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Toys For Infants: Keep The Little Ones Entertained

Keeping infants occupied with engaging activities can be challenging. The best way is to get them toys, which they can play with, and stay busy. Shop for the best ones with us.
Updated: Jun 11, 2020 21:37 IST
Toys For Infants: Keep The Little Ones Entertained
The Best Toys For Infants

Selecting the right toy for your infant may not be as simple as you might think. The little ones are in that phase of life, when they are developing their cognitive skills, sensory skills, and motor skills, thus picking toys which can assist them with learning, alongside playing and enjoying, is a wise idea. Keeping in mind how long a toy can keep a child engaged and interested is another very important aspect to check. Buying these toys might help with all the concerns. Other than being colourful and playful, they are also educative. Have a look.

The Best Toys For Infants 

1. Fisher-Price Baby Activity Preschool Infant Chain

Give your child a beautiful beginning with this toy set from Fisher-Price. This toy set can keep little ones engaged for a long duration. Apart from building motor skills, these toys also help kids learn how to develop a grip on things. Infants also get a preliminary introduction to numbers. The toys are also lightweight and easy to carry.

Perfect Pick
Fisher-Price Baby Activity Preschool Infant Chain India (Multi Color)
(595 ratings)

This toy helps infants to spot and identify numerous colours and shapes.

2. Little's Junior Ring

These multi coloured rings of different sizes that are to be fit on top of one another on a stand, keep children busy for long hours. This toy helps children build sight skills, while naturally pushing them to develop an understanding of colours, shapes, and sizes through fun filled activities. This toy is smartly designed to also build thinking and creative skills. Its rounded edges are safe to be used by kids, and the bright colours always keep the children engaged.

Intriguing Toy
Little's Junior Ring (Multicolour)
(5,737 ratings)
Simple To Assemble And Store

Made of non-toxic colours, this toy is safe for your child to play with even under no supervision.

3. Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights

This vibrant bright disco light toy will prove to be highly engaging for your child. The dog in this toy set has wheels at the bottom, which when switched on, make the puppy move. The disco light on the puppy's nose also starts playing music and flashing lights. Made of non-toxic material, this toy is 100% safe for children to play with, and makes for a great source of joy.

Vibrant Toy
Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights
(1,571 ratings)
Fascinating And Engaging

This toy is designed very creatively, and serves as a highly stimulating toy, both visually and cognitively.

4. SahiBUY Drum Keyboard Musical Toys

This toy is actually a mini keyboard, that is designed in a colourful and playful way to keep children engaged. From notes and tunes to play, to pre-recorded sounds of animals such as elephant, cow, dog, and sheep, this keyboard will surely become your child's favourite. The toy also has two drums on the top to tap and play with.

Educational Toy
SahiBUY Drum Keyboard Musical Toys
(4,092 ratings)
₹ 475
₹ 999 (52% off)
Buy on Amazon
Battery Operated

This toy is very sturdy, and does not break easily even when dropped.

Toys For Infants: Keep The Little Ones Entertained

Product Price in India
Fisher-Price Baby Activity Preschool Infant Chain India (Multi Color) N/A
Little's Junior Ring (Multicolour) N/A
Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights N/A
SahiBUY Drum Keyboard Musical Toys ₹ 475
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