Holi 2018: Celebrate Holi With Holi Water Guns, Herbal Holi Colours And More

Holi 2018: Celebrate Holi With Holi Water Guns, Herbal Holi Colours And More

Holi 2018: Celebrate Holi With Holi Water Guns, Organic And Herbal Holi Colours And More

Of all the festivals in the world, Holi is one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals. Irrespective of the cast, creed, sex and age people in India come together to celebrate this wonderful festival of colours. In the modern era, distance does not guarantee safety from water colours. A number of colourful squirt guns ranging from jet of water shoots, to a tiny firearm have sufficient capacity to drench one in colourful water. Welcome to the era of Hi-tech Holi 2018. Like the other Indian festivals in India, Holi too commemorates the victory of good over evil. A she-demon named Holika was burnt and destructed on the eve of Holi. The celebration of Holi dates back to the times of Lord Krishna who used to drench village girls in water and colour. Holi 2018 will be celebrated a day after the full moon in March. In some parts of the country the celebrations of Holi 2018 will commence a week earlier. Holi 2018 will mark the end of winters and the start of a pleasant spring season. Holi 2018 is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the nation. In some parts, Holi is played with colours and water, in some parts people use water guns and water balloons to make the festival more entertaining. In some parts, only dry colours are used to celebrate this joyous festival of colours.
In case you've forgotten about the holi essentials, in our below story we shall brief you with the same so as to celebrate Holi 2018 in the most joyous mood.

List of Holi Essentials You Must Have Ahead of Holi 2018:

Below is the list of some of the Holi essentials which you can buy online seamlessly and enjoy this colourful festive with full enthusiasm.

Let's use organic colour this Holi 2018
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Herbal and Organic Holi Colours

Celebrating Holi 2018 without colours would seem to be meaningless. But with increased reports of colours harming the skin and hair an individual, people have these days now become quite hesitant to play Holi with colours. Thus organic colours are the best thing one could get this Holi 2018 and make it completely safe and colourful.

Holi Pichkaris or Water Guns is a favourite too for Holi Celebrations
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Holi Pichkaris : Holi Water Guns

Water guns or Pichkari as they are popularly called in India, are yet another essential for Holi. Kids get fascinated by a number of designs and colours they are available in the market. Holi 2018 can be made special for your these little ones by giving them the best water guns to use this Holi 2018. Pichkaris are available in a number of designs varying in capacity and size. These days the bigger water guns are hydraulically connected to backpacks that can store coloured water for multiple shots.


Add some more fun with these Holi Water Ballons
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Holi Water Balloons

Water balloons are yet another fun filled Holi essential. Water balloons are mostly used in the Northern part of the nation as a means to spray colours on friends and family members. Water balloons are filled with coloured water and thrown on friends and family members to drench them in colour. However these water balloons if not used properly might be hurt anyone, thus these water balloons should always be used under adult supervision and in the proper manner.
  Like every year Holi 2018 will also be celebrated in traditional style in Vrindavan and Mathura. People spend the day smearing coloured powder and splashing coloured water on each other, parties, songs and dance adds on to the flavour of Holi. Special arrangements for rain dance, music and colours along with bhang thandai is done at various places to give Holi 2018 a retro look.
Holi 2018: Celebrate Holi With Holi Water Guns, Herbal Holi Colours And More
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