Dabur Partners With Tetra Pak For Low-Calorie Juices

This is Dabur's first shot at paperboard packaging for low-calorie juices. The brand has struck hammer on the already piping hot rod of rising environmental awareness and growing health-consciousness.
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Aug 27, 2020 21:52 IST
Dabur Partners With Tetra Pak For Low-Calorie Juices
The juice will be available in two variants- apple and orange

Dabur has partnered with the packaging firm Tetra Pak to launch its first-ever bare paperboard package with wood fibre for a low-calorie juice. The new package will be launched under the brand Real Activ, which is already popular in the market, and will give the packaging a natural look. The low-calorie juice, free of any preservatives, sugar and/or chemicals will be available in two flavours- apple and orange and will be slated for Rs 130.

“A market first, the new Real Activ low cal range will appeal to fitness and health-conscious consumers and the innovative packaging will strengthen the product's credibility,” says Mayank Kumar, the business head (Foods) at Dabur India.

The idea of paperboard packaging is, however, not new to the food packaging industry. Several big players including Safal, ITC, Del Monte, Pepsico, Patanjali, have given paperboard packaging a shot in the past.

This change over the years is a result of rising sensitivity towards environment, and reports of damage caused to the environment by the packaging industry flooding in the headlines. Several studies have thrown light on the ill effects of dangerous packaging not only for the environment rather human health, as well. Sometimes, these packaging are so rich in chemicals that the toxins enter the product or the contents in the package. This is besides, of course, the monstrous challenge that their waste disposal poses. Seemingly harmless tetra packs may ultimately result in hurting or poisoning wildlife, water, and even soil.

This is the reason why the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is pushing towards a shift in packaging. And as the saying goes that “all publicity is good publicity”, the reports have laid the ground in the consumer mind for environmentally friendly packaging. A brand differentiation on-shelf, acts in the favour of these brands, besides the unavoidable factors of recyclability, renewability and sustainability.

Commenting on the collaboration and the push behind it, the managing director of Tetra Pak South Asia, Ashutosh Manohar said, “As consumer demand for healthy alternatives grows, food companies are looking for packaging innovation that represents the values of the brand and the product accurately.”

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