World Asthma Day: Giving Lessons For Life

The theme for World Asthma Day is 'Enough Asthma Deaths' and here is all that you need to know about the disease and how to prevent it.
By: Kanishka Updated: May 05, 2020 17:30 IST
World Asthma Day: Giving Lessons For Life
World Asthma Day

Initiated by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), World Asthma Day is being observed on May 5 this year.

With the idea to raise awareness about asthma, its hazardous impact on life and how to keep it at bay, the day sees various themes as its unique selling point every year.

The theme for World Asthma Day 2020 is ‘Enough Asthma Deaths'.

As per The Global Asthma Report 2018, asthma contributes to less than 1% of all deaths in most countries. Although the number is relatively small, it remains a serious concern because of the fact that many of these deaths are actually preventable.

It is for this reason that GINA has taken the onus to talk about the issue and prevent asthma related deaths across the globe.

World Asthma Day: History

The first World Asthma Day was observed in 1998. It was celebrated in more than 35 countries. Since its inception, the more countries have come forward to participate in order to create more awareness about this disease in their respective countries. Earlier World Asthma Day was being observed on first Tuesday of May every year, however, it is only from this year onward that GINA has decided to observe May 5 as World Asthma Day.

World Asthma Day: How is it Observed?

GINA in collaboration with a number of health care groups and NGOs across the globe observes the World Asthma Day to spread awareness about the disease and reduce the prevalence of the disease. It also makes efforts to reduce the mortality rate caused by asthma.

World Asthma Day 2020

Due to Coronavirus pandemic this year, GINA is not actively promoting the World Asthma Day. Still, it has issued a circular to all the supporters of GINA and everyone who supports the cause to conduct virtual events and seminars to spread awareness.

Tips to Keep Asthma at Bay

Asthma over the years has been taking toll of many lives across the world and all this happens due to lack of awareness and sensitivity towards asthma patients. Here are some tips as to how you can keep the disease at bay and stay healthy. 

  • Avoid Chilled Water: With the temperature soaring high in most parts of the country we often resort to chilled water, completely unaware of the adverse impact it can have on our health. Chilled water and also cold food are said to be harmful for people suffering from asthma.
  • Turn to Turmeric: Turmeric along with enhancing the taste of the food has a lot of medical benefits. It is known to cure a lot of diseases including asthma. The most effective way to take it is to add a 1tsp of turmeric to warm water along with a pinch of black salt and consume it. 
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and veggies should be included in our regular diet whether asthmatic or not. These have immune properties that will help keep diseases like asthma at bay. 
  • Vitamin D: The most effective source of Vitamin D is sunlight, you should always try to consume sunlight of early morning. Apart from this, citrus fruits like oranges are also said to be a rich source of vitamin D. 
  • Avoid Smoking: If you are suffering from asthma or any other respiratory disorder you should try and stay away from all types of smokes. And if you are in the habit of smoking you should try quitting it. 
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