Trekking Essential Accessories: Prep Up For Trekking Wth Backpacks, Tents, Shoes

Fond of trekking but in a dilemma what all to pack? Worry not we've sorted some best trekking accessories that can prove to be useful during trekking or hiking. Take a glimpse of trekking essential accessories.
Trekking Essential Accessories: Prep Up For Trekking Wth Backpacks, Tents, Shoes

Trekking Essential Accessories for Trekking and Hiking

Planning to go on a trek this winter? Trekking is unlike a regular trip with your family and friends where you visit a destination on a vehicle and stay in a warm and comfortable hotel room. You may have to walk several kilometers in a day to reach the camp sites with your bag and essentials to rest for the night. Living conditions on trek could be pretty difficult as, usually there is no clean drinking water supply, no electricity, no light and no proper toilets. Taking families on a trek can even more challenging as not everyone can live under the hard conditions a trek offers. Well we've sorted this for you but shortlisting some of the best trekking accessories which can bring some relieve to your souls.

Find some interesting trekking essential accessories which comprises of trekking gadgets, tents, shoes, power banks, portable grills and more to provide you a pleasant trekking experience.

List of Best Trekking Accessories:

1. Personal Portable Water Purifier

While on a trek it is nearly impossible to find a clean water supply, you have to drink water from the small water streams, water falls on the trails or from the rivers. Water from these sources are said to be clean and also the locals drink the water from these sources but why take a chance with your health. These water streams could be polluted, that’s why you should carry a portable water purifier. This water purifier does not need any electricity and you can drink directly from the water streams.

2. Waterproof Waist Bag

Treks could be cold, wet and humid. This means your smart phones in your pockets are at risk by water. Carrying a waterproof waist bag is extremely important as you can put your mobile phones, wallets and other essentials in it. This helps you to access to you belonging quite easily without you trying to reach to your pocket.

3. Weatherproof LED Headlights

When night falls in the wild, its complete darkness. There is no electricity and no light, but you can have a LED Headlamp. This works as a regular flashlight but you can wear it on your head which leaves your hands free for other jobs. This devise is very helpful if you wish to go to the washroom at night. Some headlights also come with a feature of SOS signal which can be useful in emergencies.

4. Flint Fire Starter

Sitting outside your tent on a trek could be very chilling. You may want to start a bonfire but in the wet conditions on the trek you find your matchsticks wet. A flint Fire Starter could be extremely valuable at this moment. A flint Fire Starter is a fire starter device which can work even if it is wet or if there is wind.

5. Pocket Knife

The most essential equipment you need to carry on a trek. A Pocket Knife could help in a survival situation, safety and for other purposes. A pocket knife can be folded and placed in your pocket or in the waist bag.

6. Rain Poncho

You can never expect weather to be a friend on a trek. It turn from a happy sunny day to a sad rainy day in just a couple of hours. That is why experienced trekkers always suggests you to carry a rain poncho. Just like a raincoat it protects you from the rain but also covers your rucksack from getting wet. You won’t need a rucksack cover if you have a rain poncho.

7. Portable Gas Stove

As the name says, the portable gas stove is just 9cm high and 10 cm wide. This could help to boil or warm up water for drinking or making cup noodles. This is a very simple and effective device to carry on a trek.

8. Multifunctional Altimeter

An altitude helps you to know on what altitude are you on. This could be a lifesaving device in case you start experiencing altitude sickness which a lot of trekkers suffer. The multifunctional altimeter also have compass, barometer, thermometer and a watch which makes the device extremely helpful.

9. Trekking and Hiking Pole

Trekking pole helps to walk on difficult terrains which you will find in every trek. It can be disaster if you slip and fall on a trek, the trekking pole gives you a third leg to support your balance and helps you to walk smoothly on hard trails. This is a must trekking equipment you should add in your trekking kit.

10. Multifunctional Axe Hand Tool Kit

A multi-functional axe is an axe with a number of different tools attached in it including a hammer, a pair of scissors, a screw driver, a bottle opener, a plier knife and a wood saw. This is an ultimate trekking gadget which helps you to make your trek easier.

All the above mentioned trekking essential accessories prove to be useful during all types of hard time. In case you have some suggestions or reviews related to these best trekking accessories, drop us your take in the review section below.
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