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Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers in India

Check out this list of best alcohol based hand sanitizers in India that will be your number one weapon against disease and destruction, these alcohol hand sanitizers can come handy when you lack access to soap and water.
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Updated: Mar 27, 2020 12:31 IST
Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers in India
Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers in India

Best alcohol based hand sanitizers can come in handy at this point of time when the world is looking to fight such a grave pandemic. Look down into your hands and there's an entire universe of viruses and bacteria thriving at this moment in your hands. Maybe they clink cups of tea, and cackle as soon as you touch the next doorknob. Thank you for the warmth you provide, they chime sinisterly and multiply. With a reign of terror so firmly in place, only a revolution can bring back squeaky-clean fists. So here's a list that will help you mastermind it. Check out this list of best alcohol based hand sanitizers that will be your number one weapon against disease and destruction, so you can tame the teeming world that lies in the palm of your hands.

Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers in India

1. Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Trusty Dettol has carved a niche in the Indian psyche as the go-to solution for hand hygiene with its famed promise of killing 99.99% of germs -- this time without water. This 50 ml bottle comes in the brand's classic green bottle, squeeze and dispenser, also with a little rubber hook that can smoothly attach to your handbags and backpacks. Perfect for when you're on the road.

2. Himalaya Purehands Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

If you're travelling for longer periods or with large groups, the Himalaya PureHands bottle is a safe bet. While it comes in many tantalizing fragrances, like orange, green apple, lemon and strawberry, we'd advise you not to eat it. Like its Dettol counterpart, it claims to kill 99.99% of all germs.

3. Dabur Hand Sanitizer

This one of the best alcohol based sanitizer from Dabur has entered into the market at a time when the entire market is falling short of supply of hand sanitizers. Its Ayurvedic formulation instantly kills 99.9% of the germs keeping you safe and healthy.

4. Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene can be cumbersome for travel, so we found a 100 ml formula for those looking for pocket solutions from Sterillium. It's not so big as to hinder space, and not so small as to lose in a large bag. Claims to kill 99.99% of germs and are strongly scented. This alcohol based hand sanitizer can help with prevention from the rapidly spreading Coronavirus.

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5. Zuci Alcohol Hand Sanitizer with Bag Tag

We've been using this baby for many years and love the bright rubber hooks that come attached. Its non-sticky formula is fragranced and viscous, enriched with aloe gel and contains little suspended beads that dissolve on rubbing, so it feels kind of expensive.

6. Lifebuoy Immunity Booster Hand Sanitizer

Good things come in small packages, like this lemon-fragranced Lifebuoy immunity-boosting hand sanitizer that promises 10-hour protection. Stash it in your pocket before you set out on your travels. If the yellow packaging hurts your eye, you can check out the red alternative.

7. Palm Safe Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

If we're really honest, we would pick this just for the peppermint flavour and foaming output. Its worthy claims of killing 99.9% germs in a few seconds without making your skin dry make it an effective alcohol-free hand sanitizer. This non-sticky formula is fragranced, foamy and enriched with skin-friendly ingredients making it the best sanitizer.

FAQs About Best Alcohol Hand Sanitizers in India

Q. What brand of hand sanitizer is the best to use?

A. When it comes to choosing the best alcohol based hand sanitizer then the most trusted brands like Dettol and Himalaya win the race.

Q. What hand sanitizer has the highest alcohol content?

A. Sterillium hand sanitizers are said to have the highest alcohol content. Often recommended by doctors this is one of the best alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Q. How often should I use hand sanitizer?

A. Usually, you should avoid using hand sanitizers too often, but keeping in mind the current spread of Coronavirus it is advisable to use it quite frequently.

However, if sanitizers are not exactly what you are looking for, then we have some great choices for the best travel soaps to protect you against the Coronavirus threat. 

List of Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers in India (March 2020)

Best Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers Price in India
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer ₹ 200
Himalaya Purehands Lemon Hand Sanitizer Gel ₹ 250
Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer| 60% Alcohol Based Sanitizer (Lemon) - 500 ml ₹ 250
Zuci Junior Strawberry Hand Sanitizer (250 ml) ₹ 199
Lifebuoy Total 10 Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer ₹ 201
Palm Safe Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Foam in Peppermint Fragrance - 200 ml ₹ 199
Price List of the Products are last updated on 29 March 2020
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