Lockdown Extension Update: Lockdown Extended Till May 17

With the latest development taking place the lockdown has been further extended till May 17, 2020. A video conference was held by the PM with the head of several states joining to discuss the lockdown exit plan.
By: Kanishka Updated: May 01, 2020 21:07 IST
Lockdown Extension Update: Lockdown Extended Till May 17
Lockdown Extension: What Happens Post May 3

In order to fight back and restrict the spread of the deadly Covid-19 disease, India has been under complete lockdown for over a month now. The second phase of the lockdown was to end on 3rd May 2020, but taking into consideration the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the country, the government has taken stern steps and extended the lockdown till May 17, 2020.

Taking into consideration the spread of Covid-19 disease across the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Disaster Management Act, 2005 announced the extension of lockdown till May 17, 2020.  

However, the government has also indicated that it may provide some relaxation in places where the disease is not widespread. In accordance with this, the whole country has been divided into various zones. The PM also said that he may allow some businesses and services to get back on track as a measure to tackle the adverse effect that two phases of lockdown have had on the economy.

Lockdown has yielded positive results in containing the spread of Coronavirus in the country. In his meeting with the CMs of various states, the PM said that "We have seen two-stage lockdown, with strict measures in the first phase and then some relaxations in the second. Good work has been done in the states.” The PM also added that "Efforts of states should now be directed towards converting the red zones into orange and thereafter to green zones. We have to be brave and bring in reforms that touch the lives of common citizens."

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi also emphasised on developing a lockdown exit plan, he urged all the chief ministers and local authorities to come up with a lockdown exit plan for their regions. He also said that the danger is not yet over and we will need to keep constant vigilance in order to get over this pandemic. 

Various Zones and The Lockdown Rules

Taking into consideration the current scenario of Covid-19 in the country the government has decided to further extend the lockdown till May 17, 2020. However, based upon the spread of the disease the government has divided the nation into three zones that are the Red Zone. Orange Zone and Green Zone. Red zone indicates the hotspot for Covid-19, whereas the orange zone indicates that there are a few cases in those places but with proper care, this can be overcome. The green zone indicates places that have been marked safe but still precautions needs to be taken. The government has also come up with different rules for different zones to contain the spread of the disease. Here is are some major rules for each zone.

Common Rules

  • Hotels, restaurants, air travel and all educational institutions will remain closed
  • No inter-state travel by road
  • Travel by rail or metro also remains suspended

Red Zone

  • Movement of people and vehicle allowed only for permitted activities
  • Only two people (including the driver) per 4-wheeler vehicle allowed 
  • Two-wheelers are restricted from carrying a pillion rider
  • Industrial and construction activities can resume in red zones

Orange Zone

  • Taxis and cabs can be operated but only with one driver and two passengers per car
  • Interdistrict travel for permitted activities will be allowed
  • Four-wheelers can be used but only with two passengers
  • E-Commerce activities to resume back and delivery of non-essential items allowed

Green Zone

  • E-Commerce activities to resume back
  • SEZ and export units can operate, but with a restricted number of employees and proper precautions
  • Buses to operate in green zones with 50% of their capacity

Stay tuned to keep yourself updated with the latest developments taking place amidst Coronavirus lockdown.

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