Best Bets When Looking For Wireless Earphones

Best Bets When Looking For Wireless Earphones

Top Wireless Earphones

Nothing in this world has remained untouched from the technological advancement that has taken place over the last few years. Like other things, earphones too have undergone huge modifications; from being wired to going wireless. Wireless earphones have multiple advantages over the wired earphones. The best thing about these wireless earphones is that they set you free from the tangling wires. Not only this, the audio quality of these best wireless earphones is no less than the wired ones. When it comes to choosing between wired earphones and wireless earphones, this can be an arduous task.

However, the choices completely depend upon your lifestyle and the type of use you would put your earphone to. If you are someone who likes to sit comfortably at one place and enjoy the music then the wired earphones might just be your pick, but if you are that person who is more active and would like to take your music along with you to the gym or workplace, then the best wireless earphones ought to be your choice. Here are some of the best wireless earphones available online.

Best in Class - boAt Rockerz Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

Considered to be the best in class, the boat Rockerz lives up to its name. This earphone will for sure give you a rocking experience with its audio quality. This light weight earphone pumps out powerful music that you wouldn't have even dreamt of. The comfortable fit is an added advantage as you can freely move around without the thought of keeping your earphone in place. With so many features packed into one, this boat Rockerz should definitely be your travel and gym partner. boAt has got an outstanding bass and sound quality as compared to its competitors.


  • Battery Performance: Allows 4 to 5 hours of uninterrupted musical experience.
  • Sound Quality: Keep rocking with the outstanding bass and sound quality of the boAt Rockerz.
  • Lightweight: Make it your travel partner or carry it along with you to the gym without feeling the burden.
  • Flexible: Pack it in your bag, keep it in your purse or just wear it around your neck, this boAt Rockerz isn't going to disappoint you in any way.

Budget Friendly - Sennheiser in Ear Wireless Earphones

Coming in the budget range Sennheiser hasn't compromised upon it's sound quality. The Sennheiser CX 6.0BT is just what you have been looking for all this while. It's light, it's easy to use, it's portable, it has great sound and above all it's pocket friendly. You can easily go handsfree with the multiple control options offered with this piece of earphone. If you have been troubled by the bulky headphones earlier then believe us you are simply going to be amazed by its light weight. The USP of this earphone is that you can easily and quickly pair it up with any of your devices.


  • Performance: These are best used for everyday commuting, light workouts or whenever the mood strikes to listen to tunes wirelessly.
  • Design: Nothing can beat the Sennheiser CX 6.0BT when it comes to design. Designed in a way that is light and does not allow you to feel any burden upon your neck. Believe it or not the Sennheiser CX 6.0BT weighs just 49 grams.
  • Sound Quality: When the name is Sennheiser, there shouldn't be a second thought about the sound quality. Know to be the king of audio equipment Sennheiser has always left its users amazed by its powerful audio quality.
  • Battery Life: Once charged fully this small piece of earphone can allow you to listen to your favourite tunes continuously for 6 hours.

Small and Compact- Zebronics Peace Wireless Earphones

As compared to other truly wireless earphones, the Zebronics Peace is affordable. These are so light and small that you can barely notice them while they are on. But let us warn you do not go with its size, the audio output of this one of the smallest wireless earphones will leave you in awe.  While this Zeb Peace is on you will find it's noise cancellation to be great.


  • Size: Said to be among the smallest earphones available in the market, the Zebronics Peace can easily fit into your ears.
  • Easy Pairing: Pairing the Zebronics Peace is absolutely easy. Simply turn on the earpiece and connect it to your phone/laptop using Bluetooth.
  • Charging Case: The compact charging case makes it convenient for the user to carry these small earpieces anywhere and everywhere without the fear of getting damaged or losing it.
  • Comfortable: This small piece of earphones are designed to give you the perfect fit so that you cam easily wear them along when commuting or working out.

Super Comfort- Boatronics Level U Neckband Wireless Earphones

This neckband style Level U earphone deliver solid Bluetooth audio for a reasonable price. The earphones don't disappoint on the audio front they deliver clean audio with substantial bass and bright highs. The band itself has flexible, rubberized portions and sits loosely, but securely, at the base of the neck, right above the collarbone. Controls for the Level U are located on the right side of the band. The best part is that unlike some other competitor products, this Level U wireless earphone is compatible with all the Bluetooth devices.


  • Comfortable Fit: Designed in a neckband form this Level U earpiece can comfortably sit around your neck, the earbuds are also soft ad flexible to give you the ultimate comfort.
  • Battery Life: This is where the Level U beat all of its competitors. Once fully juiced up the Level U earphone can give you up to 11 hours of battery life, which for now is the highest.
  • Sound Quality: Coming with a decent sound quality, the Level U might not give you a rocking experience but certainly it isn't going to disappoint you either.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices this Level U earphone can easily be paired up with any phone that you have.

Deep Bass- Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband

Coming to the Boult Audio ProBass curve neckband it is loaded with durable yet flexible band and delivers high fidelity acoustics. The passive noise cancellation technology isolates background noise for enhanced music experience. Not only this, the vibration alert mode will notify you about the incoming calls and messages. The magnetic earbuds keep the earphones together when not in use. The in-line control allows you to receive or reject the calls.


  • Deep Bass: Bass is what the Boult is known for. Having deep bass the earphone allows you to enjoy ultimate musical experience.
  • Battery Life: You can dance to your favourite tunes all day long with the 10 hours battery life.
  • Connectivity and Compatibility: The Boult Audio ProBass can easily be connected to any Bluetooth device.
  • High Fidelity Acoustics: The Boult Audio Pro Bass is known to deliver crystal clear and high resolution audio along with HD audio and surround sound.

When Buying An Earphone Look For These

  • Aptx Encoding: This is something most of us are unaware of. The Aptx encoding technology in the recent years have changed the way we have been looking at the wireless earphones for all this while. With AptX encoding, it is now possible to compress the sound waves without losing them so that the sound quality is CD-like.
  • Battery Life: If you have to take your wireless earphones along with you while travelling or while you are working out then they ought to have some good battery life.
  • Bass: When buying any audio device bass is one thing that should certainly be considered as it decides the quality of sound that you will be getting out of your audio device.
  • Budget: If you are not in a mood to invest too much upon the wireless earphones then opt for the ones that offer you the best value for your money.
  • Compatibility: When buying a wireless earphone keep in mind to check the compatibility of the product with your phone and devices. There are some wireless headphones in the market that are compatible only with a selected range of handsets.

List of Best Bets When Looking For Wireless Earphones

Best Bets When Looking For Wireless Earphones Price in India
boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone Rs.1,499
Sennheiser CX 600BT Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Rs.7,325
Zebronics Wireless Earphone with Bluetooth, Call Function, Sporty Design and Voice Assistant Rs.2,275
Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Headphones Rs.2,449
Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband in-Ear Wireless Earphones Rs.1,399
Price List of Best Bets When Looking For Wireless Earphones, Last Updated on 16 September 2019
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