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8 Vaseline Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

A slew of the coolest Vaseline beauty hacks to try now - from fixing cracked heels and drenching dried lips to make your perfume last longer and removing heavy-duty eye makeup. Have a look.
Updated: Apr 25, 2019 16:49 IST
8 Vaseline Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life
Best Vaseline Beauty Hacks

It glides on like butter and locks moisture for hours and hours — you really can't go wrong with Vaseline petroleum jelly. Use its multipurpose formulation to slather onto cracked heels, to drench dried lips, to make your perfume last longer, or to remove heavy-duty eye makeup – and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ahead, a slew of the coolest Vaseline hacks to try now. 

8 Vaseline Hacks to Try Now

  • Fix Dry, Cracking Feet With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks blueseal petroleum jelly cocoa butter
    Petroleum jelly blended with cocoa butter is the best thing to have happened since petroleum jelly, so we're recommending this nifty, little tub by OG Vaseline. Before you go to bed, try these Vaseline hacks: slather the formula over your feet and feel it melt your soles; or first moisturize your feet, then add a protective layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly. Finally, put on your socks and prepare to wake up with the smoothest, softest feet you've ever known.
  • Make Your Perfume Last Longer With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline pure skin jelly original
    Vaseline petroleum jelly is an occlusive – that means it forms a barrier on your skin which prevents moisture loss. The same barrier is perfect for Vaseline hacks like this one – apply a coat onto your wrists or behind your ears before spraying your perfume on. Your skin won't absorb the fragrance, making your scent last longer.
  • Prevent Chafing Thighs With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline baby soft petroleum jelly
    There are Vaseline hacks for literally every problem in the world, including chafing inner thighs. Yup. Anyone who exercises frequently or wears skirts/dresses in the scorching heat knows the pain of rubbing inner thighs all too well. To prevent your skin from turning raw and irritated, just apply a layer of this gentle Vaseline Baby Soft jelly in your problem areas. This will reduce friction and prevent your skin from turning sore.
  • Tame Hair With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline petroleum jelly
    Here's how Vaseline hacks can fix the most prevalent hair problems. Unsightly split ends should be coated with a layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly for a moisturized sheen. And wayward flyaways can be schooled with just a dabbing of some product . (A little goes a long way, make sure you don't go overboard to prevent grease build-up. And remember to wash your hair on time.)
  • Plump Your Pout With Vaseline Petroleum JellyVaseline hacks vaseline blueseal pure petroleum jelly

    For an intensive lip care regimen, use an ultra-moisturizing formula like this Vaseline Blueseal Pure Petroleum Jelly (works perfectly fine for other Vaseline hacks as well) to pack in as much hydration as you can. Ideally, use it after scrubbing your lips, as a freshly exfoliated pout is best prepped for moisture absorption. Then wake up with a soft pucker ready for the world.

    Or mix a chunk of your favourite lipstick with Vaseline petroleum jelly to create a super-moisturizing lip tint.
    Or...turn a matte lip colour glossy by adding a layer of Vaseline post swipe one.
  • Remove Eye Makeup With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline aloe petroleum jelly
    If you have a tendency to go all out with your eye makeup – eyeliner, kajal, mascara, eye shadow, all at once – then here's a Vaseline hack you have to try. Just rub a little Vaseline petroleum jelly onto your fingertips and massage your eye area to remove all that gunk. Or dab some in your delicate under-eye area before you go to sleep to lock in moisture – you'll wake up with refreshed eyes.
  • Treat Nicks & Cuts With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline vitamin E petroleum jelly
    Try these Vaseline hacks for wounded skin. If you're sunburnt (in which case you should definitely add this to your summer arsenal), smooth some Vaseline petroleum jelly over the affected area to help speed healing. Or apply it onto any minor cuts or wounds to protect them. This recommended formula is enriched with Vitamin E, so it's perfect for nourishing irritated skin.
  • Groom Your Brows With Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline hacks vaseline men petroleum jelly
    Tame unruly brows with a single swipe of Vaseline petroleum jelly (rub some onto your fingertips, then smooth it over your brows, moving outwards from the centre. Women can use it as brow gel, too) Or use Vaseline as a substitute for mustache wax. Men with wild facial hair, this one's for you. 

Best Vaseline Beauty Hacks

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