Best Horror Games Of All Times

Best Horror Games Of All Times

Best Horror Games Of All Time

Horror is a genre that continues to thrive year after year and when it comes to the video game industry we never fall short of options for the best horror games. These best horror games for PS4 gives the gamers a thrilling experience and leaves them tensed, unsure of which way to go and how to achieve a particular objective with many obstacles in the way. Action based horror games are known to be the best horror games where the players can control and have access to the resources of the game at their disposal. We have tried to list out some of the best horror games for PS4. If you are a pro gamer and love to live for the thrill that horror games evoke, then you will never fall short of options for this genre when it comes to PS4 gaming. It can be difficult to pick the next hair raising best horror games to play this season. Thus with a motive to let you feel the thrill we have enlisted some of the best horror games here.

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Popular and Best Horror Games For PS4:

1. The Last of Us: Remastered

The Last of Us: Remastered holds to be one of the best horror games and has over 200 Game of the Year awards under its belt. This third person action adventure is a survival horror game, where the gamer tries to survive the attacks by the enemy. The game will give you a feel of the movie and is set at the time when US was infected by a mutated fungus which turns them hostile and leaves them hyper active. This one of the best horror games for PS4 involves players jumping into both physical fights as well as gun fight covering behind the objects and trying to travel across U.S.


2. Outlast

Outlast is a series of horror games that is known for the shock value ahead of carefully curated spooks and its chief mechanic. The night vision mode of the game enables you to play this best horror games even in the dark. This hide and seek game leaves the gamers helpless most of the time but will still keep them rolling their eyes. Setup at night, in an old abandoned asylum, the setup of the game in itself rushes a terrific feeling down the nerve.


3. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is yet another award winning best horror games one can play on PS4. The game created a cinematic choose your own adventure experience. The game goes through several levels where the enemies would be trying to kill you using any means and delivering spectacular results. The users simply need to sit back on the sofa and keep moving the controller in order to escape these attachs.


4. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is a part of the series of Resident Evil that has been a triumph in the gaming industry. The Resident Evil 7 holds to be one pf the most widely played and best horror games for the PS4 gamers. The central story is fantastic, the mysteries artfully concealed and your tormentors, the Bakers, are brilliantly subversive. It might not be the scariest or the most subtle game, but it has all the elements for you to feel the thrill of the best horror games.


5. Silent Hills 

Silent Hills is amongst the scariest games in the gaming industry and has some of the most frightening enemies. The Silent Hill 2 is the most loved part of the Silent Hills series. By the end this one of the best horror games reveal that there is no greater evil and horror than our own imagination. The lead character seems to be more frightened of his personal demons rather than his encounter with creatures like the iconic nurses and pyramid head.


6. Dead Space

Dead Space is yet another great horror game that is known to be the king of the best horror games. One of the best horror games, the Dead Space put players in the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer trapped on a derelict spacecraft. Soon Isaac comes to know about the fact that the ship isn’t as empty as it seems to be and an alien artefact on the ship has transformed everyone on board to hideous flesh eating creatures.

So if you too want to feel the thrill, then certainly try your hands on this list of the best horror games ever to play on PS4. 

List of Best Horror Games For PS4 in 2018

Best Horror Games Of All Times Price
The Last Of Us: Remastered (PS4) Rs.1,105
The Last Of Us : Remastered(for PS4) Rs.799
Outlast Trinity (PS4) Rs.1,555
Outlast Trinity(for PS4) Rs.1,789
Until Dawn (PS4) Rs.1,350
Until Dawn Rush of Blood(for PS4, VR Required) Rs.1,415
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4) Rs.1,290
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard(for PS4, VR Compatible) Rs.1,249
Silent Hill Origins (PS2) Rs.799
Electronic Arts Dead Space (PlayStation 3) Gaming Accessory Kit(Multicolor, For PS3) Rs.8,211
Best Horror Games Of All Times
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