Anti Pollution Masks In India

Anti Pollution Masks In India

Anti Pollution Masks In India

The Delhi air quality index level has already reached alarming heights in the last few years. In spite of the Supreme Court banning the use of crackers in Delhi the pollution level has reached the state of health emergency, however even the regular air that we inhale in these cities are a major factor of health hazards. We grudgingly have accepted the Delhi pollution and are ready to compromise with it. Many doctors recommend their patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory ailments to use the best anti pollution masks in India on a regular basis. Not only the people who suffer from these ailments should use the best anti pollution masks, but also fit n fine people should use it as a precautionary measure. Air purifier is a great option to use inside the home, office or even while traveling in your car to safe guard from the adverse effects of the Delhi pollution.

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Here is What to Look for in the Best Anti-Pollution Masks

  • Fit is Fine: The first thing you need to look for is whether or not the best anti pollution mask fits you well. If it doesn't then certainly it will compromise with the effectiveness.
  • Certification: The next thing to look for is the certification. The best anti pollution masks are certified to filter out 95% of the pollutants present in the air.
  • Avoid Disposable Mask: Until you need a mask for a very short duration do not opt for a disposable mask, as the life of these disposable anti pollution masks is quite short.
  • Eschew Surgical Mask: Surgical masks that are easily available in any medical stores are unfortunately useless; they fail to win the battle against the rising air pollution level.

List of the best anti-pollution masks in India to breathe clean and safe air :

1. Dettol Air Protect Air Mask

From the brand Dettol, air protect is an anti-pollution mask which gives 4 in 1 protection from dust and air pollution. This anti pollution mask in India has an adjustable nose clip that fits perfectly on the face and helps in preventing particulate matter. Double filters help you in breathing good and live a healthy life.

2. Honeywell Foldable Air Mask

Honeywell Foldable Face anti pollution mask is made up high-quality filter media, which stops PM 2.5 dust haze bacteria and small particulars to enter your lungs.  This foldable best anti pollution mask in India has comfortable ear bands which are made up of soft cotton. Lightweight mask easily fits in your pocket. 

3. Nexcare 3M Air Mask

Nexcare 3m anti-pollution mask is a high filtration respiratory mask, which protects respirator from in-hailing dust, pollutants, and other harmful matter. This mask fits snugly around the face. This anti pollution mask in India is maintenance free, foldable and easy to carry.

4. 3M 9004 IN Particulate Respirator Air Mask

3M 9004 in particulate respirator anti pollution mask has a filtering efficiency ranging over 80 percent. This anti-pollution mask is tested upon international criteria's and has AS/NZ approval. Easy to carry mask can easily slip into the pocket. 

5. Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face Air Mask

Honeywell PM 2.5 foldable face anti pollution mask protects from bacteria and influenza viruses. The anti-pollution mask protects you and filters air particles up to 95 percent. This mask has a special valve or moisture release and comfortable breathing. 

6. 3M Pollution Safety Kit Silver Air Mask

3m pollution safety kit helps to fight against pollution and harmful air particulars. This anti pollution mask kit includes 5 Anti pollution Dust Masks, 5 Eye Protection Glasses, and 5 Ear Plugs to protect from air and noise pollution. Anti pollution face mask helps you in breathing clean air, while ear bud takes care for your ears.

7. VOGMASK Geometry N99 CV Medium Air Mask

The Vogmask is a standard quality face mask with the capacity to withstand 2.5 PM. The N99 filter enables the mask to filter out these particulates. The active carbon layers filters the dust particles and the exhale valve present between the organic cotton inner layer and outer layer filters small particles as small as 1micrometer.

8. 3M Pollution N95 9504 INV N95 Air Mask

3M is known to produce the best and the most affordable anti pollution face masks. The 3M series of masks are capable of filtering out 95% of the particle that are larger than 0.3microns. These masks are foldable and can be kept in the bad or even in your pocket. The nose clip does not allow the mask to slip. These masks come in a variety of range.

9. Oxypure N99 Air Mask

The Oxypure face mask gives its users complete protection. It brings an unparalleled quality in respiratory protection. The product is designed in USA and manufactured in UK specifically designed for heavy dust and smog areas, it contains special filters to protect the users from fine dust and fume particles present in the areas hit by smog during the allergy season.

With the growing level of air pollution owning the best anti-pollution mask no more remains an option, it has now become a necessity to have the best anti-pollution masks to save yourself from the degrading air quality and the related health hazards. 

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List of Anti Pollution Masks

Product Price in India
Dettol Air Protect Bacterial Filtration Mask Rs.1,200
Dettol Siti Shield Carbon Activated Air Pollution Mask Rs.249
Honeywell PM 2.5 Foldable Face Mask, Multicolor, Pack of 3 Rs.150
Honeywell Dust Protection Anti Pollution Mask Rs.849
Brandsdaddy Dust Protection Anti Pollution Mask Rs.51
3M 9004 IN Particulate Respirator, White, Pack of 10 Rs.182
Arex 3M 9004IN Mask and Respirator Pack of 2 Mask and Respirator Rs.164
3M Pollution Safety Kit Silver, (Pack of 5 Anti-pollution Dust Masks, 5 Eye Protection Glasses and 5 Ear Plugs) Rs.999
Vogmask Geometry N99 CV - Medium (Multicolour) Rs.6,881
Vogmask Noir CV Medium (23-59 Kg) Single Valve Mask Rs.2,000