Delhi to Goa Travel Guide: Find Things To Do, Best Deals To Book Cheap Flights, Hotel Rooms Online

Tanning to escape to Goa? All the Delhi people, here we bring you a detailed Delhi to Goa travel Guide where you can find things-to-do along with best deals to book cheap flights, hotel rooms and more for your ease.
Updated: Jul 23, 2018 14:29 IST
Delhi to Goa Travel Guide: Find Things To Do, Best Deals To Book Cheap Flights, Hotel Rooms Online
Delhi to Goa Travel Guide: Find Things To Do, Best Deals To Book Cheap Flights, Hotel Rooms Online

Do your friends cancel every Goa trip? Did you make a New Year resolution to visit Goa? Or taking an impromptu vacation to Goa? Well we suggest you to consider once to take that leap towards heaven on earth. There is much that is unique about Goa, with many visitors finding the laidback pace of life in marked contrast to the frenetic pace of the north. Unlike Delhi, that runs faster without any stop or limit which gives people mental tension and health hazards with severe pollution levels to deal with. Although Goa is the India's smallest state, but that in no way means that it has little to offer. With long beaches of golden sands, cool sea breezes, tropical air of relaxation, delicious food, sun-kissed bodies, and an overall relaxed vibe, it is sure to keep you magnetized. It's like having a treasure map where all spots you visit lead to an increase in your overall earnings. In the case of the traveller, these earnings are experiences and memories.
There are numerous motives to visit this tourist paradise, so, here's how you can plan a trip to Goa with only a few bucks in your pocket, with cheap flight tickets and hotel bookings, all inclusive! Time to become a smart traveller:

Book Delhi to Goa Cheap Flight Booking Offers:

Here, we bring you some of the best and budget-friendly flight ticket offers, so you can book cheap flights without making a hole in your pocket.

Book Cheap Hotels in Goa:

Coming to the hotel, we've sorted some of the best hotel booking offers with which you can enjoy a luxurious stay without hurting your pocket. Let's take a look below:

Things-To-Do In Goa:

If you're done with your flight ticket bookings and hotel booking while enrouting Delhi to Goa, checkout these amazing things which you should not be missing in any case on your Goa trips.

1. Beaches


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Beach
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by lena_serditova

This has to be the first one on the list. Baga and Calangute are popular beaches in North Goa, while Arossim and Utroda in the South are must visits. Despite being one of India's most popular holiday destinations for decades, Goa still boasts some of the best beaches in the country. To make your life simple cleartrip offers up to Rs 3000 cashback on domestic flight booking. With a total of 36 beaches on offer, the view showcases white sand, coconut groves and the sparkling, blue Arabian Sea stretching along the state's coastline, one has to book a hotel next to the beach.

2. Delicious Food


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Goan Cuisine
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by Manu_Bahuguna

Goan cuisine is centred on seafood, rice, and coconuts. Even spices make an important part of this state's eating habits. Chilies, which were introduced by the colonialists, make up an important part of the dishes prepared here. Fishermen bring in boats loaded with the day's catch and the seafood restaurants cook the local catches fresh off the boat. To order a whole kingfish or a dosa from one of the many beach restaurants may be a problem, then what is better than your own hotel serving authentic Goan food in your room and relishing it while you watch the sun set over the Arabian Sea.

3. Water Sports Activity


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Water Sports Activities
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by KuntalSaha

Bestowed with numerous water bodies, Goa represents itself as one of the ideal destinations for enjoying water sports in India which include windsurfing, parasailing, banana boating, and riding water scooters. Find best deals to book cheap flights and hotels bookings to escape the cold weather of Delhi and dive in to the warm sea bed that flourishes beautifully in form of scenic coral reefs of Goa.

4. Visit Goa Churches


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Churches
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by prill

Live the Portuguese history with architectural monuments all over Goa. The churches in Goa build by them are such a craze that while asking for directions you might get mangled up with name of churches on the path. Bored of the monuments in Delhi, then check out these medieval constructions in Goa. Time has healed many of the wounds of colonialism and most people have forgotten the price they paid for freedom thus to witness the past we have to book a flight in the present.

5. Have Fun with Feni Making Process


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Feni In Making
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by Abhishek S Padmanabhan

Needless to say, most the Goan admirers are also the fans of Feni! Wonder how this authentic country liquor is made? Visit one of the Feny making farms in North or South Goa and witness how this traditional drink is fermented from cashews and coconuts.

6. Kings Beer


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Beer
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by Radiokukka

Stroll around the beaches with a Kings Beer and let the calmness behold all your senses! One of the local beverages of Goa, it is the most popular beer brand and has a lot of admirers. In fact, no celebration in Goa is complete without the Kings Beer in the menu! Search through our hotel booking offers next to the beach that serves the best Kings beer and enjoy under a Shack.

7. The Backwaters


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Boating
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by naveen0301

Take a ride on a rice boat in the Goan backwaters and experience the peace and serenity of the place. You can see beautiful birds and wildlife in the lush forests and fishermen gathering the catch in the water. Get an hotel booking next to the back waters of Goa and sense the thrill with your family.  Although backwaters get very still at night and make it the perfect time for on an all-night boat trip.

8. Rent a Heritage Villa or Resort


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Rent a Heritage Villa
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by Sisoje

Ruled by the Portuguese, Goa was and is still a hub of the Portuguese culture. Well, while on a Goa tour, you can rent one of the heritage villas and feel the grandeurs of Goa's bygone history and charm. The architecture compels people to get married to feel the backdrop of the colonial period.

9. Hire an Open Jeep


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Rent an Open Jeep
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by DarthArt

People of Delhi are always seen in Awe of their cars and same can be lived by hiring an open jeep to zoom around the quiet city roads. The soothing breeze touching your face will make your forget the polluted air in Delhi making you feel young at heart. With no traffic jams or honking cars one can sail through the roads of Goa enjoying the nightlife of the city.

10. Sunbathing on the Beach


Delhi to Goa Travel Guide-Things To Do In Goa_Sunbath
Photo Credit: Istockphoto by pixdeluxe

Warm summer, bright sun, endless sea, beautiful sandy beach – how long we wait for it and dream about it! And, of course, any holiday on the coast is accompanied by a beautiful golden tan. Plan your next hotel booking with with unlimited buffet of food and the calm Sea view. Bathe in the sea, the river, the pool or take a shower, all depend on the hotel you choose. Can you do all that in Delhi?

Guys, time to rejuvenate your soul and senses and no other place than Goa can do the trick for you. Plan your escape to Goa right away.

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