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Powdered Sattu: A Superfood Needed On Every Table

This cooling condiment comes with immense health benefits and is popularly consumed by locals in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttrakhand and the nearby regions. Let's look at the benefits of sattu and the best brands to buy it from.
Updated: Jul 23, 2020 17:28 IST
Powdered Sattu: A Superfood Needed On Every Table
Sattu is commonly served as a cold savoury or sweet drink

Sattu also called the “poor man's protein” (because of its high consumption by labourers) is gaining popularity as India's own superfood. It is basically a powder made by grounding various cereals and pulses- either mixed together or individual powders; for example a sattu of chickpeas.

Sattu is commonly served as a cold savoury or sweet drink, and is consumed flavoured with salt, lemon, chilli and mint or blended with jaggery or sugar. Just gulp it as a drink or make it into a porridge like paste to consume. Sattu has almost immediate cooling effects on the body and hence is a popular summer drink in the northern regions of India. In some parts of Bihar it is also consumed in the form of balls with the addition of turmeric and salt.

Best Sattu Brands

1. M.R Healthy Eats Organic Homemade Chana Sattu

Sattu is an extremely enriching food option. It comes packed with nutrients such as iron, magnesium, protein, manganese and more. This sattu powder packed by MR Healthy Eats Organic comes in an environmental friendly steel can. Sattu comes with low-glycemic index, which makes it a great food for diabetics.

Made Using Traditional Methods
M.R Healthy Eats Organic Homemade Chana Sattu in Eco Friendly Steel Container (500 g)
(146 ratings)
₹ 160
Buy on Amazon
Keeps You Mentally Alert And Physically Fit

Consume it as a post workout protein/energy drink.

2. Shree Gulab Roasted Gram Flour Sattu 

Bhagalpur's Shri Gulab sattu is made using traditional methods so as to keep its authenticity intact. It has a great flavour, taste and texture. This sattu powder comes with pre-added cumin seeds, is gluten free and is a rich protein source. Use it to make litti chokha, sweet ladoos, barfi, pudding, savoury drinks or other recipes.

100% Natural Protein
Shree Gulab Roasted Gram Flour Sattu 1Kg (500Gms*2)
(229 ratings)
₹ 249
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Made Using Pure And Fresh Chickpeas

The processing method of the manufacturer does not alter the flavour or taste of the product.

3. Healthy Khurak Chana Sattu

This desi energy drink from Healthy Khurak is a perfect protein dosage. This fresh pure chickpea powder is great for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and even heart conditions. This magical drink gives you instant energy boost and is great for old age people, as well. Use this sattu powder to make an instant sweet drink or a salted drink for quick energy shot.

Great Taste
Healthy Khurak Chana Sattu (1000g)
(165 ratings)
₹ 230
₹ 250 (8% off)
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Authentic Sattu Powder

Use it as a substitute for electrolyte drinks.

4. SriSatymev Channa Sattu

This sattu powder from SriSatyamev is easily digestible by the body. Sattu happens to be a prime ingredient for the popular Indian dish – litti. This drink is a quick and easy source of many nutrients such as iron, manganese, magnesium and is low in sodium content. This jar of sattu contains no harmful chemicals, pesticides or additives.

100% Natural Food
SriSatymev ® Channa Sattu, 1 kg
(34 ratings)
₹ 220
₹ 420 (48% off)
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Prepared In Controlled Conditions

Make an instant cooling drink to keep body cool and energised.

Benefits Of Having Sattu

  1. Works as a body coolant
  2. Improves appetite
  3. Improves digestion and bowel movement
  4. Detoxifies your intestine walls of any oily residue
  5. Supports weight loss
  6. Helps boost energy
  7. Good for diabetics
  8. Great for people with high blood pressure
  9. Source of vegetarian protein
  10. Regulates blood sugar

Powdered Sattu: A Superfood Needed On Every Table

Product Price in India
M.R Healthy Eats Organic Homemade Chana Sattu in Eco Friendly Steel Container (500 g) ₹ 160
Shree Gulab Roasted Gram Flour Sattu 1Kg (500Gms*2) ₹ 249
Healthy Khurak Chana Sattu (1000g) ₹ 230
SriSatymev ® Channa Sattu, 1 kg ₹ 220
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