Valentine Week List, Dates, Schedule, Celebration And Gift Ideas

Valentine Week List, Dates, Schedule, Celebration And Gift Ideas

Valentine Week List, Dates, Schedule, Celebration And Gift Ideas

Valentine Week is about to begin and all the love bugs get ready!! It’s finally that time of the year when you can freely express your love for your special person. Though there isn’t and can never be a particular time of the year to express your love but the occasion of Valentine has something very special. Doesn’t matter you are a new couple or have spent years together it’s always special to make your loved one feel special. Valentine celebrations begin a week before when there is love in the air. The entire Valentine week is known to be the week of love and romance. Each day of the Valentine week is supposed to bring new surprises and a unique style of expressing your love for your beloved partner. Valentine week days have a special significance. Here are some romantic ideas as to how you can celebrate each valentine week day and make your partner feel special.

7th February: Express Your Love With Red Roses on the Rose Day


Beautiful Rose Assortments For Rose Day
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The first day of the Valentine week is the ‘Rose Day’. This Rose Day surprise your partner with an extravagant bouquet of dozen of red roses early morning and make them feel fresh, enthusiastic and of course romantic! Writing a small letter in your own handwriting as a token of love can add on to the charm of the day. If your are tight on budget, then don’t worry we have yet another great idea for your simply get some fresh red roses and keep surprising your valentine throughout the day by giving these roses in style at different times of the day.

8th February: A Lifetime Proposal on The Propose Day


Make Your Proposal A Moment To Remember
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Heart shaped cake of the flavour your partner loves with a cute romantic message on the cake is the perfect way to propose your beloved. If you are enough creative you can also gift a handmade card proposing your beloved partner with a nice poem or shayri. If you are not tight on budget then you can certainly propose your partner with a magical twist by taking them on a date, and by surprising them with a hidden proposal ring. The ring can be hidden either in your customised cake, drink glass or any other stuff. So go on and make your proposal special.

9th February: Add Sweetness to Your Love Life With Loads of Chocolate


Add Sweetness To Your Love With These Chocolate Hampers
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The third day of the Valentine week is supposed to be the Chocolate Day. On chocolate day of this Valentine week, show your partner that you care and gift them boxes of sugar free chocolates. You can also get them a box of assorted chocolates or a simple Cadbury chocolate. Actually gifts don’t matter; the thing that matters is the love with which you gift them these chocolates.

10th February: Convey Your Feelings with Cute Teddies on Teddy Day


Convey Your Feelings With These Cute Teddys on Teddy Day
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The next in line is the Teddy Day. On this day of the Valentine week confess your feelings in front of your beloved partner with small cute teddies. There are many ways to celebrate Teddy day. You can simply gift a cute teddy ring to your partner that he/she can carry with them everywhere or you can also gift them a king size teddy and make them feel cozy and comfortable. If you want to celebrate this day of the Valentine week in style you can gift you partner a small teddy with lots of lovely and sweet moments written on small pieces of paper.

11th February: Promises on this Promise Day are Never Meant to be Broken


Promises Are Never Meant To be Broken, Make The Perfect Promise On This Promise Day
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People say promises are meant to be broken, but we strictly do not believe in this. Promises made between couples are quite special and in order to keep the fire of love and romance ignited between them it is necessary that both of them fulfil their promises. We do not say that promises need to be soaring high; even small bits of care will also do the needful. On this promise day of the Valentine week gift your beloved a box of surprises with small, sweet and romantic promises to be kept forever. Get your promises engraved on a coffee mug or a comfortable cushion to keep you reminding of the promises you made.

12th February: Warm and Romantic Hugs is What Your Partner Desires For


Warm Romantic Hug On The Hug Day Is All You Need
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Hug Day is the next day of the Valentine Day. Couples wait desperately for this day when they can take their arms and not let even air pass through them. Shower your hugs, in a way, so that they are remembered for some time. And remember, the more hugs you give, the better. Hugging is naturally sweet and is quite healthy for the body, mind, and soul. It is also a natural way to show somebody you think they are great.

13th February: Embrace Your Partner by Kissing in Style


Kiss Day Is Incomplete Without That Promising Kiss
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Kissing on the forehead is the best thing you can do to your partner. A kiss on the forehead conveys a message of strong love and compassion for your partner. And ladies, you can take the plunge and totally surprise your mate by showering a sensuous kiss right on his lips.  A small kiss game with your partner would give your day a perfect end. You simply need to write different types of kisses on chits of paper and ask them to pull out one chit at a time and then give your sweetheart whatever kind of kiss is described.

14th February: The Wait is Finally Over and Its Valentine’s Day Finally


Seal The Day With These Perfect Words "I Love You" On Valentines Day
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This day of the Valentine week allows you to bring out the creative side of you. On this day you are completely free to impress your partner with a romantic dinner date idea or with a complete day to his/her name. Whatever you do, do not miss the opportunity to say the three magical words ‘I LOVE YOU’ to someone special in your life.
Try some unique styles of saying ‘I Love You’ to your partner this Valentine week and surprise them by some really romantic and loveable gifts and ideas.
Valentine Week List, Dates, Schedule, Celebration And Gift Ideas
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