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Musical Keyboards For Beginners

Enhance your musical keyboard playing skills by getting the right instrument for you. Pick from these top brands. The keyboards listed below are best known for enhancing the skills of beginners.
Updated: Jul 31, 2020 19:05 IST
Musical Keyboards For Beginners
Musical Keyboards For Beginners From Famous Keyboard Brands

Buying a musical keyboard is not an easy task for beginners. For developing skills, a beginner should get a musical keyboard that could help them practice seamlessly. A good musical keyboard always helps a beginner to progress, but the question is how a beginner should get a musical keyboard that could enhance his/her skills. For enhancing the skills of beginners, we have listed some of the best musical keyboards from great brands.

List of Best Musical Keyboards For Beginners  

1. Casio CT-S200RD 

The keyboard from Casio is available in three colours. It features 61 piano-style keys and is best for those who are interested in learning music. This keyboard also has a big and clear LCD display and intuitive controls. It is also equipped with 400 tones and 77 rhythms.

Easy To Use
Casio Keys Portable Keyboard
(341 ratings)
Available In Three Colours

Compatible with Casio’s mobile application.

2. Casio CT-S100 Casiotone 

It's a beginner's slim and stylish keyboard with 61 piano-style keys. It comes with an organised layout and fewer buttons. The keyboard is equipped with 122 tones and 66 rhythms. It is also equipped with 11 Indian tones and 12 Indian rhythms. With its My Setup button, one can also register favourite settings to recall tones and rhythms. The keyboard also comes with a free adapter.

Built-In 2W+2W Speakers
Casio CT-S100 Casiotone 61-Key Portable Keyboard (Black)
(83 ratings)
₹ 6,720
₹ 6,895 (3% off)
Buy on Amazon
Comes With 60 Built-In Songs

The class compliant MIDI port connects to any Android/Mac/PC/iOS device.

3. Yamaha PSRF51

This keyboard from Yamaha is best for beginners who want to learn music. With its control panel, it is very easy to use. The keyboard is versatile with 120 voices and 114 styles. It can be operated using batteries also. The keyboard can be operated using 1.5-V AA size batteries.

Compact and Lightweight Design
Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard
(1,077 ratings)
₹ 6,980
₹ 7,499 (7% off)
Buy on Amazon
Powerful Sound

The colour-coded and intuitive control panel makes this musical keyboard easy to use.

4. Yamaha PSR-E263 

The portable keyboard from Yamaha features a wide variety of sounds for beginners. The keyboard has 61 keys, which is great for beginners who want to learn and develop keyboard playing techniques.  The aux line provided with this keyboard allows us to connect any musical device.

Power Adapter
Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard with adaptor
(609 ratings)
₹ 9,590
Buy on Amazon
Features A Wide Variety Of Sounds And Functions

The aux in the jack turns the keyboard into a speaker system.

5. Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller

The keyboard comes with 49-key USB midi-controller with intelligent mapping. It also has eight hypersensitive back lids. The DAW integration with this keyboard supports bigwig studio, digital performer, reason, sonar, and studio one. The eight hypersensitive light touch pads can easily be assigned to MIDI notes or message. The keyboard also comes with four velocity curves with which users get to choose between various splaying style.

Impact LX Design
Nektar Impact LX25+, Black
(826 ratings)
₹ 14,900
₹ 19,900 (25% off)
Buy on Amazon
Smart Controller With Nektar DAW Integration

The piano style keys of the music keyboard are covered to protect against dirt and dust.

FAQs Related To Musical Keyboards

Q. Are musical keyboards and pianos same?

A. No, musical keyboards and pianos are different. A musical keyboard is much smaller and lightweight and hence also portable. It is an instrument apt for beginners. It comes with various types of pre-recorded tunes and has a maximum of 61 keys. On the other hand, a piano is much more grand. It comes with 88 action keys and allows for orchestra style playing.

Q. What are the advantages of using a musical keyboard?

A. The advantages of a keyboard are that it is inexpensive and portable. A musical keyboard is also lightweight. It is best for kids who are just starting out their musical journey.

Q. Can a person record music on a keyboard?

A. Yes, nowadays there are many keyboards available that come with the record and play function.

Musical Keyboards For Beginners

Product Price in India
Casio Keys Portable Keyboard N/A
Casio CT-S100 Casiotone 61-Key Portable Keyboard (Black) ₹ 6,720
Yamaha PSRF51 61-Keys Portable Keyboard ₹ 6,980
Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard with adaptor ₹ 9,590
Nektar Impact LX25+, Black ₹ 14,900
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