Adventure Tourism In Himachal Pradesh Now Safer With Technology

One of the most popular attractions in Himachal Pradesh, besides the rolling green hills, refreshing clouds and colourful woollen crafts, is the plethora of adventure activities. Tourism representatives now claim that these pursuits are much safer to indulge in, thanks to a GPS tracking system.
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Sep 22, 2020 15:08 IST
Adventure Tourism In Himachal Pradesh Now Safer With Technology
A lot of travellers, especially the young ones, are drawn to the adventure tourism

Swinging in the air with two strings attached to the multi-coloured elongated balloon of sorts, are excited tourists hovering over the majestic valleys of Himachal Pradesh.  A few kilometres from here is another group of travellers rafting through the milky white waters against the backdrop of rolling green hills, with trekking on their mind next. Episodes like these fabricate the everyday tale of this hilly paradise. A hit amongst the tourists, Himachal puts on  platter the richness of nature, as well as a myriad of adventure activities, that are bound to swing back the visitors to the excitement and break-through the monotony of routine that has taken over them. 

As exhilarating as these activities sound, they are often associated with a certain amount of risk and are natural to evoke hesitation among the visitors. Many a tourist are even afraid of getting separated from the herd or the group being a lost, a common plot for almost all the adventure films and fiction fed to us over years. And this fear is, at times, irrespective of the expertise of the guide leading the group. 

To combat this fear, avoid any mishaps and make these activities a lot safer, the government keeps on throwing ideas and schemes from time to time. This time, it has come up with the idea of using Global Positioning System (GPS) to keep a track of where these wanderers are headed to while paragliding and trekking among other activities. 

“The GPS tracking band will ensure the safety of tourists and guides in tough condition so that rescue operation can be carried out immediately,” claims Govind Singh Thakur, an Indian politician from state who has been rotting for the cause for long now.

“The tourism department will soon start online registration facility for conducting adventure activities. A coordination between tourism, forest, police and health department will be established with an aim of promoting adventure activities in the state,” he further adds. 

The government is planning to train various professionals associated with the refreshing field, to give them a hang of this new technology. With just a small number of tourists trickling into the state, thanks to the pandemic, the state is likely to get enough time for the preparations and training. No to mention, the technology will help avoid several accidents. 

With Unlock 4, Himachal Pradesh has now thrown open its borders for smooth inter-state travel. Tourists can  now visit the state without e-passes, special permits, or COVID testing reports. The inter-state buses remain suspend, as of now. However, the installation of Aarogya Setu app is compulsory everyone visiting the state.

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