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The Best Yeast Brands To Sort Your Dough Dilemmas

Bakers know how making bread can be tricky. It requires a little extra something to make the bread rise, and that can be easily achieved using yeast. Shop for the best of yeast with us to always achieve a fluffy dough.
Updated: Jun 11, 2020 21:32 IST
The Best Yeast Brands To Sort Your Dough Dilemmas
The Best Yeast Brands

When baking breads, there is a very important ingredient that needs to be added to get that lovely fluff and rise. This special ingredient is yeast. But, with little knowledge about it, one might pick the wrong type. Yeast is a microorganism of the fungus family, and it is a live culture that is used in baking, cooking, and brewing. Yeast is available in dry and liquid form, and should be used as per a recipe's demands. While baking a bread, one must look at buying dry baker's yeast. Yeast serves as a leavening agent that causes bread to rise, and become lighter and softer. 

With various options available in the market, it can become difficult to decide which type of yeast to pick and from which brand. Our handpicked list may help. Have a look, and shop without worrying about the quality. 

Best Yeast Brands For Baking

1. Pmw - Grade A Quality - Active Dry Yeast

Make dough for bread, naan and rotis fluff up like never before with a little addition of this active dry yeast. This yeast from Pmw is a high grade quality product. If you are someone who likes baking pizza bases at home, then adding this yeast will make sure you get Italian pizza style base easily.

Our Pick
Pmw® - Grade A Quality - Active Dry Yeast - Bakers Yeast - Instant Yeast 100 Grams
(450 ratings)
₹ 89
₹ 299 (70% off)
Buy on Amazon
Premium Quality Product

Bake spongy pizzas, breads, etc, like never before, with this active yeast.

2. SriSatymev Instant Dry Yeast

If you are a home baker and looking for the most efficient yeast, this one from Satymev might be your thing. This active yeast is 100% natural and safe to use. It comes with about six months of shelf life, which makes it apt for buying for a home's kitchen. If stored properly, in dry conditions, it could last even more. It is also adulteration free, and contains no chemicals, pesticides or additives.

For Instant Baking
SriSatymev ® Instant Dry Yeast, 100g
(133 ratings)
₹ 259
₹ 350 (26% off)
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100% Natural

Use this yeast to make bakery products or some south Indian preparations.

3. Dunhill Desire Baker's Active Dry Yeast

Using this superior quality yeast to bake cookies, breads, toast and other stuff will be a delight. Your bread dough would rise like that of a professional bread maker's. Easily mix this yeast into water and then use it in the dough mixture for a soft, fluffy texture. It can be used for baking, proofing, and also for some south Indian preparations.

Perfectly Spongy
Desire Baker's Active Dry Yeast
(563 ratings)
Baker's Dream

This is a versatile yeast, which can be used to make different types of doughs and even south Indian delicacies.

4. Ccds Bakers Instant Yeast

With this fine quality yeast from Ccds, you have the secret to every baker's recipe in your hands. For a perfect rise for toasts, breads and other dishes, use this yeast in a recipe specific quantity. Use this yeast for baking, proofing and even making those rotis, naans or south Indian dishes. It will make the preparations softer and fluffier. The yeast has a long shelf life, that of 12 months, making it ideal for home kitchens. Use it straight in dough mixes or proof for a softer ferment.

Ccds Bakers Instant Yeast, 125 Gm
(463 ratings)
₹ 239
₹ 255 (6% off)
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Professional Baking Standards

This is a 100 percent vegetarian product.

The Best Yeast Brands To Sort Your Dough Dilemmas

Product Price in India
Pmw® - Grade A Quality - Active Dry Yeast - Bakers Yeast - Instant Yeast 100 Grams ₹ 89
SriSatymev ® Instant Dry Yeast, 100g ₹ 259
Desire Baker's Active Dry Yeast N/A
Ccds Bakers Instant Yeast, 125 Gm ₹ 239
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