Best Gaming Laptops in India

By: HotDeals360 Staff, Updated: May 08, 2019
Best Gaming Laptops in India

Best Gaming Laptop in 2019

Planning to buy the best gaming laptop 2019? Look no further since you are at the right place. The idea of portable computers came into inception in the face of laptops, and now tablets are also ruling the market. No one ever thought that laptops would dethrone the traditional computers. With increasing competition and decreasing gaps between laptops of different price range, the ultimate benefit has been delivered to the consumers. All technology experts had been forecasting a better future for laptops and majority of the people couldn't even imagine that in future laptops could be the face of gaming.

Well, If you were looking for a Tablet or a Laptop for yourself in a specific range we have specially picked the best devices and deals for you.

Traditionally gamer's equipment's were limited to desktop computers with the high-end specification, but this isn't the case now. In today's world gamers are preferring laptop systems for gaming instead of a desktop. This transformational change is due to advancement in technology. All the high-end games require a certain set of features in a laptop which no ordinary laptop can offer, so the idea of gaming laptops came into being.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide:

Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) :

The function of the GPU is to render images smoothly, a quintessential aspect of a gaming laptop. Stronger GPU means faster and better image (higher resolution) processing making gameplay smooth and a visual delight. Rankings can be found online for the best GPUs available in the market. As a thumb rule, remember, powerful GPUs come heavy both in terms of their weight and pricing. Investing in GPU is a one time affair, you practically cannot change it later, so you might want to spend some more here.

Processor (CPU) :

A faster processor ( interchangeably used with CPU) helps carry out all the main work of the computer. A gaming laptop is characterised by its GPU but an equally powerful processor is needed to complement the specific functions a GPU performs. For gaming, an Intel Core i5 7th generation processor is the current entry level. The Model number and its suffix tells us which generation an Intel processor belongs to, and the number of cores it possesses, respectively. For example : An Intel i5 - 7200 U means that the processor belongs to the 7th generation of i5 and ‘U' means it is dual core. Alternatively, a ‘HQ' or ‘HK' suffix means the processor is quad-core. We recommend going for a quad core because like GPU, a processor is not upgradeable practically.

Random Access Memory (RAM) :

In simple words, RAM is temporary storage that is faster than your hard drive.The more the RAM, the more the space for the CPU and the GPU to collect and store information temporarily while making calculations thereby speeding the gameplay . For most gamers, 8GB RAM is the minimum advised. Most laptops come with the option to upgrade their RAM, so if you are tight on your budget, you can cut down here and upgrade later.

Display & Screen Size :

An 1080p resolution is ideal for gaming. There are laptops with higher resolutions (up to 4k) but they come at premium pricing. Laptops usually come with 60Hz refresh rates but we suggest you look for higher refresh rates for a better gaming experience. Larger Screen Size gives a greater gaming experience in terms of display. It also means that the laptop body comes with much space to easily manage the hardware. This however comes with a compromise on the laptop's portability as the weight and dimensions increase. In our opinion, a 14-15 inch laptop is balanced, as all things should be!

Storage :

You'll see two kinds of storage drives. Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD). SSD is atleast 10-15 times faster than HDD. However, a SSD is 6 times costlier than a HDD of the same capacity. Before making a choice, do note that a high end game may take upto 40 GBs of space. Even within HDDs, we suggest you look for drives with higher RPMs (for eg, a 7200 instead of 5400)

Keyboard and Touchpad :

You might just overlook this aspect but your keyboard and touchpad provide you your first hand gaming experience. If possible, go the store and take a demo. Look for backlighting, a 1.5 mm-2mm key travel, an ideal 65-70 grams actuation (force needed to press the key) in a keyboard.

List of Best Gaming Laptops in 2019

1. Razer Blade 14" QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

This world class gaming laptop from Razer is being made available in India through Amazon.Shop for it at the best price using HotDeals 360 to utilise its amazing features like – Intel core i7 processor, in build long lasting drive, quality visuals and 7 hrs of battery life. We assure you the best gaming experience with this one.

2. Lenovo Legion Y520(80WK00R1IN) Gaming Laptop

8 GB RAM and additional 1 TB HDD is a treat for the gaming lovers. With a 18.6 inch screen you have the best visuals and this laptop comes with the best audio power. 6hrs of battery life will ensure you a seamless breakfree gaming experience.

3. Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop

This one from Dell is a budgeted gaming laptop. With the best in class features and 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD in a compact 2.5 Kg laptop it's a worth buy. Being a budget gaming laoptop doesn't mean any features are compromised, you get lithium batteries with a long lasting battery life, super audio features and unbeatable graphics. Buy this best gaming laptop 2019 at the best deal on HotDeals 360.

4. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

From the latest releases from Acer this 7th Gen laptop is a great gaming laptop buy. Buy it on Amazon with a 1 year warranty and superb features like – 7hrs battery life, 2.7 kg weight, a 15.6 inch wide screen display and amazing audio effects. This one is a beast for the size and the weight it carries. So be sure to be ready for some static gaming experience at home.

5. Asus Rog CORE I7 7TH Gen Gaming Laptop

New age gaming experience is what you get with this newest version from Asus, be sure to be not fooled by the small screen this one contains immense power and sound quality. With this light weight gaming laptop you can be carrying your game anywhere you go. Asus is delivering outstanding quality and sound aspect in its Aus Rog gaming laptop.

List of Best Gaming Laptops in India (December 2019)

Best Gaming Laptops Price in India
Razer Blade 14" QHD+ Touchscreen Gaming Laptop 512GB with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics-Windows 10 ₹ 178,075
Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop ₹ 107,990
Dell Inspiron 5577 Laptop ₹ 68,990
Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop ₹ 120,000
Asus ROG GL553VE-FY127T Laptop ₹ 115,999
Price List of Best Gaming Laptops in India, Last Updated on 06 December 2019
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