Hair Wax For Men: Hair Wax Vs Gel And Unknown Hair Wax Side-Effects

Hair Wax For Men: Hair Wax Vs Gel And Unknown Hair Wax Side-Effects

Hair Wax For Men: Hair Wax Vs Gel And Unknown Hair Wax Side-Effects

Forget hair gel, hair wax for men is the new hair styling product that is ruling the minds of youngsters. Hair wax has taken over the hair gel trend as they provide nice hold on your hairstyle without making your hair stiff or hard. Men these days are no less style conscious than women. Hair is a thing which takes the most of the time in setting. Hair wax for men makes it easy to style your hair in any situation, without causing damage to them, which happens on an extreme level on using hair gels. Men who use Hair gels face hair-related problems like dryness, rough hair and even hair-loss problems. This is why it is recommended for men to use hair wax because it not only holds the hair onto its place but also retains its moisture.

What is Hair Wax?

Hair wax is a thick hair styling product which contains wax in it. With wax, you can arrange your hair into a classic look for a formal occasion, make it catchy when going out for fun, or give it that natural look to fit into any casual atmosphere. The Wax present inside it helps in holding the hair making it firm. Silky hair often makes your hair go droll over here and there, spoiling your hair style. If you also face such problems, then you should try hair wax which will give you the best hair style in any situation.
The following are some of the ingredients typically found in commercial hair wax products:

  • Beeswax
  • Candelilla wax
  • Carnauba wax
  • Castor wax
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Japan wax
  • Lanolin
  • Ozokerite

Some stylists prefer making their own blends of hair wax customized for their clientele. Various recipes exist, including some with "secret" ingredients.

Hair Wax Vs Hair Gel:

Men use both the products for setting their hair and it is often considered as same but there is a huge difference between hair wax and hair gel. Checkout the major ones below:

  1. Hair gel mostly contains alcohol which makes your hair hard whereas with Hair wax it remains flexible and has less chance of drying out.
  2. Hair wax won’t harden like gel or mousse and you will also get a look that will last longer.
  3. You can change your hairstyle even after applying the hair wax, whereas hair gel does not provide you this flexibility.
  4. Unlike hair gel, hair wax can be applied on various hair textures and lengths whether short, medium or long.
  5. Hair wax is gaining popularity among youngsters with its unique concept and ease of use.

Unknown Hair Wax Side-effects:

Everything has its own pros and cons. Hair wax also have its own side effects which you may not know. We should know everything about the product we are using as that’s our basic right. So let’s have a look on the side effects of hair wax for men which you may be unaware about:

1. Excessive use of hair wax can cause hair loss:

If you are using hair wax way too frequently then it might cause you hair loss. Excess of everything is bad. So use it in a moderate way so that you don’t have to suffer from hair loss.

2. Damage your hair:

Hair wax is made up from various chemicals which can cause damage to your hair. It contains wax which mold and sculpt your hair but it also stops them from breathing and when no oxygen will pass by your scalp, it will damage your hair.

3. Greasy hair:

After applying hair wax, you will be left with greasy and oily scalp which girls might hesitate to touch. So you have to wash your hair to make it look good and prevent them from any damage.

Using hair wax will sculpt your hair accordingly and it will remain unchanged in any situation but use it in a moderate way and follow the directions mentioned on the packaging carefully to avoid any side effects.

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