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Apple And Google Come Together For Covid-19 Contact Tracing Technology

Apple and Google's Covid-19 contact tracking feature will be rolled out soon, and is likely to assist in keeping the infections low.
Updated: Jun 29, 2020 17:07 IST
  • Will Arogya Setu Need This API? Find Out...
  • Google Apple Announce API For Contact Tracing
  • This API Can Be Plugged Into Any App
Apple And Google Come Together For Covid-19 Contact Tracing Technology
Apple And Google Come Together For Covid-19 Contact Tracing Technology

Technologies, companies, government, health institutions are all coming together to find a solution for Covid-19 pandemic. Protecting people, getting economies back up and running has become a top priority for everyone today. Health systems are coming up with new research studies, technology is being developed for providing solutions to keep people safe and updated. 

In one such move, tech giants Google and Apple have come together to offer a solution to combat Covid-19.

Using Bluetooth technology, the two tech leaders will aid governments do contact tracing, and allow them to closely monitor the spread of the virus, and all this without hampering user privacy.

Since Covid-19 is socially transmitted in people of close proximity, contact tracing is a valuable tool to help control community spreading.

Apple and Google will be soon launching a solution that will include an API to assist in contact tracing. This track-and-trace system will help keep infections in control.

This solution is not an app in itself, but an Application Programming Interface, (API) that can be plugged into any app for usage. 

Google and Apple, by joining hands on making this important health feature, have done their groundwork; and now governments, countries and states will have to build apps that can be plugged into this solution for assistance and benefit.

Will Arogya Setu Need This Apple-Google Contact Tracing API

This API linking to Arogya Setu app has been spoken about between the parties – Apple and Google with the government in New Delhi. But the current features of Arogya Setu app have an in-built contact tracing feature, hence Arogya Setu might not need this solution offered.

How Will This Contact Tracing API Work?

Using this feature, your phone will access other phone devices it comes in contact with, now assuming both the devices are using a Covid-19 tracking app, the logs will identify the information send out alerts.

This solution will use random numerical ID codes that will change frequently and get dropped in 14 days, which is the Covid-19 incubation period.

Based on the information available, the apps will be able to give users the length of time they've been in contact with each person or the phone, and how far away they were, which will be judged from the strength of the Bluetooth signals. Any contact that's under the bar of risk will be ignored- like if you have crossed someone on the streets.

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