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GPS Tracker for Kids

By: Viveka Nagar, Published: Apr 12, 2019
GPS Tracker for Kids

Kids GPS Tracker in India

Parenting is not an easy task at all. It comes with a lot of challenges. And the with the increasing crime rates against kids to ensure the safety of the kid becomes the toughest challenge of all. As these children grow, the curiosity within them to explore, invent and to dig into a completely new world also grows. Thus at this stage the task of keeping an eye on the kid is a resilient one, as you do not wish to restrict their capability to explore and develop.

The development in technology has to be utilized in keeping our families safe. Thus the wearable GPS Tracker for kids has come up as a great solution to all these security issues. These wearable GPS tracker for kids keep a track of your child for the entire day without prying. The wearable technology has gone through a massive makeover in the past few years with regards to its ease of use, function and fashion. Here is a compiled list of the best kids GPS trackers .

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List of the GPS tracking device for Kids


Trax is a small though, tough GPS tracking device for kids. It produces highly accurate reading with the help of GPS, Galileo and Glonass satellites. It is capable of real time tracking. The best feature of the product is its motion activated tracking capability, which means the device does not use the battery when not in motion. The feature that sets it apart from its competitors is its tiny size, and light weight, which can easily be carried by kids anywhere they go.


The multi-featured KidGPS tracker has super speciality facilities like safety alerts, voice calling, Kids GPS tracker, adequate battery life and much more. The KidGPS tracker is specially optimized for kids. The SOS panic button feature is its most unique speciality, where the child would be able to communicate or send a message to any of his family members by just one touch. The two way calling feature is yes another cherry on the cake which allows you to connect to your kid via any one number of your choice.


Considered to be one of the best GPS Tracking device for kids, the WAYONA is designed especially for kids' age 3 years and above. It is one of the most stylish wearable for kids. This kids GPS tracker traces your kids exact location and sends the data via the inbuilt SIM. The most special feature attached to this product is its ability to reduce the rate of radiation that is generated, making it eco friendly as well as compatible with the health of your child. Its compact and stylish look makes it one of the best buy in this section.

My Buddy Tag

This Bluetooth enabled, waterproof device helps the parents to keep the child safe in many ways. The panic alarm feature, out of range alert, personal ID and above all water safety alert helps the parents to maintain track of their kids even under water. The unique feature of this product is the ability to send an email mentioning the last seen location. The water safety alert is an added optimization to this product, where the product will send alert if the kid will remain under water for more than 5 seconds.

Gizmo Pal

LG's gizmo pal is one of the best security devices for kids. Its two way communication feature helps you to connect easily to your child. After installing the GizmoApp you can easily keep a track of the motion of your child. The auto answer feature when activated enables the device to automatically answer your calls if the child does not answer within 10 seconds.  The most standout feature is its easy touch screen when the child needs it the most. So get your hands on these best GPS tracking device for kids.

Tackbond Trail

Trackbond is comparatively a new entrant in the sector of kid's tracking. This device is considered not only to be the best GPS tracker for kids but also is the smallest in the market. It can easily fit in the pockett of your kids. Not only this it comes with a wrist and a neck band so you can easily hang it and remain stress free about their location.

Get one of these GPS trackers for your kids and allow them to move freely around without any worries.

List of Best GPS Trackers for Kids

Product Price in India
KidGPS Tracker Compatible with Apple iOS Samsung Galaxy and Other Android Devices for Locating and Monitoring Children GPS Tracker for Kids Blue ₹ 299,966
Wayona W-KDT-03 Tracker Smart Wrist Watch with GPS and GSM System ₹ 2,899
My Buddy Tag with Silicone Wristband, Blue ₹ 5,867
LG VC110 GizmoPal 2 Verizon Wireless GPS Wearable Smartwatch (Blue) ₹ 92,892
Trakbond GPS Tracker for Kids| Smallest Size| Accurate Live Tracking| Pre-Installed SIM Card| No Setup Required(Kids, Mystique Magenta) ₹ 4,199
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