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Best Headphones in India: Pick From Noise Cancelling, Wireless, Over-Ear and More

Shop for the Best headphones in India at best offers and prices. Choose Noise Cancelling, Wireless, Over-Ear Headphones from Boat, JBL, Sennheiser, Sony etc. Buy these best company headphones in India from Amazon, Flipkart Online at best budget.
Updated: Feb 11, 2021 20:44 IST
Best Headphones in India: Pick From Noise Cancelling, Wireless, Over-Ear and More
Best Headphones in India

Each one of us is unique in some or the other way, even twins somehow tend to differ from each other. And when it comes to music then everyone has their own, personal taste, making it important to be equipped with the best headphones in India. Upgrading your headphone to the best headphones in India might certainly be your personal choice but this might be an important move if you really wish to step away from the cheap headphones that are available in the market. Definition of the best headphone might vary depending upon your choice, for example there might be someone who isn't comfortable with wires then for him the best headphones might be the wireless ones, similarly for people who prefer over-the-ear headphones or you could be someone looking for waterproof headphones in India. Let's take a look at some of th best headphone you could get your hands on.

Best Headphones in India

1. Best Noise Cancelling Headphones


Best Headphones With Noise Cancellation Feature
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Music is something that can accompany you through all your mood swings and help you release your stress. The best headphones that cancel noise use the digital signal processing technology to actively cancel out sound coming from the ambience around. In simple words the best headphones with noise cancellation feature possess internal microphone and audio processor that listens to the surrounding sound and plays an opposite sound to cancel it.

2. Best Over-Ear Headphones


Best Headphones In Over-Ear Category
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When it comes to raw sound quality nothing can beat the sense of scale that a pair of best headphones can provide. Over-ear headphones are amongst the most diverse headphones out there in the market. These are considered to be the best headphones as these are quite comfortable on the ear. These over-ear headphones when coupled with features like noise isolation can prove to be the best headphones.

3. Best Sports Headphones That Are Great For Running


Best Headphones for Sports Freak
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Music has a special power to keep you energized throughout the day. For people who cannot compromise with their health and fitness and at the same time love music these best headphones for sports freak can come in handy. The best headphones for sports freak are sweat proof headphones and are rugged. So now weather you are in the gym or are simply running on the track do not skip a beat and catch up to the latest tunes with these headphones that suit the need of any sports person.

4. Best Wireless Headphones


Best Headphones That Are Wireless
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Headphones with no strings attached are considered to be the best headphones as you don't need to waste time on untangling them whenever you want to use them. These wireless headphones provide better audio performance and match up to the pristine quality of sound that a wired headphone provides. Now get ready to cut the cord and get yourself the best wireless headphones.

Buying Guides for Buying the Best Headphones in India

  • Type of headphone: From the various variations available you must decide what kind of headphone do you prefer, in-ear headphones, wireless earphone, on-ear headphones, noise-cancellation headphones and others.
  • Open vs closed designs: There are 2 types of designs when it comes to the headphone design it can be closed back headphone or open back headphone, while open back headphones give you better soundstage they do not keep the outside sound away, while closed back headphones enclose the ear and do not allow outside sound to get in.
  • Sound type: Sound the headphone produce can be warm, neutral or bright, while most people prefer the neutral sound you can decide what really works for you.
  • Noise cancellation: Noise cancellation is an extremly important requirement these days from a headphone, you don't want to hear other distrurbing sounds and noise of the outside while enjoying your music. Active noise cancellation is more effective while passive noise cancellation works if you are not looking for isolation.
  • Comfort: Buying a comfortable headphone that you can use for hours together is what you will value the most. A comfortable fit on your ear with foam layers that feel soft for over-ear and angled nozzles for in-ears work best.

FAQs on Best Headphones in India

Q. Which are the best headphones in India?

A. Some of the best headphones come from these top brands - Sony, JBL, boAt, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Bose and others, you could pick from this selection of the best headphones from these brands:

1. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Wireless Headphones

3. boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones

4. JBL T250SI Wired Headphones

5. Sony MDR Z1R

Q. What are the best headphone brands in India?

A. Top headphone brands in India are Bose, Sony, JBL, Philips, boAt, Sennheiser and Skullcandy.

Q. Which type of headphones are good for ears?

A. Headphones that are over-ear headphones, that fit comfortably and don't allow outside noise to disturb you are the best type of headphones.

Q. How do I choose the best headphones for me?

A. There are various factors you must keep in mind when buying a headphone, let's take a look at a few:

1. Comfort and fit

2. Noise cancellation feature

3. Sound quality

4. Type of headphone

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There are quite a number of choices if you are looking for the best headphones in the market. Some of the companies offer noise cancelling headphones while some offer wireless headphones.


Best Headphones in India Price in India
Philips SHL3750NC/00 Noise Cancellation Headphones (Black) ₹ 2,499
Motorola Pulse 2(JY-H298) with Google Assistant Wired Headset(Black, On the Ear) ₹ 799
JBL T250SI Wired without Mic Headset(Black, On the Ear) ₹ 739
Motorola Wired Headphone ₹ 1,298
Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphone ₹ 7,979
SoundLogic BTHP001PX_BK Bluetooth Headset(Black, On the Ear) ₹ 899
Intex desire b Bluetooth Headset(Red and black, On the Ear) ₹ 1,348
boAt 600 Bluetooth Headphone ₹ 1,699
Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Wireless with Mic Stereo Headset ₹ 8,934
Sony SONY MDR-Z1R ₹ 273,644
Price List of the Products are last updated on 05 March 2021
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