How To Get Thick Hair: Follow Simple Tips And Tricks

Achieving voluminous hair can be tricky but nothing is impossible, so we bring you some interesting tips that'll help you get thick and long hair.
How To Get Thick Hair: Follow Simple Tips And Tricks
The best tips to follow to get thick and long hair

To get gorgeous hair is not an overnight game, and one must be very patient and consistent when it comes to hair care regime to transform the texture of hair and get thick hair. Hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in our body and grows 0.3-0.5mm per day, 1-1.5cm a month and around 12-15cm a year. Some might have great healthy voluminous hair but those who have dull and thin hair often strive hard to find out ways to get thick hair. We've penned down some tips that can help you achieve thick and long hair. Scroll down to learn more about the right hair care regime and other factors that can help you get thick hair and healthy hair.

Tips On How To Make Hair Thick And Long

1. Understand Your Hair Type and Hair Concern

We often run after trending hair care products and forget considering the basics including our hair type and hair concerns that need to be taken care of. We urge you to take some time and understand your hair type and hair concerns like hair fall, itchy scalp, dryness, breakage, split ends, dandruff or more so that you can wisely invest in good hair care products without risking the health of your tresses.

2. Trim Occasionally

Giving your tresses regular trimming can help you boost the hair growth and make hair thick. This will not just help prevent split ends or brittle hair but will also help you maintain healthy and bouncy tresses. Split ends occur at the ends or in the middle of the hair strands and cause damage to the natural texture of hair in the long run, making hair appear dull and lifeless over time. So, trim often if you strive to have thick and long hair.

3. Oiling is MUST

Regular oiling sessions help improve blood circulation as well as nourish and strengthen hair follicles to give healthy and vibrant hair. As you give your scalp a gentle massage, the oil helps to add vital nutrients and vitamins to the hair to give you lustrous hair while the massage itself boosts blood circulation. It not only softens and smoothens the hair but also makes them frizz-free and manageable.

4. Invest In Natural Or Chemical-Free Hair Care Products

Most beauty products contain hair chemicals and artificial fragrances which can cause long-term damages to both skin and hair. We suggest you invest in the best hair care products that are either made naturally or are chemical-free. You can opt to invest in sulphate-free shampoos, herbal hair oils, Ayurvedic conditioners and more that can provide optimal nourishment to your tresses without damaging their natural texture or the shine. Using chemical-free products can help reverse hair damage and give healthy tresses.

5. Never Skip Your Conditioner

Be it any hair type, you need to finish your head wash routine with a conditioner as it shows instant beneficial effects on your hair. It helps lock and retain the moisture content, which helps in making your hair appear smooth and healthy. Applying hair conditioner also helps in making your hair manageable as it helps in improving the texture of the hair by combating dryness to give you shiny and lustrous hair.

6. Indulge In Deep Nourishment Sessions, Like Hair Spas

Everyday grime and dirt can make hair brittle, dull and lifeless. Not just this, even excessive use of heating tools can cause long-term damage to tresses. We recommend you indulge in deep hair nourishment treatments that can help you regain healthy texture and manageable tresses just by using the right hair spa product. Getting a hair spa done twice a month can help by unclogging scalp pores, promoting blood flow, strengthening hair follicles, regulating the natural oil secretion and deeply hydrating the scalp to give you healthy and shiny tresses. Hair spa masks can also fight dullness, dryness and frizzy hair to a great extent, so wait no more and book yourself a hair spa session or indulge in a hair spa at home

7. Air-Dry Your Hair

Time crunches may lead to severe hair damages as we end up rolling up our wet hair into a harsh towel. You should immediately stop this practice if you wish to have thick, long and healthy tresses. Instead of a regular towel, you can opt for microfibre towels as these are far more gentle and soft on the hair and do not excessively dry out the tresses. You can also practice air drying your hair as it will help retain the natural moisture content and will prevent conditions like dryness, dullness and even split ends. You can opt to use a hair dryer if required but we will still suggest you air-dry 60% of the hair to maintain a radiant mane.

8. Home Remedies Can Do The Magic

Our grannies have a plethora of home remedies when it comes to skincare or haircare. We suggest you put in some efforts that can help nourish your dull and thin tresses and boost the nutrient content into the scalp and strands to give you healthier hair. You can opt for various home remedies to fight dandruff, split ends, dullness and more. You can incorporate natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, shikakai, alma, egg yolk, and more such formulas to boost blood circulation and improve the texture of hair without making a hole in your pocket.

9. Invest In Silk Pillowcases

If you follow beauty bloggers, it's likely you have stumbled upon their recommendations of using silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases don't cause friction, which helps in less tangled and manageable hair. This gradually minimises hair breakage and promotes healthy hair growth.

10. Loose Braid Your Hair Before Hitting Bed

Tight ponytails and buns can weaken roots of your hair resulting in hair fall and hair thinning. We recommend you tie your hair into a loose ponytail so that the hair does not get tangled as you sleep. This can help you wake up with manageable tresses. It will also help prevent concerns like hair fall and breakage and will also help your tresses breathe and rejuvenate themselves as you sleep.

11. Diet Matters

A healthy and balanced diet is key to healthy skin and hair. To avoid hair thinning and boost healthy tresses you need to consume a diet that contains good fats and protein that you can get from foods like fish, walnuts, almonds, eggs, beans, yoghurt, and green leafy vegetables. Drinking lots of water can help flush out toxins and this also plays a vital role when it comes to healthy hair. In case you wish to include supplements into your diet, you can always consult a doctor who will help you recommend the best ones to combat vitamin B5, B12, A, iron, zinc and biotin deficiencies, if any.

12. Have Patience

Punch out stress and have patience as thick and long hair don't grow overnight. You must always follow a healthy haircare routine and diet that will help your fight both internal and external factors to give you healthy hair. So to turn your dream into reality we suggest you keep following the hair growth plan to have long and silky tresses.

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