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Adorable Animal Plush Toys For Kids

Plush toys aren't just an adorable addition to your kid's toy collection; rather they play an important role in their development years as well. Find some of the most adorable animal plush toys for your little ones in the listicle below.
Updated: Nov 19, 2020 14:28 IST
Adorable Animal Plush Toys For Kids
Plush toys boost the confidence level of kids and extend a comforting warmth

When it comes to toys, plush toys have always topped the list. Not only do they extend warmth and comfort, but also help the young kids with their anxiety. While the kids may not be in control of other aspects of their lives, parenting a toy helps in building their self-confidence too. While these toys come in many avatars, the ones based on animals are one of the most popular ones. Here are some of the most adorable animal plush toys, waiting to be be-friended by your little one!

Adorable Animal Plush Toys

1. Scooba Giraffe Soft Toy

Surprise your little one with this adorable giraffe made from ultra-soft, non-toxic fabric. Its high-quality inserts grant it bulkiness and elasticity. Free from any small parts, it is completely safe for young kids. Thanks to its fluffiness, it can also be used as a decorative cushion or throw pillow for comfort. 

Soft Inserts
SCOOBA Kids Favourite Giraffe Soft Toy 30cm Height
(248 ratings)
₹ 399
₹ 999 (60% off)
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Comes With A Kneeling Design

This adorable stuff toy impersonating a multi-coloured giraffe comes with soft fabric, high quality, and durability, and can even be used as a throw pillow or cushion for relaxation.

2. Ultra Cute Sitting Dog Soft Toy

The friendliness and comforting nature of dogs has been well established. Get your toddler a toy version of this adorable animal made from high-quality fabric that is ultra-soft on skin. Cuddly in nature, this soft toy makes for a great sleeping partner.

Ultra Cute Sitting Dog Soft Toy 12 Inches
(574 ratings)
₹ 369
₹ 798 (54% off)
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Friendly For Sensitive Skin Of Kids

Dogs aren’t just great pets, rather toys too! Get your little one this cute and washable dog, that adheres to all the safety standards.

3. Miniso We Bare Soft Toy

Parenting a soft toy helps the kid with their anxiety as well as uncovering the wide spectrum of emotions. This cute plush toy, too, will help your little one with the same and through creative play, shall help in enhancing imagination. The toy has been made using soft, non-toxic fabric which is friendly with the soft and sensitive skin of kids. 

MINISO We Bare Bears Plush
(334 ratings)
₹ 490
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Easily Returns To Original Shape After Squeezing

An amazing combination of softness and firmness, this soft toy will not only help your little one in understanding the wide spectrum of emotions but will also help in building confidence.

4. Vozipa Penguin Soft Toy

Get a comforting friend for you kid in the form of this adorable penguin. Not only does it makes a great toy, but is also perfect for decoration. Made of non-toxic soft fabric, it is skin-friendly. Also, the toy can be easily washed at home. 

VOZIPA Soft Toy Penguin for Kids | Soft Cute Plush Kids Animal Toy Color Blue Size (32 cm)
(4 ratings)
₹ 239
₹ 1,100 (78% off)
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Soft Polyester Fibre Filling

Sprinkle the cuteness and adorability of penguins in your kid’s routine with this attractive plush toy that comes with a soft touch and a comforting vibe.

5. Deals India Rabbit With Carrot Plush Toy

Mix the joys of playing and storytelling by enacting the popular hare fables to your little one with this adorable plush toy. It has been specially designed to be gentle on the skin of the kids and is free from any toxin or hazardous object. The soothing white colour of this toy also helps the kids in dealing with their anxiety. 

DEALS INDIA Rabbit with Carrot Stuffed Soft Plush Toy, White (26 cm)
(2,291 ratings)
₹ 199
₹ 699 (72% off)
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Perfect For Playing And Decoration

Enact the famous story of hare and turtle, with this toy and imbibe the significance of hard work and perseverance in your kid. Washable at home, it makes for a good decorative item as well.

Benefits Of Plush Toys 

  1. They provide warmth and comfort to the kids. 
  2. They help in the development of social skills. 
  3. They help the kids with their separation anxiety.
  4. They encourage creative play through role-playing. 
  5. Parenting a plush toy helps in building confidence. 
  6. By mimicking human interaction such as cuddling, they can help with low self-esteem and depression.

Adorable Animal Plush Toys For Kids

Product Price in India
SCOOBA Kids Favourite Giraffe Soft Toy 30cm Height ₹ 399
Ultra Cute Sitting Dog Soft Toy 12 Inches ₹ 369
MINISO We Bare Bears Plush ₹ 490
VOZIPA Soft Toy Penguin for Kids | Soft Cute Plush Kids Animal Toy Color Blue Size (32 cm) ₹ 239
DEALS INDIA Rabbit with Carrot Stuffed Soft Plush Toy, White (26 cm) ₹ 199
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