Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.25,000 in India for 2017,Pick the Best Smartphone From these New Launches

Let us handhold you in choosing your next best mobile phone under Rs.25,000. If your budget is under Rs. 25,000 then we have curated the best options in that range for you pick one today as all of these are at incredible discounts!

Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.25,000 in India for 2017,Pick the Best Smartphone From these New Launches

Handpicked Best Mobile Phones Under Rs.25,000

The biggest decision that a person has to take in the field of gadgets is buying a mobile phone. Mobile phone sticks with you all through the day. Do not dare to call it just a gadget; it's your best friend that will share all your moments like talking to your loved one, Browsing through Facebook connecting with old school friends, joining letter for a first job or WhatsApp picture of self-cooked- half burned food shared with your mom. We have to agree that there is no surviving without mobile phones.
So the big question is how to choose your best mobile phone under Rs.25,000?

Well, the budget is the most important, no doubt. Here you will find the best mobile phones under Rs. 25,000. They are chosen keeping in mind the entire feature gamut that you want in a smartphone. You can also look for mobiles phone under Rs. 20,000 and best mobile phone under Rs. 15,000 articles if you have not made up your budget range yet. While curating this list of the best mobile phones under Rs. 25,000, we have kept all your need and wants in consideration. What is more important than a high definition camera? To capture your best moment or for your beautiful selfies, these phones are equipped with the latest cameras, you want all your memories in crystal clear quality don't you? With Jio's entry into the market and Airtel giving away free 4G data, we have to keep in mind that you have a compatible and a fast 4G device. Most of these models support 4G LTE on Airtel, Vodafone, and all other networks. Online video streaming is something that you definitely deserve in your Rs. 25,000 worth mobile phone. You can also expect impressive size screens with gorilla glass. For gamers, there is good news because these phones score well in game support software as well. A brand name cannot be neglected when you are entering into a long-term relationship; we have sorted you top trusted brands in mobile phone industry. Everyone needs care, and your beloved mobile is no different. For smooth and trouble free check up of your small friend, we have also considered after sales services quality of these brands as well. So don't wait to buy your new mobile phone any longer, give away your old one to your younger sibling or someone who needs one or as an act of care gift a brand new phone to someone. When you get rich features in a phone at a reasonable price you have to gift it to someone to show your love and affection.

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List of Best Mobile Phones Under Rs. 25,000:

We've handpicked sorted some best mobile phones under Rs. 25000 which you can buy without giving a second thought. Checkout the list below:

1. Moto Z Play with Style Mod:

The first that tops the list of best mobile phones under Rs. 25000 is Moto Z Play. Moto Z Play is equipped with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM which is also expandable. This Moto smartphone has 5.5 inches of display, colour support and good resolution pixels which gives you the privilege of enjoying your favourite app or video to the fullest. It have also got some amazing camera qualities as it has 16 MP rear camera and 6 MP front camera. It uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Processor and its battery backup is approx. 3510 mAh Battery. So what are you waiting for? Say Hello to Moto!

2. Apple iPhone 5s:

When it comes to younger generation, for them it is all about being cool and what can fit into that better than an iPhone. iPhone 5s lies on the second position in the list of best mobile phones under Rs. 25000. It is equipped with 8MP primary camera with true tone flash, auto focus and face detection which makes your photography experience a great one. It’s display is of 1136 x 640 pixels resolution with amazing touch. iPhone 5s uses iOS 10 processor comes with 16 GB internal memory. Its good battery backup lets you stay connected for a longer period of time.

3. Sony Xperia XA1 Dual:

Another in the list of best mobile phones under Rs. 25000 that has great camera is Sony Xperia XA1 Dual. With matte black colour this phone has a very good touch as well. This phone will give you best capturing features as it has 23 MP primary camera and 8 MP front camera with auto focus which will help you on focusing on the object. It also has 23mm wide angle lens and good zoom. Not only this, the combination of good pixels and colour support makes your viewing experience a terrific one.

4. HTC 10 Lifestyle:

If you are looking for best mobile phones under Rs. 25000 price bracket then you should consider HTC 10 Lifestyle. It have got all the features that you must be looking forward to. With 3 GB RAM  and 32 GB ROM it have good internal memory which can be expandable. HTC 10 Lifestyle delivers everything that a good smartphone must comprise of. Its camera has faster laser auto-focus and for the music listeners it provides best sound quality so as to enjoy quality audio experience. You just can’t afford to miss such a smartphone that fits well under your budget.

5. Samsung Galaxy A5-2017:

Samsung Galaxy A5- 2017 has grabbed the 5th position in the list of the best mobile phones under Rs. 25000. It is quite an attractive smartphone that has display of 5.2 inches with great finishing. And if we talk about features then they are also fabulous as it has 16 MP front and rear camera. With 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM you can store your favourite apps all together and multi-task without any hassle. Moreover, its battery backup is also good. It has all the features which you must be searching for.
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