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Weight Loss Diet And Tips That Actually Work And Are Scientifically Proven

Scientifically proven tips for weight loss that actually work, use these simple methods and weight loss diet plans to change your daily intake of calories and to shed off those extra kilos with ease at home.
Updated: Jun 22, 2020 21:02 IST
Weight Loss Diet And Tips That Actually Work And Are Scientifically Proven
Weight Loss Diet And Tips That Actually Work And Are Scientifically Proven

There are many myths related to weight loss tips and the right weight loss diet plan out there. The biggest myth of all is that dieting leads to a slimmer body. But the truth is that alone dieting can do nothing. Dieting does not mean you quit eating. Dieting is simply replacing your unhealthy meals with healthier ones. We will here be giving out some quick tips for weight loss that are actually helpful and easy to follow. Just a little workout, change in diet and a well-scheduled day is all that you need to get in shape. Adding superfood, green tea, black coffee, nuts and seeds to your diet can also help you lose some extra pounds. If you want instant results you can also take additional supplements, but be sure to consult a doctor before taking these supplements as some might have side effects too.

Things To Keep In Mind When Going On A Diet

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Things To Keep In Mind When Dieting
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  1. Eat home cooked food
  2. Freshly made food is more nutritious and healthy
  3. Breakfast should be your heavy meal of the day
  4. With lunch you can go moderate
  5. Dinner should be very light
  6. Include water in your diet like a meal
  7. Finish your dinner atleast 2 hours before your bedtime
  8. Stick to low oil food
  9. Packaged and processed food is completely avoidable
  10. Include 2-3 mini meals in between but remember to keep them light

A Comprehensive Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan

When an Indian at heart and stomach it can be daunting to go on a diet and decide what to eat and what to leave. Making sure you are not missing out on any nutrients and yet consuming as per your body type and weight is the key. You could be looking at loosing 5kgs to 25kgs but the key is to improve your output versus your input. What you consume must be administered and controlled and the output for fat burning through exercises must increase. This classic combination of decreasing your input with increased output will give you your desired results. The key is thinking what's on your plate.

Let's look at some simple versions of a weight loss diet that Indians could follow for a healthy weight drop:

Weight Loss Diet Type 1:

  • Begin Your Day With Apple Cider Vinegar or Aloe Vera Juice
  • For Breakfast : 2 Boiled Eggs With 1 Slice Of Bread
  • Mid Day : 1 Glass of Butter Milk and 1 Cup Cut Fruits
  • Lunch : Rice With Daal
  • Evening Snacks: Tea with Diet Namkeen
  • Dinner : 1 or 2 Rotis with Vegetables

Weight Loss Diet Type 2 :

  • Begin Your Day With Cucumber Detox Water
  • Breakfast : Oats With Skimmed Milk and Nuts
  • Mid Day : 1 Bowl Cut Fruits
  • Lunch : Salad with Roti And Vegetables
  • Evening Snacks : Tea with Roasted Makhanas
  • Dinner : Soup with 2 Bread sticks

Weight Loss Diet Type 3 :

  • Begin with Warm Lemon Water
  • Nuts
  • Tea
  • Breakfast : Idli with Sambhar/Parantha/Upma/Poha
  • Mid Day : Buttermilk or Sattu Drink
  • Lunch : Whole grain Roti with mixed vegetables
  • Evening Snacks : Tea with Peanuts
  • Dinner : Roasted Chicken with Soup

Weight Loss Diet Type 4 :

  • Begin with Hot Cinnamon Water
  • Nuts
  • Tea
  • Breakfast : Moong Daal Cheela/ Multi grain parantha
  • Mid Day : Buttermilk with nuts
  • Lunch : Salad with Rajma Chawal
  • Evening Snacks : Tea with Oat Biscuits (Sugarless)
  • Dinner : Paneer with Tossed vegetables

Weight Loss Diet Type 5 :

  • Begin with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Nuts
  • Tea
  • Breakfast : Apple Porridge
  • Mid Day : 1 bowl of salad
  • Lunch : Quinoa pulao
  • Evening Snacks : Tea or Coffee
  • Dinner : Soup with finger vegetables

List Of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

To make your diet wholesome while you are on a diet is ultra important hence including fruits, vegetables and nuts is critical. We will here list down the most important fruits and vegetables that you must include in your daily diet:

Seasonal Vegetables :

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Fresh Home Cooked Vegetables For Weight Loss
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Make sure you include seasonal vegetables into your daily diet. These can vary as per your region of residence hence choose the ones that you have access to locally.

  1. Bottle Gourd known as Lauki in Hindi
  2. Pumpkin known as Kaddu
  3. Brinjal known as Baigan
  4. Bitter Gourd known as Karela
  5. Cabbage known as Patta Gobhi
  6. Capsicum known as Shimla Mirch
  7. Carrot known as Gajar
  8. Cauliflower known as Phool Gobhi
  9. Lady finger known as Bhindi
  10. Peas known as Matar
  11. Potato known as Aalu
  12. Spinach known as Palak
  13. Tomato known as Tamatar
  14. Jackfruit known as Kathal

Seasonal Fruits :

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Include Freshly Cut Fruits In Your Daily Diet
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Again access to fruits available as per the region you live are important. Consuming fresh fruits ripened naturally are the best thing to do, and having about 3 different fruits a day is recommended. We will here list out some of the important fruits that you must include:

  1. Apple known as Seb
  2. Banana known as Kela
  3. Lychee
  4. Coconut known as Nariyal
  5. Grapes known as Angur
  6. Guava known as Amrud
  7. Mango known as Aam
  8. Musk Melon known as Kharbuja
  9. Orange known as Santara
  10. Papaya known as Papita
  11. Pomegranate known as Anar

Nuts and Seeds:

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Nuts And Seeds Are A Great Source Of Energy
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Nuts and seeds are amongst the healthiest food versions that you must include in your daily diet food. Adding nuts and seeds to your diet ensures you increase your plant protein intake which leads to many health benefits. Nuts and seeds come packed with vitamins and minerals which are very important for growth and form a good source of fats and antioxidants.

  1. Almonds known as Badaam
  2. Pistachios known as Pista
  3. Raisins known as Kishmish
  4. Walnuts known as Akhrot
  5. Cashews known as Kaju

Weight Loss Tips That Are Scientifically Proven

1. Drink Sufficient Water

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Infused Detox Water
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If you planning to lose weight instantly, then the first change that you need to bring in your daily routine is to have more and more water. This ought to be one of your first tips for weight loss. You can get an infuser bottle for yourself. Just cut some of your favourite fruits, put them in your bottle and keep drinking this flavoured water throughout the day.

2. Start and End Your Day with a Cup of Green Tea/Black Coffee

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End Your Day With Green Tea
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Try replacing the traditional bed tea with a cup of green tea or black coffee. Green tea has a lot of anti-oxidants that keeps your body rejuvenated and energised throughout the day. You can also have a cup of green tea or black coffee before going to bed. This weight loss diet tip is meant for those who are addicted to tea and coffee.

3. Have Nuts and Egg Whites for Breakfast

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Dry Fruits and Nuts
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Try replacing those oily parathas and heavy meals for breakfast with some healthy food like nuts and eggs. Egg whites are high on protein and low on fats so it will balance your protein intake. Accompany egg whites with nuts and fruits for more energetic and filling breakfast. The secret behind this one of the best weight loss tips at home is to let you have a healthy breakfast.

4. Eat Healthy at Regular Intervals

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If you get hungry very soon, then have some superfoods like flaxseed, sunflower seeds and likes by your side. Keep munching on these healthy alternatives to chips, and packed food all day long. Weight loss tips like these won't force you to starve, it will keep you full without adding some extra calories to your diet.

5. Have a Good Portion of Salad Before Meals

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Salads before your Meals
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Having a good portion of salad or sprouts before meals will make you full and you will automatically start cutting down on your full meal during the day. Salads and sprouts are a filling alternative to a wholesome meal that's obviously high on calories.

6. Cut on Added Sugar and High Carb Meals

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Cut down on sugar
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Replace sugar with alternatives like jaggery. Jaggery will sweeten your dish and at the same time will be low on carbs. You can also forgo high carb meals and replace it with lighter food like oats, poha and dalia.

7. Keep Counting Your Calories

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Keep a count of your Calorie intake
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Tracking your calorie intake everyday will keep you cautious of what to eat and what not to eat. It will also inspire you to eat light and healthy.

8. Exercise Regularly and Lift Weights

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Regular Excercise
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No doubt that your diet has a major role to play when you are planning to shed away some unwanted fat in your body. But diet alone cannot help you. Diet should always be accompanied by physical workout. Physical workout increases the metabolism rate in the body and allows the stored fat in your body to burn down quickly. Take this as yet another important tips for weight loss.

9. Get Sound Sleep 

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Get Sound Sleep
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A happy mind and a sound sleep is the key to healthy life. No matter how much diet you are following, if you are happy and relaxed you will certainly feel healthy and energetic. A sound and relaxed sleep always helps you to stay fit.

10. Eat More Proteins

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Increase your protein intake
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Adding some extra ounce of protein to your diet will be beneficial for you. If you are planning to lose weight instantly then this weight loss tip is just meant for you. Add proteins to your diet in form of pulses, you can also opt for protein supplement for faster results.

11. Avoid Junk 

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Avoid Junk and Add Nutrition
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Avoid having junk and processed food. Processed and junk food are high on calories that might affect your weight loss goal severely. If you are one of the kind who likes to eat a lot then this weight loss tip is just for you. Replace junk food with healthy snacks like oats, muesli, protein bars, and others.

12. Reduce the Plate Size

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Reduce your plate size
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The most important weight loss tip is to reduce the plate size. Using smaller plates will automatically cut down on your calorie intake.

10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

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Best Exercises For Weight Loss
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  1. Skipping : Jumping is a full body workout, it's the perfect cardio workout in the simplest version. Jumping a rope means you are burning many calories while burning out that fat.
  2. Squats : Building overall strength on your legs and back is done well with squats. Squats help engage your core and lower back tightening the muscles there while burning the fat.
  3. Lunges : Glutes, Quads and Hamstring are together worked out in this exercise. There are variations to a lungue – forward lunge, backward lunge, stationary lunges, side ways lunges and others.
  4. Burpees : A single very effective exercise targeting your core, chest, shoulders and legs is the Burpees. In this exercise you engage the most body parts to give you the most effective results. A jump followed with a land on your arm and legs for a push-up then getting back to a squat and then a repeat beginning with the jump makes this a very comprehensive workout.
  5. Mountain Climbers : This workout focuses on obliques, butt, and hamstrings and is a great exercise to burn out those calories.
  6. Rowing : A complete body workout is done on the rowing machine. This workout targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings, core, arms, and back giving all of it that perfect stretch and burn.
  7. Cycling : Looking for an outdoor workout, cycling is another great way to spin off those extra kilos and calories. Your thigs, core, legs all are put to a great workout on that pedal.
  8. Staircase : Whether you are running up the stairs or just simply climbing up the stairs this workout helps you burn those extra kilos of weight and shows instant results.
  9. Swimming : A great combination of cardio with strength training in a low-impact training is swimming. If you are a water baby and you love the feel of water on your body and love to be immersed then those water workouts could work best for you. Freestyle swimming or try those water resistance workouts inside for effective weight loss.
  10. Kickboxing : Mind meeting the muscles in a kickboxing exercise is perfect for you to burn out those extra calories. This workout builds power on your legs, chest and arms. Try kickboxing to build endurance and coordination.

FAQs About Weight Loss Tips

Q. How can I lose weight in 7 days at home?

A. The most effective way to lose weight is to follow a strict diet plan. However, we often confuse diet with not eating whereas a proper diet means eating healthy. By just cutting down on your carb intake and increasing the protein intake coupled with few simple exercises you can see effective results in just a week.

Q. How do you gradually lose weight?

A. Losing weight is not a thing that can happen overnight. It's a slow and gradual process which needs dedication and time. The best way to lose weight is to do as much as physical activities as you can. Even when at home you can just take the stairs instead of the lift, sweep and mop the floor, do yoga and other activities at home. Along with all this you certainly will have to monitor your diet in case you wish to lose weight.

Q. Does drinking water help lose weight?

A. Yes, drinking water helps you lose weight. The fact is that when you drink water your tummy gets full and automatically you will reduce the portion of your plate.

Q. What should I stop eating to lose weight?

A. In order to lose weight, one must stop intake of carbs that includes rice, chocolates, refined flour, oil, potato and likes. Along with all this, you should also stop eating junk food and rely on healthy homemade food.

One of the most secretive weight loss tips is not what to eat but to know what not to eat. Stay healthy and fit by following these weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work And Are Scientifically Proven

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