Three Giant Asteroids Are Expected To Fly Past Earth

NASA has revealed that three alarmingly-huge asteroids are on their way towards Earth, and that we could see some close encounters.
Sshradha Sinngh
By: Sshradha Sinngh Updated: Jun 05, 2020 14:47 IST
Three Giant Asteroids Are Expected To Fly Past Earth
Three Giant Asteroids Are Expected To Fly Past Earth

It is believed if a large object hits Earth, it could wipe out an entire city, killing millions. And if the object is supremely huge, then it could even wipe out the entire human race!

But, while it is unlikely that something huge is going to be hitting the Earth anytime soon, scientists are alarmed...just in case.

As per NASA, three giant asteroids will be flying past Earth June 5 onwards. These asteroids will be as large as the iconic Empire State Building in New York. The building is more than 1,400 feet tall at its tip.

As per a research, these objects will be closely albeit safely crossing the Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID) from Earth. A large MOID between an asteroid and the Earth indicates that the asteroid will not collide with the planet in the near term. Asteroids with a small MOID to Earth, however pose a risk.

The Three Asteroids:

1. Asteroid 2002 NN4

This asteroid will reach to about 5.09 million kilometres in Earth's vicinity on June 6. This asteroid is the deadliest one, with a size of about five foot ball stadiums. It will be flying at a speed of 40,140 kmph, but we are expected to stay safe from it, as the distance between this asteroid and Earth will be about 13 times the distance between the Earth and moon.

2. Asteroid 2013 XA22

The Asteroid 2013 XA22 will cross the MOID on June 8, and will be around 2.93 million kilometres. It is big in size to about 160 metres and will be moving at a velocity of 24,050 kmph.

3. Asteroid 2010 NY65

This one is enormous in size and will cross the MOID on June 24 entering Earth at a velocity of 46,400 kmph. This asteroid will be 310 metres in size and will come to about 3.76 million kilometres into Earth's orbit.

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