Chetan Bhagat Books

Have you read the popular Chetan Bhagat books? Here we bring you some must reads of Chetan Bhagat that you can also seamlessly shop online.
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Chetan Bhagat Books
Must Have Books By Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian writer, journalist, and screenwriter, who is famously known for his English-language books, for the most part, dependent on the lives of youthful urban white collar class Indians. Bhagat's books have sold more than seven million duplicates and in 2008, The New York Times cited Bhagat as "the greatest selling English language author in India's history.

Chetan Bhagat Books That Are Must Read

  1. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage
  2. Five Point Someone; What Not To Do at IIT
  3. Half Girlfriend
  4. One Night @ The Call Centre
  5. One Indian Girl
  6. The 3 Mistakes of My Life
  7. The Girl in Room 105

1. 2 States: The Story of My Marriage

This is an account of a relationship between two IIM understudies hailing from two unique states, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. Miles separated in separation and custom, Krish and Ananya's affection blooms inside the limits of their school dividers. Be that as it may, with the finish of school and the start of a profession, the topic of marriage does not remain far away. They leave on an adventure of persuading their folks for the marriage. Be that as it may, the influence takes significantly something other than a couple of words. The voyage that the couple takes from being impractically required to getting hitched is loaded with wanders aimlessly. This is more in light of the fact that, in India, it is anything but difficult to begin to look all starry eyed at yet dubious to change over that affection into an adoration marriage.

2 States: The Story Of My Marriage Amazon Deal

2 States: The Story Of My Marriage

₹ 183
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2. Five Point Someone; What Not To Do at IIT

Five Point Someone: What Not To Do at IIT' is the introduction story by eminent creator Chetan Bhagat. The plot pivots around 3 companions Hari, Ryan, and Alok at IIT. Their brotherhood is fortified into close bond amid their years at IIT, encountering outrageous hardship to suffer through the extreme rivalries. Three of them have high self-desires for being at the top in their classes and graduate out of the Institution without a hitch. Rather than their desires, the outcomes and scores fall past their creative ability. Hari has when succumbed to his teacher's girl. Alok and Ryan are the 2 creatures who never coexist with one another. At IIT, them 3 need to manage the suspicious educators, unpleasant investigation materials and assignments, the weight of boundless examinations and a stern scholastic timetable. The story centers around their on-the-edge survival in the IITs and the unending battle with the deep-rooted training arrangement of India.

Five Point Someone ; What Not To Do At Iit Amazon Deal

Five Point Someone ; What Not To Do At Iit

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3. Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is an account of Bihari kid Madhav, a Hindi speaking Bihari who goes gaga for Riya, a compelling Delhi young lady on the grounds of renowned St. Stephen's College. Madhav has a place with white collar class family, while Riya is from higher class and both have various ways of life. Madhav proposes her, yet Riya rejects the proposition since she supposes they are great as a companion only. Highlighting the new present-day romantic tale, as the name recommends it spins around the novel thought of half sweetheart and how cutting edge relationship moves from great, terrible to energizing things. In the interim, the novel will likewise offer with some delightful sight seen of Patna (Bihar) and New York.

4. One Night @ The Call Centre

'One Night at the Call Center' centers around the narrative of one night's occurring with 6 individuals cooperating at a call focus in Gurgaon, India. At this specific call focus, the workers are centered around giving specialized help to American customers. The 6 characters, Shyam, Priyanka, Esha, Vroom, Radhika, and Military Uncle are companions, who are for the most part taking a shot at this specific night move together. In America, it is the THANKSGIVING time and the telephone lines are ringing hysterically. The call focus gets one call from an extremely extraordinary guest, GOD. A call that changes everything.The premises that this book contains incorporate the quietness and held existences of the young of present-day India, restraints about profession, marriage, and family issues in a step by step changing India.

One Night @ The Call Centre Amazon Deal

One Night @ The Call Centre

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5. One Indian Girl

The tale revolves around an Indian girl named Radhika. This book makes a legit endeavor to take a gander at things from the ladies' point of view. It is additionally extraordinary in that it depicts an atypical Indian young lady. It doesn't finish in a sudden manner, yet it finishes positively. It also discusses the sense of pride notwithstanding our social and ethnic foundations. While Chetan Bhagat is so known for clear and straightforward enunciation, with silly analogies, he has taken this up a score from his standard. The inward sentiments of a lady - uncoated, plain and not whitened by attribution blunders, as the internal 'small scale me' of the principle character is Extremely exact.

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One Indian Girl

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6. The 3 Mistakes of My Life

In light of genuine occasions, the book begins with a sensational curve, where Bhagat is perusing an email sent by some youngster Govind, who has devoured resting pills for reasons unknown and is writing to Bhagat while trusting that his life will end. This book spins around the three noteworthy errors submitted by Govind in his life; he likewise happens to be the focal character of the novel. Govind dreams to be a fruitful businessman, while his companion Ishaan adores cricket and with the assistance of Omi and his cleric guardians, they set up their first endeavor - a games embellishments' shop in a leased spot outside the sanctuary premises. Generally spinning around these three youthful colleagues, the novel has nearly everything that adolescents in India can identify with; from growing romantic tale and disloyalty to death, uproars, and suicide, the book addresses a wide scope of feelings and regular recognition in India. Focusing on youthful gatherings of people, the 3 errors of my life is an essentially composed novel that like his past work is loaded up with emotional wanders aimlessly that keep a peruser stuck to the book till the end.

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life Amazon Deal

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life

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7. The Girl in Room 105

The tale revolves around the boy.Keshav. Keshav hates his job, his girlfriend Zara broke up with him, the one he was madly in love with.However, that night, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messaged me. She called me over, like old times, to her hostel room 105.He should have not gone but he did and that changed his life forever! The book is quick paced, interesting and unputdownable spine-chiller about over the top love and discovering reason in life against the setting of contemporary India.

The Girl in Room 105 Amazon Deal

The Girl in Room 105

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Chetan Bhagat Books

Product Price in India
2 States: The Story Of My Marriage ₹ 183
Five Point Someone ; What Not To Do At Iit ₹ 178
One Night @ The Call Centre ₹ 182
One Indian Girl ₹ 130
The 3 Mistakes Of My Life ₹ 176
The Girl in Room 105 ₹ 190
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