Books By Sophie Kinsella

A British novelist, Sophie is known for writing in and around romantic comedy. One of the most popular authors of the current time books by Sophie Kinsella are a must read.
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Books By Sophie Kinsella
Books By Author Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella was born in London. She studied music at New College, Oxford, but after a year switched to Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. She now lives in London, UK, with her husband and family. Sophie has sold over 40 million copies of her books in more than 60 countries, and she has been translated into over 40 languages. Sophie Kinsella first hit the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series – The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic). She generally writes about the  chick flick, romcom genre of the books.

Collection of Must Have Books by Sophie Kinsella

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

Meet Rebecca bloodwood. she has an extraordinary level, a spectacular closet loaded with the season's must-have, and a vocation advising other individuals how to deal with their cash. She invests her recreation energy in Shopping. Shopping is the response to every one of her issues. She realizes she should stop, yet she can't. She has a go at decreasing, she has a go at getting more cash. be that as it may, neither appears to work. The letters from the Bank are getting more diligently to overlook. Can Becky ever escape from this dream world, discover genuine affection, and recover the utilization of her Mastercard? The book is hilarious and keeps intact in it till the very end!

The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic: (Shopaholic Book 1) Amazon Deal

The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic: (Shopaholic Book 1)

₹ 323
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I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number is a chick writing novel, which is brimming with diverting circumstances and sentiment. In the book, Poppy is at long last getting hitched to the adoration for her life Magnus Tavish. She is imagining about her ideal life when things flip around. She loses her wedding band, which is three ages old and valuable to Magnus' family. What's more, her telephone is likewise stolen in a counterfeit flame drill sorted out by the inn. Froze, she finds a deserted telephone in a refuse can and conveys the number to the inn staff to contact her in case they discover the ring. The telephone has a place with another person and he is in no temperament for philanthropy. Poppy keeps the telephone on the state of sending all messages and messages to him.  This book brings fun and satire out of difficult circumstances, communicated in wit.

I've Got Your Number Amazon Deal

I've Got Your Number

₹ 250
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Remember Me?

Lexi awakens in an emergency clinic bed after a fender bender, believing she's twenty-five with abnormal teeth and unfortunate love life. Be that as it may, to her mistrust, she learns it's really three years after the fact - she's a super-conditioned twenty-eight-year-old, her teeth are straight, she's the supervisor of her area of expertise - and she's hitched to a gorgeous tycoon!
She can't trust her karma - particularly when she sees her staggering new space condo. Furthermore, she'll unquestionably have an awesome marriage once she becomes more acquainted with her significant other once more. He's drawn up a 'marriage manual', which should help. In any case, soon she understands her ideal life isn't all it appears. All her old companions despise her. An opponent is after her activity. At that point, a tousled, attractive person turns up... what's more, handles another sensation. What will happen next? Read this amazing book to find out!

Remember Me? Amazon Deal

Remember Me?

₹ 188
₹ 1,050 (82% off)
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Surprise Me

In the wake of being as one for a long time, Sylvie and Dan have an agreeable home, satisfying employment, delightful twin young ladies and convey so consistently, they complete each other's sentences. They have a glad marriage and trust they know everything there is to think about one another. Until it's calmly referenced to them that they could be as one for another sixty-eight years and frenzy sets in. They rapidly choose to make little astonishments for one another, to keep their relationship crisp and fun. However, in their quest for Project Surprise Me - anything from unforeseen blessings to eatery dates to photograph shoots - setbacks emerge with shocking and amusing outcomes. Continuously, the amazements go to stunning revelations. also, when an embarrassment from the past is revealed, they start to think about whether they at any point truly knew each other all things considered.

Surprise Me: The Sunday Times Number One bestseller Amazon Deal

Surprise Me: The Sunday Times Number One bestseller

₹ 250
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Wedding Night

Wedding Night is a happy satire blending the components of sentiment and uniting the mix for its perusers. The story spins around two sisters Lottie and Fliss. Lottie is the lead character in the book. She is uncertain, rash, and carries on immediately at whatever point she has a separation. Lottie is at her pinnacle and in adoration with her sweetheart Richard yet before long needs to stand up to horrible anguish. Her beau goes separate ways with her and Lottie chooses to fix up with her ex, Ben, whom she has not been in contact with over the most recent 15 years, and chooses to wed him. Fliss is taking care of her separation, which is an upsetting stage for her. She isn't prepared to process the way that her sister is wedding her ex without giving it an appropriate idea, and makes an arrangement to destroy her special first night. Does she effectively execute her arrangement for her sister to get a revocation? The book is crammed with Sophie Kinsella's mark amusing circumstances and clever exchanges.

Wedding Night Amazon Deal

Wedding Night

₹ 278
₹ 399 (30% off)
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Undomestic Goddess

Samantha is a powerful attorney in London. She works all hours, has no home life, and thinks just about getting a partnership. She flourishes with the weight and adrenalin. Until one day... she commits an error. A slip-up so immense, it'll wreck her vocation. She strolls directly out of the workplace, jumps on the main train she sees, and ends up amidst no place. Requesting headings at a major, delightful house, she is confused with the interviewee maid and winds up being offered the activity. They have no clue they've enlisted a Cambridge-taught attorney with an IQ of 158 - Samantha has no clue how to function the broiler. Fiasco follows. It's confusion as Samantha fights with the washing machine, the pressing board, and endeavors to cook a cordon bleu dinner. But step by step, she becomes hopelessly enamored with her new life in a completely startling manner. Will her managers ever find reality? Will Samantha's previous lifestyle ever make up for lost time with her? Also, on the off chance that it does...will she need it back? Find out by reading this book!

The Undomestic Goddess Amazon Deal

The Undomestic Goddess

₹ 324
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Twenties Girl

Lara has dependably had overactive creative energy. Presently she thinks about whether she is losing her brain. Ordinary twenty-something young ladies simply don't get visited by apparitions! In any case, mysteriously, the soul of Lara's distant auntie Sadie - as a striking, requesting Charleston-moving young lady - has seemed to make one final solicitation: Lara must find a missing jewelry Sadie basically can't rest without.

Lara has enough issues of her own. Her new business is struggling, her closest companion and colleague has kept running off to Goa, and she's simply been dumped by the affection for her life. In any case, as Lara invests energy with Sadie, life turns out to be progressively captivating and their fortune chase transforms into something charming and sentimental. Could Sadie's phantom be the solution to Lara's issues and can two young ladies from various occasions end up taking in something extraordinary from one another?

Twenties Girl Amazon Deal

Twenties Girl

₹ 250
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Can You Keep a Secret?

Anxious flyer Emma is perched on a fierce plane. She truly imagines this could be her last minute. Along these lines, normally enough, she begins advising the man sitting by her - a significant dishy American, however, she's too panicked to even think about noticing - every one of her privileged insights. How she filters the backs of scholarly books and imagines she's perused them. How she doesn't know whether she has a G-spot and whether her beau could discover it in any case. How she feels like a misrepresentation at work - everybody utilizes the word 'operational' constantly however she hasn't a piece of information what it implies. How she once tossed an inconvenient customer document in the container. If at any time there was an open up about inner self, it's hers. She endures the flight, obviously, and the following morning the well known establishing manager of the entire uber company she works for is desiring a glance at the UK branch. As he strolls around, Emma gazes upward and figures it out..It's the man from the plane. What will he do with her insider facts? He knows them all - yet she doesn't know a solitary one of his. Or then again... isn't that right?

Can You Keep A Secret? Amazon Deal

Can You Keep A Secret?

₹ 290
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My Not So Perfect Life

Katie Brenner has the ideal life: A level in London, a breathtaking activity and a super-cool Instagram feed. Alright, so in all actuality, she leases a little life with no space for a closet, has a revolting drive to a humble administrator work and the existence she shares on Instagram isn't generally hers. However, one day her fantasies will undoubtedly work out, right? Until her, not really consummate life comes slamming down when her super effective manager Demeter gives her the sack. Every one of Katie's expectations is broken. She needs to move home to Somerset, where she encourages her father with his new glamping business. At that point, Demeter and her family book in for a vacation and Katie see her opportunity. Be that as it may, would it be a good idea for her to seek retribution on the lady who destroyed her fantasies - or endeavors to recover her activity? Does Demeter – the lady who has everything – really have such a charming life herself? Possibly they share more for all intents and purpose than it appears. Also, what's up with not really impeccable, in any case?

My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel Amazon Deal

My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel

₹ 298
₹ 450 (34% off)
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I Owe You One

The overpowering new independent from Sophie Kinsella is an account of adoration, strengthening that makes a huge difference... fixie can't support herself. Rectifying an abnormal article, expelling a scarcely their stain, assisting a companion... She simply needs to put things right. It's the manner by which she got her epithet, all things considered. So when an attractive outsider in a coffeehouse approaches her to watch His workstation for a minute, fixie not just concurs, she winds up sparing it from certain catastrophe. To express gratitude toward her, the PC's proprietor, Sebastian, writes her, fixie never means to ask for help. That is, until her high school smash, Ryan, returns into her life and necessities her assistance – and fixie goes to see. In any case, things don't work out as expected, and now fixie owes see: no doubt. Before long the pair are gotten up to speed in a progression of particles – from little supports to groundbreaking obligations – and fixie is torn between the past she's utilized to and the future she merits. Does she have the mettle to fix things for herself and battle for the life, and love, she truly needs?

I Owe You One: The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller Amazon Deal

I Owe You One: The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller

₹ 484
₹ 599 (19% off)
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Books By Author Sophie Kinsella

Product Price in India
The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic: (Shopaholic Book 1) ₹ 323
I've Got Your Number ₹ 250
Remember Me? ₹ 188
Surprise Me: The Sunday Times Number One bestseller ₹ 250
Wedding Night ₹ 278
The Undomestic Goddess ₹ 324
Twenties Girl ₹ 250
Can You Keep A Secret? ₹ 290
My Not So Perfect Life: A Novel ₹ 298
I Owe You One: The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller ₹ 484
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