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Best 16GB Memory Cards at Lowest Price

Where you striving hard to buy cheap 16GB memory cards? Stop all your searches! Below we've curated a list of best 16GB memory cards at lowest price that shall resolve all your data storage problems. Buy from the Top Brands like Sandisk, Sony, Samsung, Kingston and others.
Updated: Dec 26, 2018 14:40 IST
Best 16GB Memory Cards at Lowest Price
Best 16GB Memory Cards at Lowest Price, Find Best Deals Here

With more and more gadgets coming up and developing each day, the volume of information is also increasing. However, along with this the information that we need and process everyday has also grown manifold times. Since our phone stores a hell lot of things due to which the inbuilt memory of the phone falls short. Most of the times, our phone's free space runs short before we notice it. However, less storage space does not mean your device has become useless or it needs to be replaced. The memory of your gadget can easily be extended with the help of a memory card that comes in various capacities 8GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on.

These days along with longer battery life, gadgets also come with sufficient in-built internal storage capacity, however if you feel the provided space isn't sufficient, you can use the best 16GB memory cards at lowest price. Memory cards in the market are available in a number of class and type to choose from. The best 16GB memory cards at lowest price are mostly preferred as they provide sufficient memory space when coupled with the inbuilt memory of the phone. Instead of opting for a memory card with massive storage capacity, wasting money and space it's better to look out for the best 16GB memory cards at lowest price. The best 16GB memory cards at the lowest price are compatible with an array of digital devices including mobile phones, notebooks, game consoles and even some modern cameras. The memory card market does often seem over-complicated.

Best 16GB Memory Cards

1. Buy Samsung MB-MA16E 16GB Memory Card At Lowest Price :

The Samsung MB-MA16E 16GB memory card allows you to store all your important documents, and memorable photographs at one place. The memory card allows you to transfer data at high speed. This memory card has the capability to transfer 24MB data per second.

2. Buy SanDisk Ultra A1 16GB Class 10 Ultra microSD UHS-I Memory Card At Lowest Price :

Built to perform in harsh conditions, SanDisk Ultra microSD cards are waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof, and X-ray proof. The SanDisk Ultra has the ability to transfer data at 98MB/s.

3. Buy Sony 16GB UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Memory Card At Lowest Price :

Amongst the best 16GB memory cards is the Sony 16GB memory card that allows 70MB of data transfer per second. The hi-speed transfer saves a lot on your time. The card simply needs to be inserted into any device like a smartphone, or a tablet and the storage will automatically begin.

4. Buy Kingston 16GB Class 4 Micro SDHC Memory Card At Lowest Price :

Most of the time we assume that all the memory cards are created equal, however this in not the actual case. Memory cards come in various variations that are compatible with almost all smartphones. Kingston is a solid choice with its large file transfer speeds being at the top of its class.

5. Buy Strontium Nitro 16GB Class 10 UHS-1 MicroSDHC Memory Card At Lowest Price :

Strontium Nitro is the perfect geeky technical partner for your smartphones. With 65MBPS of data transfer speed and 10MBPS of data writing speed as well, the strontium certainly deserves a place amongst the best 16GB memory card at lowest price. The card can save up to 6552 Photos in JPEG format, up to 4000 hours of music storage in MP3 and up to 88 hours of video storage.

There are number of fraudulent and fake companies that claim to provide the fastest and the best 16GB memory card at the lowest price. But if you want a real performance you should always make a move for an authenticate brand. If you also have some suggestion on the best 16GB memory card at the lowest price then do share it with us in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

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List of Best 16GB Memory Cards at Lowest Price

Best 16GB Memory Cards at Lowest Price Price in India
Brandsdaddy Samsung MB-MA16E Class 10 Memory Card ₹ 890
Brandsdaddy SanDisk Ultra A1 Class 10 Memory Card ₹ 400
Brandsdaddy Sony SR-16UYA Class 10 Memory Card ₹ 1,100
Kingston MicroSDHC Memory Card ₹ 399
Brandsdaddy Strontium Nitro 433X Class 10 Memory Card ₹ 687
Price List of the Products are last updated on 30 March 2020
Kingston 16GB Class 4 Micro SDHC Memory Card
(8,066 ratings)
₹ 399
₹ 600 (34% off)
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