900
Asus Zenwatch 2 Silver Case with Metal Strap Smartwatch(Silver Strap Regular) Rs.16,900
Fossil Q Marshal Smartwatch Rs.21,500
Fossil Marshall Black Smartwatch(Black Strap Regular) Rs.18,995
Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch Rs.19,995
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Rs.16,500
Fitbit Blaze Black Silver Smartwatch(Black Strap Small) Rs.16,000
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Large (Black/Silver) Rs.18,999
Infinitycarts I95 Smartwatch(Black Strap Regular) Rs.6,000
Best Smartwatches Under 20,000 Rs. in India
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