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Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Scientifically Proven

Scientifically proven tips for weight loss that actually work, use these simple methods and diet plan to change your daily intake of calories and kill those extra kilos with ease at home.
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Updated: Apr 15, 2020 20:38 IST
Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Scientifically Proven
12 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Scientifically Work

There are many myths related to weight loss tips revolving around in the market. The biggest myth of all is that dieting leads to a slimmer body. But the truth is that alone dieting can do nothing. Dieting does not mean to leave your food. Dieting is simply replacing your unhealthy meals with healthier ones. Here we will be telling you some great tips for weight loss that are actually helpful and easy to follow. Just a little workout, change in diet and a well-scheduled day is all that you need to get in shape. Adding superfood, green tea, black coffee, nuts and seeds to your diet can also help you lose some extra pounds. If you want instant results you can also take additional supplements, but be sure to consult a doctor before taking these supplements as some might have side effects too. Follow these scientifically proven weight loss tips for the best results.

Weight Loss Tips That Are Scientifically Proven

1. Drink Sufficient Water

Infused Water 1554979164379

Infused Detox Water
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If you planning to lose weight instantly, then the first change that you need to bring in your daily routine is to have more and more water. This ought to be one of your first tips for weight loss. You can get an infuser bottle for yourself. Just cut some of your favourite fruits, put them in your bottle and keep drinking this flavoured water throughout the day.

2. Start and End Your Day with a Cup of Green Tea/Black Coffee

Green Tea 1554979238095

End Your Day With Green Tea
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Try replacing the traditional bed tea with a cup of green tea or black coffee. Green tea has a lot of anti-oxidants that keeps your body rejuvenated and energised throughout the day. You can also have a cup of green tea or black coffee before going to bed. This weight loss diet tip is meant for those who are addicted to tea and coffee.

3. Have Nuts and Egg Whites for Breakfast

Dry Fruits 1554980592706

Dry Fruits and Nuts
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Try replacing those oily parathas and heavy meals for breakfast with some healthy food like nuts and eggs. Egg whites are high on protein and low on fats so it will balance your protein intake. Accompany egg whites with nuts and fruits for more energetic and filling breakfast. The secret behind this one of the best weight loss tips at home is to let you have a healthy breakfast.

4. Eat Healthy at Regular Intervals

Super Foods 1554980737641

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If you get hungry very soon, then have some superfoods like flaxseed, sunflower seeds and likes by your side. Keep munching on these healthy alternatives to chips, and packed food all day long. Weight loss tips like these won't force you to starve, it will keep you full without adding some extra calories to your diet.

5. Have a Good Portion of Salad Before Meals

Salads 1554981324355

Salads before your Meals
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Having a good portion of salad or sprouts before meals will make you full and you will automatically start cutting down on your full meal during the day. Salads and sprouts are a filling alternative to a wholesome meal that's obviously high on calories.

6. Cut on Added Sugar and High Carb Meals

No Sugar 1554981395016

Cut down on sugar
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Replace sugar with alternatives like jaggery. Jaggery will sweeten your dish and at the same time will be low on carbs. You can also forgo high carb meals and replace it with lighter food like oats, poha and dalia.

7. Keep Counting Your Calories

Count your Calories 1554981465398

Keep a count of your Calorie intake
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Tracking your calorie intake everyday will keep you cautious of what to eat and what not to eat. It will also inspire you to eat light and healthy.

8. Exercise Regularly and Lift Weights

Excercise 1554981582152

Regular Excercise
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No doubt that your diet has a major role to play when you are planning to shed away some unwanted fat in your body. But diet alone cannot help you. Diet should always be accompanied by physical workout. Physical workout increases the metabolism rate in the body and allows the stored fat in your body to burn down quickly. Take this as yet another important tips for weight loss.

9. Get Sound Sleep 

Sound Sleep 1554981654878

Get Sound Sleep
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A happy mind and a sound sleep is the key to healthy life. No matter how much diet you are following, if you are happy and relaxed you will certainly feel healthy and energetic. A sound and relaxed sleep always helps you to stay fit.

10. Eat More Proteins

Protein Shakes 1554981732006

Increase your protein intake
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Adding some extra ounce of protein to your diet will be beneficial for you. If you are planning to lose weight instantly then this weight loss tip is just meant for you. Add proteins to your diet in form of pulses, you can also opt for protein supplement for faster results.

11. Avoid Junk 

Avoid Junk 1554981894355

Avoid Junk and Add Nutrition
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Avoid having junk and processed food. Processed and junk food are high on calories that might affect your weight loss goal severely. If you are one of the kind who likes to eat a lot then this weight loss tip is just for you. Replace junk food with healthy snacks like oats, muesli, protein bars, and others.

12. Reduce the Plate Size

Reduce your plate size 1554981966620

Reduce your plate size
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The most important weight loss tip is to reduce the plate size. Using smaller plates will automatically cut down on your calorie intake.

FAQs About Weight Loss Tips

Q. How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

A. The most effective way to lose weight is to follow a strict diet plan. However, we often confuse diet with not eating whereas a proper diet means eating healthy. By just cutting down on your carb intake and increasing the protein intake coupled with few simple exercises you can see effective results in just a week.

Q. How do you gradually lose weight?

A. Losing weight is not a thing that can happen overnight. It's a slow and gradual process which needs dedication and time. The best way to lose weight is to do as much as physical activities as you can. Even when at home you can just take the stairs instead of the lift, sweep and mop the floor, do yoga and other activities at home. Along with all this you certainly will have to monitor your diet in case you wish to lose weight.

Q. Does drinking water help lose weight?

A. Yes, drinking water helps you lose weight. The fact is that when you drink water your tummy gets full and automatically you will reduce the portion of your plate.

Q. What should I stop eating to lose weight?

A. In order to lose weight, one must stop intake of carbs that includes rice, chocolates, refined flour, oil, potato and likes. Along with all this, you should also stop eating junk food and rely on healthy homemade food.

One of the most secretive weight loss tips is not what to eat but to know what not to eat. Stay healthy and fit by following these weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work Scientifically Proven

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