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Books To Read During Summers!

How to spend time by making the most? Here we bring you some really good book which you should be reading during summers. Take a look!
Updated: Jun 06, 2019 13:33 IST
Books To Read During Summers!
Books To Read During Summers!

Giving our minds a break from the regular Netflix and Chill culture, lets make 2019 about reading a few marvellous pieces that we might have missed out in 2018. Reading is always fun, be it when you are totally free and laying on your bed or you are worked up way too much and want a quick break. It gives you an escape to a intersting and creative world which defintely is a much needed break! So head on to reading this article on Hotdeals 360 and come across some exciting books to go crazy with. There are a list of non fiction books of varied genres, you never know which one might excite  you.

Books You Must Consider Reading During Summers:

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain

This book is a reflection of how Bordain transforms from a smartass kid to a yet too smartass culinary professional. To people like us, who don't know what goes about on the other side of the kitchen, it definitely gives a real sense of what goes down in there. The author Anthony very recently passed away and this book is one of the last one's he wrote. His passion is extremely evident in the way he wrote the book. Being in this profession is not an easy job for starters, but for a person with that kind of talent and vigour, the entire world is at his feet. Reading this book might just make you want to explore more about your interests in this venture. You never know whats in store for you!

Kitchen Confidential: Insider's Edition
(355 ratings)
₹ 374
₹ 499 (25% off)
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The Big Short by Michael Lewis

Lewis paints the scene of the risk appetite of the financial industry and shows that how much of information and news was been skept  under the carpet in the process of growth. The writing style of the author is pretty simple as he is definitely able to explain finance to people who are no prior knowlegde of the same.Michael Lewis is a very smart and insightful writer. The use of few annecdotes here and there and sly sarcasm is something you might want to look forward to. This is one of the bestselling novels of 2018 and should definitely should be on the top of your read list!

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine
(2,271 ratings)
₹ 374
₹ 450 (17% off)
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Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg

The author has other bestseller books like the ‘ The Power of Habit ‘. This book gives us an insight on how the we can become much more productive and focussed in our work and personal life. As seen before, he showcases his skill of explaining psychological processes through excitingly told annecdotes. It's the best pick if you want to learn something new and have fun too.

The Triumph of Seeds by Thor Hanson

This book by Hanson explains the essence and importance of the humble seed. He has also written other books like feathers which shows the mystery of the evolution itself.  It really shows us how oblivious we are to the the things happening around us. Books like feathers and seeds just truly glorify the essence of nature and the creation of this mystic energy. We never tend to give a thought to these aspects which might in a lot of ways be really relevant to our existance as humans. Thor gives full justice to the book which is beautifully written and makes you want to think why and how?

The Triumph of Seeds
(123 ratings)
₹ 1,557
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Smoke Get's in your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty

This book is about her experience in a crematory and how she saw different faces and phases in there which gave her a different perspective to life. Its gives us the view in the the most natural and honest way of the end that awaits of us. Death is not something that you can ever come to terms with. There si always this sense of discomfort or hesitation attached to the same. But being an insider, Caitlin Doughty has a different insight to share. Some thoughts and ideas that may not cross our minds but definitely are worthwhile.

Owl by William Service

This book talks about the william service's family brought an owl home. They called it the Owl's behaviour.This books just simply makes you laugh when you least expect too. It's a very well written book and definitely should be given a shot. The whole experience of having a pet, in this case an OWL is magical. You start viewing the world in a completely different perspctive, even sometimes from your own pet's eyes.

(4 ratings)
₹ 9,751
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The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater By Allana Okun

This is a collection of essays of the authors life long experiences. She talks about people from her family and also has shared an essay about her relationship with her grand mother who introduced her to crafting at a very young age. Each and every one of us would enjoy this piece as it is written in a manner that makes you introspect your ideas and thoughts. There might be  a lot happening in our lives on a day to day basis, but many atimes we just show a blind eye towards them. Allan Okun surely is a bliss to read.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book by the author just simply talks about how rigid are habits once they are formed. It also talks about as to how to form a good habit and also to get rid of a bad one. It might seem very tough at first but eventually we do get accustomed to it. This book exactly spells out to you as to what you have to do to be able to form a productive habit.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

In this book Hope Jahren the author completely pours her heart out in this book. She talks about what it is like to be a scientist in plant biology and how she does it all. She talks about how, after taking up this job, she was able to understand the world around her better using a scientific lense. She not only shares her scientific knowledge but also shares other deep feelings and instances that she comes across while having to work at that place.

Lab Girl: A Story of Trees, Science & Love Amazon Deal
Lab Girl: A Story of Trees, Science & Love
(1,348 ratings)
₹ 362
₹ 499 (27% off)
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Becoming by Michelle Obama

As the first lady of United States of America, she was the first African American to be in this spot. In this book she expresses her thoughts and learnings of this whole journey. The book is very well written and makes us give a thought to a lot of issues we might not otherwise think of. As she has been in this position, a lot of people out there are been adressed through this book, and the response has been amazing. Grab one for yourself and dive deep into the life of Michelle Obama.

Becoming: Now a Major Netflix Documentary
(10K+ ratings)
₹ 864
₹ 999 (14% off)
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Books To Read During Summers!

Product Price in India
Kitchen Confidential: Insider's Edition ₹ 374
The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine ₹ 374
Smarter Faster Better: The Transformative Power of Real Productivity ₹ 420
The Triumph of Seeds ₹ 1,557
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes ₹ 935
Owl ₹ 9,751
The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater: Essays on Crafting ₹ 8,292
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change ₹ 527
Lab Girl: A Story of Trees, Science & Love ₹ 362
Becoming: Now a Major Netflix Documentary ₹ 864
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