YRF Museum: A Home And An Ode To 50 Years Of Romance

As the iconic Yash Raj Films (YRF) is proceeding towards its silver jubilee on September 27, Aditya Chopra is likely to announce a museum dedicated on YRF. The museum will house videos, photos, costumes, and rare posters from YRF films from the past 50 years.
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Aug 31, 2020 13:39 IST
YRF Museum: A Home And An Ode To 50 Years Of Romance
Yash Raj Films made its debut with the 1973 film Daag: A Poem Of Love

Yash Raj Films Museum's doors will soon be thrown open to Bollywood fans, as the legendary film production house completes 50 years of creating some of the most romantic tales in Bollywood, often recited in the backdrop of even more heart-stopping backdrops.

Snow clad mountains, green stretches of land, a romantic breeze brushing off the hair of a gorgeous damsel wrapped in a monocoloured silk saree, the melody of heartstrings and a sprinkle of magic- here's the time-tested formula for a super hit song from Yash Raj Films (YRF). From Sri Devi's awe-strucking performance in Chandni to Kajol's innocent love in Dil Wale Dunhahiya Le Jayenge's Kajol, for the Indian audience, Switzerland meant a Yash Raj Film.

In fact, not just the Swiss affair, rather the idea of romantic films used to strike a bell ringing the muses of YRF. A large credit of romanticising romance in India goes to YRF. One of the most successful production houses out there in Bollywood, YRF is no longer just a company; it's an emotion, a legacy, a tradition, if you will. And as this heritage completes half a decade and progresses toward its silver jubilee, a grand celebration is to be called for.

Aditya Chopra, the current manager and chairman, as well as, the son of Late Yash Chopra, the founder of YRF, agrees with the idea. He has something big in mind for celebrating the fifty successful years of entertaining the Indian audience. A museum dedicated entirely to the legacy of YRF will be announced on the 88th birthday of Late Chopra, on September 27, which coincides with the anniversary. The museum will incorporate history, costumes, rare posters, and pictures and videos from Yash Raj Films shots over the last half a century.

Chopra believes that the museum will be hit with cinema buffs and is ready to even invest a few years in the making of the museum if needed. As per sources, he has been working on the idea for quite some time now.

It wouldn't be wrong to visualise the museum as a time machine taking back the visitors to the glorious years of YRF; and a large exodus of Indian tourists visiting Switzerland over the past few decades, to re-create their favourite scenes from a Yash Raj Film, in a way assures a large audience for the museum.

So tighten your belts and get ready to experience the magic because bade bade shehero me aisi choti choti batein hoti rehti hain, Senorita! (A famous dialogue from the super hit Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge which roughly translates to- Small incidents like these keep happening in large cities). 

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