Track Your Kids with the All New Trackbond Trail Tracker

Track Your Kids with the All New Trackbond Trail Tracker

Trackbond Trail Kid Tracker

Founded in the year 2014 and headquartered in Noida, Trackbond has always been motivated to manufacture next-generation IoT-based safety solutions. The all new Tackbond Trail and Trackbond Trail+. are mini locators that keeps a track of your little ones when they away from you. Sporting an inbuilt SIM card, this wonderful kids tracker that let's you see your kid's location on a live map instantly. The company is known to incorporate cutting edge technology in their products. Solving the real life safety problems of the loved ones is the main mission of the company. The Trackbond Trail and Trail+ are just meant to empower families to secure their families. Started by Preeti Gupta and IIT-Kanpur alumuni, she realized the importance of child safety when she became a mother herself. Since then she has dedicated her life and time to manufacturing world class tracking devices for kids. Here is all that you need to know about Trackbond Trail and Trail+.

Features of Trackbond Trail Series

  • Unknown Area Alert: This TrackBond tracker allows you to set pre defined boundaries for your kids. As soon as your kids will cross the pre set boundary the parents will immediately receive a notification alert. 
  • Tiny Locator: The Trackbond Trail series is really well designed for the kids. The small design allows you to either keep it in your child's backpack or just attach it to their pockets. 
  • Live Tracking: The tracker keeps the parents updated about the live location of the kids. So in case even if your child is away from you, you can track his location easily. 
  • Help Button: The help button empowers the child to send immediate message from his smartphone or tablet if they find themselves stuck in an emergency situation.

Pros and Cons of Trackbond Trail Series

Pros of Trackbond Trail Series

  • Accuracy
  • Security and Safety
  • Compatibility
  • Modish Design

Cons of Trackbond Trail Series

  • Small Design
  • Battery Life

So what are you waiting for. Get this Trailbond tracker right away and leave the stress of worrying about your child's safety away.

Track Your Kids with the All New Trackbond Trail Tracker

Product Price in India
Trakbond GPS Tracker for Kids| Smallest Size| Accurate Live Tracking| Pre-Installed SIM Card| No Setup Required(Kids, Mystique Magenta) Rs.4,299