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Children's Day 2020: Books Make A Great Gift!

On this Children's Day 2020, get some amazing books for your kids. We've shortlisted the best books for children, and these are available just a click away.
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Updated: Mar 18, 2020 21:03 IST
Children's Day 2020: Books Make A Great Gift!
Children's Day 2019 : Buy These Best Books For Your Kids

As the saying goes "Books are a man's best friend" so why not begin early for our little literature lovers- kids. With Children's Day around the corner, it could be mind-boggling to decide what to gift to a child, and so a safe and wise choice is always- Books. We have picked up books for kids of different age groups, so make your pick wisely.

Best Books For Children Available Online

We have categorized books into age groups through which we will tell you what books should that particular age group be reading and to make it easier these books are on great offers. So, grab some info and check out some great deals!

Books For Children Between Up to 2 years:

We all know that young brains start developing from a very early age and therefore, giving them the right guidance is of utmost importance no compromises on that. At the age of 2 years, since the mind and body both are developing, the books recommended for this age group are storybooks with quirky characters and colors which will stimulate your child's imagination, so picture books, board books, touch and feel books, etc. are the right buy.

The Jungle Book (First Stories) Amazon Deal
The Jungle Book (First Stories)
(374 ratings)
₹ 220
₹ 299 (26% off)
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The Gruffalo
(4,634 ratings)
₹ 236
₹ 399 (41% off)
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Books For Children Between 3- 4 years:

At this age, your kid can foster many skills such as recognizing letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. Moreover, you can help your kid think like a little scientist by encouraging them to understand complicated scientific concepts, as younger the child the more capable they are of developing such skills. Adding more to this, you can also recite stories and poems that feature numbers, as this will be the most savvy way to introduce them to numbers and counting.

Underpants for Ants (Phonics Readers)
(50 ratings)
₹ 94
₹ 150 (37% off)
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101 Panchatantra Stories
(806 ratings)
₹ 119
₹ 170 (30% off)
Buy on Amazon

Books For Children Between 5- 8 years:

At this age, children can develop many skills such as recognition of newer words, independently read short stories and even retell those stories after reading them. At this stage, you could add information and awareness of plant and animal kingdom. You can introduce children to such books which can be read easily, engage them with non-fiction books on history and also look for books which have engaging storyline and illustrations.

Collins Spell Like a Champion
(36 ratings)
₹ 191
₹ 199 (4% off)
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Basic English Grammar Part - 1 Amazon Deal
Basic English Grammar Part - 1
(4 ratings)
₹ 228
₹ 250 (9% off)
Buy on Amazon
Monkey Puzzle Amazon Deal
Monkey Puzzle
(1,406 ratings)
₹ 315
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505 Activities for Kids
(778 ratings)
₹ 175
₹ 250 (30% off)
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Books For Children Between 9-11 years:

A regular habit of reading in young kids can help them in future, through this habit they can clear their doubts at a young age and therefore, you should introduce some learning books which can help them build mental health and encourage them to solve real math problems, science concepts which present exact information in a quirky and entertaining manner. By reading such books they can develop an interest in the particular subject and prepare themselves for future outcomes in the subject.

First Encyclopedia of History
(54 ratings)
₹ 443
₹ 868 (49% off)
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Tom Gates Book: Absolutely Fantastic
(396 ratings)
₹ 194
₹ 295 (34% off)
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365 Inventions & Inventors
(26 ratings)
₹ 446
₹ 495 (10% off)
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Books For Children Between 12- 16 years:

At this age, kids become adolescents apart from talking to them about this age, it can help by adding some books on relevant subjects. Much researches have shown that reading in adolescents has been proven for them to understand the world more specifically and be more empathetic and considerate. So give them some serious fiction and non-fiction books like biographies, mythologies, folk tales, trivia books, etc. and moreover introduce them to the concept of novels.

Chanakya (Amar Chitra Katha) Amazon Deal
Chanakya (Amar Chitra Katha)
(108 ratings)
₹ 64
₹ 70 (9% off)
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Looking for Alaska
(6,010 ratings)
₹ 213
₹ 350 (39% off)
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So, cherish this day and make it worth for your young ones. Tell them to explore many books as the world of Books never ends!

Children's Day 2020: Books Make A Great Gift!

Product Price in India
My First Padded Book of Baby Objects: Early Learning Padded Board Books for Children (My First Padded Books) ₹ 229
The Jungle Book (First Stories) ₹ 220
Baby Touch: Playbook ₹ 699
The Gruffalo ₹ 236
Picture Books Collection for Early Learning (Set of 12) ₹ 230
Word Problems for Kids (Addition & Subtraction Edition) ₹ 609
Vocabulary for the Gifted Student Grade 2 (For the Gifted Student): Challenging Activities for the Advanced Learner ₹ 3,149
Underpants for Ants (Phonics Readers) ₹ 94
Scholastic Learning Express K2 - Shapes and Patterns ₹ 152
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